Magic Vault

Location: Covenant
Pounds Silver: 155
Pounds Gold: 10

The mundane armoury can be found here

Guest Laboratory

Once the laboratory of Julia ex Jerbiton, this lab has been restored with focus on spell invention.
Greater feature (summoning circle), +2 aesthetics, +3 spells; Superior construction, +1 safety, +1 aesthetics.
Greater focus (Summoning circle) -2 general quality, +4 spells; Subterranean, +1 upkeep, -1 health, -1 aesthetics, +1 Terram.
Fan of Delightful Breaze: +1 Health
Size 0, Refinement 0, General quality -2, Upkeep +1, Safety +1, Warping 0, Health 0, Aesthetics +2
Spells +7, Terram +1

Vis Sources

Art Pawns Time to Harvest Description Responsible
Vim 2 Seasonal Fine White Crystals Praenuntius
Corpus 2 Spring Eyeballs per Mail Morrkul Tiranul
Terram 1 Season Milky white liquid
Auram 5 Spring Crystals from lightning strikes
Rego 4 Autumn Small Meteors
Perdo/Copus Varies Varies Black/White Flower
Ignem 6 Summer Sulphur chips
Herbam 4 Spring Twigs from linden tree in courtyard
Muto 2 Autumn Ice Crystal
Mentem/Rego 1 Winter Dedicated vis, a candle is formed by the ghosst of Xantippes Lucius

Vis Stores

Some of the forms of vis collected are unsuited for transport or stable lab use. The listed descriptions may indicate that some vis has been transferred to more suitable containers.
It takes one day (from sunrise to sunset) to transfer vis from one vessel to another. This activity requires a laboratory and can be done alongside other laboratory activities. The maximimum number of pawns a vessel may contain is limited by it’s form and effect bonus.

Art Pawns Description
Intellego 15 polished glass
Muto 12 electrum ingots
Perdo 7 carved bones
Rego 15 small meteorites
Auram 21 rocky lightning crystals
Corpus 12 preserved human eyeballs
Herbam 17 twigs
Ignem 18 sulphur
Imaginem 1 finely carved chess piece
Mentem 4 ghostly roman coins
Terram 21 pretty polished rocks
Vim 26 Fine white powdery crystals
Mentem/Rego 5 Candle, dedicated vis

Magical Items

Item Quantity Description
Arliandus’ silver trumpet 1 Needs to be investigated
Arliandus’ ice jar 1 Prevents ice from melting? needs investigating.
Selena’s magical rings 4 Imbued with healing magic, needs investigating
Hansi’s Magical Sword 1 Needs investigating
Hearth of the Frigid Covenant 1 Creates a comfortable level of heating underground
Fan of the Delightful Breeze 1 Creates circulation and fresh air for the underground parts of the covenant

Mundane Items

Item Quantity Description

Magic Vault

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