Mount Blanik

A small mountain som 50 miles south-southeast of Prague.
An ancient legend says that a large army of Czech knights led by St. Wenceslas sleeps inside the mountain. The knights awaken to help the Motherland when she is in great danger. According to the legend, when this happens, Blaník’s trees will dry out but an old, dead oak tree under the mountain will turn green and a small spring by the mountain will become a river. Then during an epic battle between the Czechs and their overwhelming enemy the Blaník knights will come to their aid led by St. Wenceslas on his white horse. The enemy will retreat to Prague where they will finally be defeated.

Others claim that the mountain is holy and protected by St. Dagobert, indeed a small monestary dedicated to him is located on the lower parts of the mountain.

Others again hold that the mountain is an ancient powerful place and home to the pagan Stribog.

The young magi of Treverorum have discovered a series of regios leading to a gate to the magic realm.
Perhaps ancient power is to be found here.

Mount Blanik

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