Forgotten Legacy

The Infernal Laboratory. Trebonius Visits

The Infernal Laboratory
The chained prisoner had eventually lost his mind. Awaiting his inevitable death in Morrkuls lab, he had begun pleading for his life. “Please master, let me live, I can tell you were to find a hidden place, much like this one. Filled with treasures and valuables.” Morrkul could almost taste the desparation in the air surrounding the shackled mercenary. “What makes you think I won’t just take the knowledgde from your mind and dissect you anyway?” “Please for thelove of God have mercy!” the unfortunate cried.The cat jumped up on the shackled subject, scratched him mischeviously on the chest and purred. “Why not listen to what he has to say? Investigate this hidden place if it exist and when you return his fate can be decided?” Morrkul considered the matter.

Provided with the location of what might be a laboratory in the Ore Mountain, Morrkul ponders his options. Apparently the mercenary had once worked for wizard who maintained a hidden laboratory. Only 4 days travel from Tetschen hidden in a small valley in the woods. It could only be found at night when the moonlight shone on a rocky formation. Having confirmed the mercenaries story with some mild torture Morrkul thought about who he should bring with him.

Morrkul took Borbak with him and for some reason Oberon insisted on joining them. They traveled by boat to Tetschen and left on foot on the trail heading west into the woods. They came upon a small village after a few hours travel. Here they met a young knight in the service of Freiherr Jürgen Schönburg von Wartenerg. The knight had been told to Garrison Pfalz Island when Oberon took over. The knight decided to travel with the young magi to ensure there safety in the forest.
After a few days travel they encountered a village deep in the forest. Oberon discovered a +4 Faerie aura surrounding the village centered around a huge oak. He also concluded that most if not all inhabitants were fae.
From the village they headed north finding the crevasse the mercenray had described. Here they waited for the moon to shine revealing an entrance into a regio. Oberon probe the aura and discovered a +4 infernal aura. The party snuck through a twisting cave corridor and discovered a laboratory with a single occupant. Being very sneaky the black robed magi did not here them before it was too late. Deciding the person must be evil, the knight charged. Despite being somewhat burned in the process he made short work of the magus.
The party searched the laboratory and found a living area and some coded texts. Soon after Tolides made his presence known. He claimed that he had hunted the marched magus and demanded that everything be destroyed. After some discussion the party left with the books intending to hand them over to Tabanus. Tolides stayed behind and collapsed the cave.

Claiming Pfalz Island
Morrkul teleported home after cleansing the infernal laboratory while Oberon, Borbak and the Knight headed towards Pfalz Island. Here they met with Robert Schönburg and politly through him off the Island. Oberon searched the place and found a makeshift dungeon with a sole occupant, Wolkan. Oberon questioned and then released him under the consition that he work for Treverorum. Should he fail in any way he would be flayed and quartered. Eager to not be imprisoned Wolkan agreed to Oberon’s terms. Oberon also discovered a collapsed part of the cellar and ordered it dug out. Meanwhile he investigated a copse of trees on the northern part of island. He determined that the aura was +3 magical among the ancient and beautiful oak trees. Oberon also found a vine growing in one of the trees. He is certain that it is identical albeit smaller than the obe growing in Durenmar. Possibly a plantlet was taken in secrecy. Oberon determined that sap could be carefully harvested in spring. He did so and claimed 3 pawns Intellego vis.
Returning to the excavation he found some dank cellars and a sanctum. Here he discovered 6 books that he took with him and an abandoned underwater laboratory.
Wolkan warned Oberon and the knight that the first toll collected every spring must be offered to the river spirit at the first new moon after collection. locating the collected tolls Oberon discovered that four coins contained Rego vis. He waited for the new moon and prepared to give the river spirit his due. To his surprise the river spirit turned out to be the long presumed dead magus Schwall. They talked for a while and Oberon discovered that Swchall did’nt use Pfalz Island anymore althought he claimed his Covenant still existed. Considering the ruins, Oberon thought the elder magus somewhat confused. Oberon promised the elder magus that his vis would be handed over every spring as it had been the last 25 years.
After making sure everthing was in order and the knight and Wolkan were set to collect tolls Oberon headed home.

