Covenant Assignments

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Task note legend:
S: Seasonal activity; this task is a seasonal activity, e.g. labwork
G: Requires gaming session; this task has elements that needs to be resolved in a gaming session, e.g. gaining access to Arliandus’ sanctum.
A: Adventure; this task is an adventure requiring hours of gameplay, all attending players must prior to the session indicate which character they will be playing during the adventure. Adventures provide 5-10 xp.
O: Online; this activity can be dealt with online, e.g. bying a summae on Church Lore from a nearby monestary.

Covenant duties set forth by the Council of Treverorum
The following duties require at least one seasons work by a magus and will attract a remuneration as indicated.

Task Description Remuneration Risk assesment Task note
Tremere Spells Arliandus’ spells should be decoded and written out so they are available for study 2 pawns vis per season none Sx2
Trumpet Arliandus’ magic trumpet should be investigated 2 pawns vis per season none S
Ice Jar Arliandus’ Ice Jar should be investigated 2 pawns vis per season none S
Four Magical Rings Needs investigation 2 pawns vis per season none S
Treverorum Aura The special aura of the covenant should be investigated 2 pawns vis Unknown G/S
Hansi’s enchanted sword The sword needs investigating 2 pawns vis per season none S
Task Description Responsible Deadline Task note
Rheinstein Stentorius request a report on Rheinstein key individuals and military power Morrkul Tiranul Soon G/A
Amazing Mural Expert Artist needed to help restore the ancient mural No G
Vis Sources We must look for Vis Sources in order to generate a reasonable income in Vis Soon G
Dead Girl The ghost of the dead girl should likely be put to rest by burying her remains. G
Library Bying mundane books on topics such as artes liberales and philosophy. Praenuntius No GO
Library We need a good Rego Summae Soon G or O
The Falling Stars Needs further investigation No A
The stone Idol in the glade Needs further investigation No G

Previously completed tasks can be found here.

Covenant Assignments

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