Directions to the lost covenants in Bohemia

Salve sodales,
In response to recent request, herewith is the information that I have been able to find concerning the locations of the former covenants of Rudiaria, Oakdell, Treverorum, and Rheinstein. The following are directions to these sites, as listed in the notes of the followers of Mercere who were responsible for this part of the Tribunal. Since the covenants in question no longer exist, doubtless much of this information is no longer accurate. Nevertheless, I hope this may be of some limited use to you in your endeavors.

“The covenant of Rudiaria is located on the right bank of the River Vltava, some five miles south of the town of Budějovice. The fortified manor of the covenant is partially visible from the hamlet of Bingen, and they have a number of boatmen often to be found dockside who should be willing to ferry Redcaps across the river.”
— Crumena filius Mercere, 1032 AA

“Oakdell covenant is some dozen miles within the Thuringian forest. It is not easily reached directly; rather it is better to take the trade route from Bamberg to Prague and from Egra head north towards Plauen. When reaching the village Ems take the forest path towards the hamlet of Herschbach. From there the covenant can be reached in half a day: take the forest track northwards. After five hours, turn left — westwards — at the standing stone. The magi of Oakdell are rather unwelcoming and secretive, so I do not recommend that you visit frequently. I have not heard of any threats from the fay of the Thuringian Forest.”
— Harundo, follower of Mercere, 1075 AA

“Treverorum covenant is located in the city of Prague, on the Fleischstrasse. There is a merchant’s shop which sells an assortment of luxury and esoteric wares, identify yourself with the phrase “Pax Hermae,” and you will be shown to the magi, who are housed in the rest of the building and below. You can usually be assured of a comfortable stay.”
— Ioanna, follower of Mercere, 1236 AA

“The covenant of Rheinstein proper is located on the tiny island of Pfalz in the Elbe north of Decin, near to the village of Kaub. This island is not to be confused with that one further upstream, which is reputedly haunted and to be avoided. Beware of the treacherous boating conditions of the Kaub Hole, and travel only with an experienced crew on a sturdy vessel.”
— Ioanna, follower of Mercere. 1265 AA

— Xavier of House Mercere (Archivist of the Rhine Tribunal)

Directions to the lost covenants in Bohemia

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