Trebonius visits
During the summer season Trebonius Sempiterne paid a visit to Treverorum. He was on his way to Fengheld to craft a longevity ritual for Archmage Stentorius. Trebonius stayed for three days in the newly built luxurious guest quarters. He seamed quite pleased with the progress of the young magi.
During his stay Trebonius presented Morrkul with a gift. A summae on Animal written by Tremere himself. Trebonius told Morrkul that the book had once belonged to his dead father and that he had recovered it from the Library in Coeris. IT had been handed down for generations from master to apprentice ever since it had been given by Tremere to his third apprentice. Intrigued by news of a family he had never known Trebonius told Morrkul more. His father had been a Tremere magus and friend of Trebonius. He had died some 50 years ago and Morrkul’s mother had kept him hidden in Irencillia for many years before sending the infant boy away to Transylvania. Here Morrkul was raised by craftsmen working for the Scholomance and secretly watched over by Trebonius. When asked Trebonius told Morrkul that his mother might still be alive. She was a Merinita maga in Irencillia.

Oberons dreams
Oberon spent most of his nights dreaming about the mysterious magus that sometimes visited him in his dreams. Searching his own dream subconsciusnes for clues Oberon found him in a strange dream landscape. After some discussion Oberon was able to learn that the dream magus was looking for a way to reach Kadath, the city were dead gods dream. Perplexed by this Oberon returned to the real world.

During the late summer Oberon’s wife gave birth to two healthy sons. The were baptized in The Church of Mother of God before Týn.

Ulrike visits
Ulrike came by with a new book for the library and letters. Treverorum recieved a letter from Giovanni Ladardo Amalfi ex Jerbiton who informed that he would be willing to restore the The Murial of Conciatta for 5 pawns of vis. He could arrive in the summer of 1226. The young magi agreed and Oberon wrote a response letter.

Oberon recieved 5 xp for his adventures.

Damianus Philocrates
Morrkul Tiranul
Praenuntius learns teaching from Oberon
Lucian Procellus
Oberon Valdarus teaches Praenuntius teaching

Damianus Philocrates
Morrkul Tiranul
Praenuntius constructs a basic laboratory.
Lucian Procellus
Oberon Valdarus studies The Forms In Theory and Practice.

Damianus Philocrates
Morrkul Tiranul
Praenuntius finishes his laboratory.
Lucian Procellus
Oberon Valdarus studies Discerning the Transmundane.

Damianus Philocrates
Morrkul Tiranul
Praenuntius binds Citus as his familiar.
Lucian Procellus
Oberon Valdarus assist Morrkul in crafting Oberon’s longevity ritual.

Council Meeting

The young magi gathered once again for the annual Meeting of the Council. “Does anyone have any points?” Oberon asked looking around. "I intend to bind Citus as my familiar in the autumn season, according to our charter I will use vis from our stores for the process. Also I urge you all to contribute to our library with your spells. Additionally unless anyone objects I will purchase books with vis to supplement in the areas we are lacking. " Praenuntius looked around awaiting an answer.

Deadline: none
Damianus Philocrates study Auram vis in magic regio.
Morrkul Tiranul invents Leap of Homecoming from Text
Praenuntius studies Ars Flambonis.
Lucian Procellus Add Lesser Feature: Balance to lab(+1 Re) (2 xp magic theory)
Oberon Valdarus Studies Mentem in The Great Library, Summae level 18 Q 13, 16 xp gained.

