Tag: Semita Errabunda


  • Darius

    Darius is a frightening individual. A bony figure swathed in a black, all-encompassing robe and carrying a black-hafted spear, he is reminiscent of medieval perceptions of the physical embodiment of death. This image is further emphasized if his hood …

  • Carolus Furax

    Carolus is a tall, man with a scraggily beard and pale skin; but he has a charming manner and a quick wit, which encourages the foolish to trust him. He favors dark clothing, especially deep cloaks which satisfy his dramatic flair.

  • Mari Amwithig

    A striking young woman with pale skin and raven black hair, which never seems to stay where it should (a mundane problem, which Mari could solve with magic, but does not). While quite given to sneaking around, hooded and cloaked, in dark places, she much …

  • Tillitus

    Tillitus is a short, gangly sort of fellow, with sad, droopy eyes and a slightly stooped posture. His bright blue eyes nearly sparkle, which would signify his sharp intellect if his gaze ever rose from staring at his shoes. He wears a graying goatee and a …