Council Hall

The Council Hall

Year Founded: 1221
Current Year: 1224
Aura Type: Magic Level: 4/3/2
Aegis of the Hearth: Level 20; Penetration: +4
Living Conditions Modifier for Magi: +3 Companions: +2 Mundanes: +1
Covenant Oath. Oath
Covenant Charter: Charter
Covenant Founding: Founding
Covenant Resolutions: Resolutions
Covenant Assignements: Covenant Assignments
Boons: Unknown (major) ,Favourable aura, Hidden resources, Edifice
Hooks: Urban (major), Haunted, Rival, Unknown


Maps detailing the layout of the covenat grounds can be found in the Layout section.

Current Structure Points

The current structure points can be found in the external accounting file.


The wealth is summarized here and can be found in the above link.

Total Income: 150
Expenditure: 193
Cost Savings: -46
Total Expenditure: 147
Net Income: 3
Points of Inhabitants: 104
Points of Laboratories: 745
Points of Weapons and Armor: 748

Sources of Income

Treverorum has four sources of income. A minor income (20 Mythic Pounds per year) from the glassworkshop and a lesser income (40 Mythic Pounds per year) from the goldsmith. Both craftsmen have average wealth meaning all craftsmen work for two seasons a year to maintain there buisness. The workshops and the covenfolk who work them are described here.
An extensive trade network from Prague to Hamburg generates 40 Mythic ponds a year.
The magi of Treverorum have negotiated toll rights at Pfalz Island, this generates 50 Mythic ponds a year.

Description Level Current Income Notes
Glass workshop Minor 20
Goldsmith Lesser 40
Pfalz Island Tolls Lesser 50
Trade network Lesser 40

Yearly Expenditure

The yearly expenditure is summarised below

Buildings: 12 Inhabitants: 10, Minor Fortifications: 2
Consumables: 21
Inflation: 1
Laboratories: 75
Provisions: 52
Tithes: 0
Wages: 21
Weapons and Armor: 3
Writing Materials: 8, Magi: 6 Other Book Specialists: 2

Cost Savings

Name Role Specialist Skill
Eberhart Journeyman Goldsmith Goldsmithing (Laboratory equipment) 5
Ludovich Journeyman Silversmith Silversmithing (Laboratory equipment) 5
Pavel Journeyman Glassblower Glassworking (Laboratory equipment) 5
Aydo Journeyman Glassblower Glassworking (Laboratory equipment) 5
Bork the Axe Carpenter (consumables) Craft: Carpenter (consumables) 3
Wilbur Furniture maker Craft: Furniture (maintenance) 7
Kuba Candlemaker Craft: Candlemaker 6
Matej Mason Craft: Masonry (maintenance) 5
Lida Weaver Craft: Weaver (flax) 5
Teodor Percamenarius Craft: Percamenarius 5
Filip Ink-maker Craft: Ink-maker 5
Crafters Involved Saving Notes
Buildings Matej 4
Consumables Bork, Kuba, Lida, Wilbur 14
Laboratories Pavel, Eberhart, Aydo, Ludovich 24
Weapons and Armor 0
Writing Materials Teodor, Filip 8 Max saving reached
Provisions 0

Council Hall

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