The Last Oister Shipment

“Make sure all the oysters are fresh this time.” Elena told the grizzled chef. The last serving to Morrkul’s quarters had had an unfortunate ending and Morrkul had not been pleased. The grizzled crusader cook looked indiffirently at Elena. “We didn’t eat them fancy foods in the Levant Madame. How the bleedin’ Christ am I supposed to know how they’re suppoed to smell? Just cause you ain’t a whore no more don’t give you the right to boss me around.” They starred at each other for a while. Ever since she had dumped him again he had been acting up when she tried to make the kitchen run smoothly. “And besides.” the cook told Elena coldly “We ate the last shipment of oysters two days ago. Apparently our supplier says the trade agreement ended with the last shipment. Guess I’ll go find some old donkey to serve at the feast on Saturday.” He turned his back on Elena and set his attention on the soup he was preparing.
Elena, somewhat disturbed by the news, left hastily to find a magus. Surely they must know something about the trade agreement.

Summary of the season
Oberon left for Durenmar. Here he was told by Murion to behave more like a Bonisagus and less like a Jerbiton. After a small talk he was assigned to help Concientia with her research. He assisted her for a season researching randomness in magic by inventing two spells.
Damianus left for Mount Blanik to study vis in the potent aura. During his stay he studied the ghosts of the dead pagan priest. He concluded that a season of dedicated study might reveal the nature of the ritual they are conducting for all eternity. Morrkul and Lucius both spent time expanding their laboratories.

Deadline: 5. december
Damianus Philocrates study Creo vis in regio
Morrkul Tiranul works on Greater Expansion
Praenuntius studies Principia Hermetica.
Lucian Procellus upgrades his laboratory
Oberon Valdarus spends time in Durenmar inventing two CrIm spells. Gains 3 xp in Magic Theory.

The Reichgraf's wedding. Oberon answers to the Prima.

Pantos’ reply to Praenuntius letter was most useful, indeed the swamp provided an incident aetherial perdo flux. The description Pantos provided matched the theoreticals from Principia Hermetica. Praenuntius needed to know if other perdo sympathetic sources could provide the same background. Considereing the lack of a swamp in Treverorum some other source was needed, perhaps a huge fireplace. Praenuntius began writing his response to Pantos, perhaps he had some thoughts on a huge fireplace.

The Merchant’s Game
Tabanus callled a meeting with the Council of Magi, present was Oberon, Morrkul, Damianus Philocrates and Lucian Procellus additionally Istvan from Roznov was present. Tabanus told that he had been informed that Oberon had tried to spend 10 pounds of magically created gold to expand a merchant buisness. Citing the Peripheral Code of the Rhine Tribunal it was made clear from a ruling in 1130 that no more than 1 pound of magically created gold could be introduced to the market every year. Clearly violating this ruling Oberon was fined 2 pawns of vis, a punishment that he accepted. Also being a member og the Oak Gild, Tabanus informed the council that he would write to Murion and express his concerns over Oberons Un-Bonisagus like activities.
Istvan informed the council that Jan would no tbe accepting Oberon’s gold and would no longer cooporate with his cousin Vlad. On behalf of Valdorius Lucius Prominentus Istvan challenged Oberon to Certamen, if Istvan won Treverorum would not be allowed to interfere with any of Jan’s buisness dealings and if Oberon won Treverorum could do any buisness they wanted without interference from Istvan or Jan. Oberon convinced Lucian to champion Treverorum and he soundly defeated his rival Istvan.
Following this the Council of Treverorum met and discussed the results. It was agreed to not pursue any expansion of the trade network other than the already planned expansion northwards from Prague to Hamburg.

Reluctantly Oberon agreed to the councils decision, and consulted with Vlad. Together they settled with Jan and Treverorum gained control of Vlad’s house, Xantippes’ mansion, a warehouse by the docks and the good ship Magdalene. The marriage between Vlad’s oldest sister and Oberon would still take place.

Oberon’s Wedding
Oberon’s marriage was an ostentatious affair. Soon after Oberon was recalled to Durenmar to answer to his Prima. His new wife took over the daily running of the manor, assisted by Elena.

