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The encyclopedia consist of several parts. One containing all knowledge of the Covenant of Treverorum. The encyclopaedia describs the story aspects of organizations, politics and history of the campaign as known by the players. The game mechanics section contains house rules and rules interpretations. The tutorial section explains how to do various technical site related things. And lastly the prestige point section explains the point system used to reward players who contribute to the site and the story.

The Encyclopaedia contains pages of relevant campaign information, lore, and more. The Encyclopaedia is structured into categories for ease of access to the contained information. Select one of the Encyclopaedia Categories to begin exploring the available information.

It should be noted that the Encyclopaedia will undergo regular updates and revisions. As the characters learn additional details over the course of the Campaign this will become reflected. You are encouraged to come back and review often.

This is not to be considered a comprehensive collection of lore on The Rhine Tribunal or the Order of Hermes. It contains only information that is relevant to the Campaign and characters in it.

Finally, on Encyclopaedia pages you will find this wax seal at the end of the content. This seal will act as a “back” button on these pages and take you back to the primary section for the content you are currently viewing.

Until the updates are completed the old wiki pages can be accessed in the old structure.
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