A magus is considered to be a tyro upon the successful completion of an apprentice’s Gauntlet. At a special rite conducted at Durenmar, the apprentice is manumitted from slavery by his master, confirmed in his competence, granted a Hermetic name, swears the Oath of Hermes, and is then granted a sigil with which to vote. The magus is now legally a journeyman, and he may declare membership of a gild, if he wishes.

Life is not easy in the first years of being a journeyman. Many magi desire to form a covenant of their own, but because of the unusual requirements for this process in the Rhine Tribunal, this may be difficult. More usually, the magus may join another covenant, perhaps having to serve out a probationary period before receiving tenure. Alternatively, the magus might join the ranks of the pereginatores, the wandering magi who roam from covenant to covenant, relying on the hospitality among the Rhine covenants to study from their libraries. This carefree life might suit some, whereas others might settle down in a covenant for an extended period, before packing up and heading once again for the open road.

Journeyman: This is equivalent to the Free Status Hermetic Magus (see ArM5, page 43), renamed here because of the Rhine Tribunal’s special social system. You are a tyro, a junior magus, and must defer to magi of senior rank in a legitimate dispute. If you belong to a gild, however, you may enjoy the support of its senior members.

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