Covenant Founding

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This page documents the founding of Treverorum

Founding Year: 1221, Summer
Founders: Morrkul Tiranul, Damianus Philocrates, Lucian Procellus, Praenuntius, Oberon Valdarus.

Build Points

Overview of covenant value in terms of build points at the time of the covenant founding

Library: 317
Lab Texts: 35
Vis Stocks: 7
Vis Sources: 50
Enchanted Items: 0
Specialists: 26
Laboratories: 170
Money: 18

Total Founding Value: 623

Boons and Hooks

Overview of Boons and Hooks at the time of the covenant founding

Major Boon: Unknown
Minor Boon: Hidden Resources, Favorable Aura, Edifices
Minor Hook: Urban
Major Hook: Unknown, Unknown, Unknown


Value Gift Magus Covenant
10 Corpus Vis Source Morrkul Tiranul Treverorum
7 Leap of Homecomming Morrkul Tiranul Treverorum
10 The Forms In Theory And Practise Damianus Philocrates Treverorum
8 Lest We Perish Damianus Philocrates Treverorum
1 400 lbs Silver Damianus Philocrates Treverorum
3 Ars Flambonis Praenuntius Treverorum
0 120 levels of spell labtexts Praenuntius Treverorum
0 1 pawn of Perdo Vis Praenuntius Treverorum
0 The Colour of Magic Lucian Procellus Treverorum
0 The magas shield Lucian Procellus Treverorum
0 The mental challange Lucian Procellus Treverorum

Personal build points allowance donated (out of 30 available points each)

Value Gift Magus Covenant
33 Principea Hermetica (MagTh Sum) Murion Durenmar
16 Foundation of Change (Mu Sum) Urgen Crintera
12 Eating the Flesh (Co Tra) Urgen Crintera
0 Welcome Party Iacob Irencillia
72 2 Seasons Scribing – estimated 360 levels Stentorius Fengheld
1 5 Pawns Perdo Vis Schadrit Dankmar
1 5 Pawns Vim Vis Schadrit Dankmar
1 5 Pawns Mentem Vis Schadrit Dankmar
0 5 Armed Guards DONATOR Roznov
7 Scribe DONATOR Roznov
0 Stack of Mundane Books DONATOR Triamore
27 Currents of Magic (Vi Sum) DONATOR Sapientia Aetatum
3 Piercing the Magical Veil DONATOR Sapientia Aetatum ?
14 Practical Disintegration (Pe Tra) DONATOR Peregrinatores?
14 Lexica Viscera (Co Tra) DONATOR Peregrinatores?
9 Luxury goods – 3 year living conditions DONATOR Oculus Septentrionalis
9 Luxury goods – 3 year living conditions Lucas von Beck Waddenzee
4 Quality Building Materials – Over 2 years DONATOR Oculus Septentrionalis

Founding gifts calculated in direct build point value where applicable

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Covenant Founding

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