Covenants of the Rhine

Current covenants of The Rhine Tribunal

Durenmar (767-present)
The first covenant and Domus Magnus of House Bonisagus.
Crintera (773-present)
Domus Magnus of House Björnär
Irencillia (792-present)
Domus Magnus of House Merinita
Fengheld (1039-present)
Dankmar (1052-present)
Roznov (1067-present)
Oculus Septentrionalis (1144-present)
Triamore (1151-present)
Waddenzee (1165-present)
Formerly known as Terschelling
Sapientia Aetatum (1097-present)
A winter covenant in the ancient Roman city of Trier
A refounding of the destroyed covenant in Prague.
A covenant recently founded near Roskilde in The Kingdom of Denmark. It’s purpose to explore the ancestry of ancient magic beings.
Semita Errabunda(1221-present)
A covenant recently founded somewhere in the Westerwald. Under the leadership of Darius this covenant remains neutral and few dare bother them.

Past Covenants of The Rhine Tribunal

Fenistal (773-802)
The temple of Diana that was Merinita’s home, this covenant was abandoned on the death of Myanar.
Arae Flaviae (780-885)
Located in Swabia. The magi of this covenant objected to nearby Schwarzburg, and their resulting warfare caused the Tribunal to abolish both covenants and rule that any covenant could veto the establishment of a new covenant.
Rethra (780-1202)
Located in Pomerania. This covenant fell out of favor by allying itself with the New Slavonic Tribunal in the 11th century. It entered a deep Winter for many decades, with no contact with other magi, until finally destroyed by the Knights of the Sword.
Sirmium (822-930)
Located in the March of Meissen, this covenant was destroyed during the Magyar invasion of Germany. Only Wiederich of House Flambeau survived.
Schwarzburg (857-885)
Founded in the Swabian Jura, this covenant was abolished by the Tribunal after 30 years because of their wars with Arae Flaviae.
Rudaria (892-969)
Affiliated to House Flambeau and located in northern Austria, this covenant suffered from malefic attention, and demonic involvement was suspected in the magical accident that destroyed the covenant.
It is one of the possible sites for a new covenant.
Oakdell (931-1008)
A Diedne dominated covenant in the Thuringian Forest. On numerous occasions in the 10th century they accused Durenmar of scrying, but these charges were never proven, and the covenant was destroyed in the Schism War.
It is one of the possible sites for a new covenant.
Waldherz (990-1010?)
Located in the Black Forest and dedicated to the teaching of Hercynius, this covenant was never officially sanctioned by the Rhine Tribunal due to the veto of Durenmar.
Grand Silesia (993-1009)
Founded between the Oder and Warta rivers in Poland by magi from Rethra and Crintera, this covenant split from the Rhine Tribunal in 1008 to form the New Slavonic Tribunal. Rhine magi, feeling betrayed, destroyed the covenant a year later under the guise of the Schism War.
Treverorum (1095-1172)
Located in the city of Prague. They were consistently in trouble for meddling with the affairs of mundanes, and were eventually destroyed, it is believed, at the order of the Church.
It is one of the possible sites for a new covenant.
Rheinstein (1123-1200)
Founded on an island in the Elbe. Close to the border between Bohemia and Meissen. They
were destroyed by an irate mob of mundanes lead by influential merchants.
It is one of the possible sites for a new covenant.

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Covenants of the Rhine

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