Trade network

The Trade Network

The trade network of Treverorum extends along the Elbe river from Prague to Hamburg.
The description ofPfalz Island, located near the town of Tetschen, can be found here.
The route to Tetschen and Pfalz Island goes through the towns of Melnik, Leitmeritz and Aussig. From Tetschen the trade extends to Meissen and Magdeburg before ending in Hamburg.

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The ships carry flax and glass from Prague to Tetschen. Here the flax is sold and the ships are filled with iron from the Ore mountains. The glass is sold in Magdeburg and Hamburg. The Iron is sold in Hamburg. In the Hamburg the ships are filled with quality weapons and armour which is taken back and sold in Leitmeritz, Aussig and Prague.

Several boats are part of the trade, amongst them the Magdalene.

Vlad oversees the trade network. He is assisted by his brother-in-law in Hamburg and an old friend in Tetschen.

Trade network

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