Selena Tibicena

Formerly a member of the covenant Treverorum and a necromancer from House Bonisagus.
Selena came to Prague to investigate the remains of a pagan site dedicated to the godess of death, Morana.
She is presumed to have died when the covenant was destroyed.

Her wrecked laboratory was clearly once specialized in Corpus.

Selena Tibicena’s Laboratory

Virtues and Flaws
Specimens (body parts; +1 Co), Damp, Decaying, Infested (moss; +1 He), Subterranean, Wrecked, Lesser Feature (rack; +1 Co)
Size +1, Refinement +1, General quality -6, Upkeep +1, Safety -4, Warping 0, Health -2, Aesthetics -6
Perdo +2, Corpus +2, Herbam +1, Terram +1

Selena Tibicena

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