The Reichgraf’s Wedding
Reichgraff Helmuth von Leitmeritz was married. A great party was thrown. Freiherr Jürgen Schönburg von Wartenerg attended and presented the magic items he had been given by Treverorum. This secured his betrothal to the Reichgraff’s daughter. In return Treverorum was granted toll rights at Pfalz Island.


Deadline: 5. december
Damianus Philocrates study Ars Flambonis
Morrkul Tiranul works on Greater Expansion
Praenuntius studies Principia Hermetica, correspondance bonus.
Lucian Procellus reads Foundations of the Principles(6 xp + 3 xp booklearner = 9xp ialt)
Oberon Valdarus Learns Pillum of Fire, 3 xp in Magic Theory gained.

1223.1 Spring
Stolen assets. An Enemy Revealed


“Master master!” Pavel came running up to Vlad. “Someone is stealing the Magdalena! I went to check on Hans and found him bleeding on the ground and the boat was had left the harbour! Do something master!”
Oberon looked inquisitively, first at the young man and then at Vlad. It was only a week since he had seen the boat for the first time. Oberon had also delved deeper into the dispute between Vlad and his cousins. He had leaarned that Jan had never liked Vlad and had always been envious of him. When he had learned that Vlad would be returning from the the Holy land, Jan had hatched a plan to cut him of from the family buisness. It seemed that the older cousin Berhardt had been more or less indifferent to his younger brothers plots. Snapping from his daydreams Oberon realized that the stolen boat resembled a significant investment in both time and money.

Sitting in the Library Oberon pondered Bonisagus’ work. In a year he would begin construction of his laboratory if all went according to plan. A laboratory attuned towards his prefered art Perdo requires some thought. And although his friend Pantos in Trier doesn’t have any particular inclination towards the destruction he does live in a swamp. Slowly Praenuntius began writing a letter to Pantos. He needed to hear how the ariel flux from the swamp interferes with the balancing of allegorical humours. Perhaps this could be used together with Bonisagus’ thoughts on sympathetic drestructive energies.

Stolen Assets
Morrkul Tiranul and Lucian Procellus who had accompanied Oberon Valdarus were not slow to react. Together with Vlad they hurried towards the docks. Lucian and Morrkul arrived before the others and found the captain Hans lying on the ground clutching his head. The Magdalena was about fifty paces away on the river, eight people manned the oars while three others hurried to ready the sails. A fourth character commanded the others.
Lucian turned invisible and used his weather magic to focus the winds in his favour. The breeze and light rain picked up paced and focused into a stronger wind that began to blow the small ship towards the docks again. Meanwhile Morrkul teleported to the more remote and uninhabited opposite bank of the river. Using his Corpus magic he took control of one of the figures next to the person in charge. Under magical control the poor person grappled with his master and threw them both overboard. Both disapeared under the waves of the turbulent river.
Lucian found himself suddenly surrounded by a soft glowing purple light clearly marking out his position, he hurriedly hid among some crates and barrels, shortly after he noticed someone countering his wind magic attempting to prevent the ship from reaching the docks. After the person in charge of the Magdalena was thrown overboard the countermagic stopped. The ship was quickly guided to the docks and the remaining crew readied short bows. Oberon and Vlad ducked for cover together with the to shipcrew. Lucian diverted his winds to blow the arrows off course, while Morrkul teleported onto the ship magically sleeping one of the crew. The thieves were now clearly seen to be armed bandits and readied a charge onto the docks. Lucian sleeped one of them and dragged him away while Morrkul killed one, cutting his legs clear of with one clean stroke of his sword. Another was subdued by Vlad and Oberon but four managed to escape.
The commotion had attracted the attention of several citizens and the town watch. Some pursued the fleeing bandits while others took the captured bandits into custody for flogging and branding.
The sole captive bandit was smuggled back to Treverorum and bound in the temple of Morena. After some sadistic tourture overseen by Lucian and Morrkul, Oberon took over and got the poor bastard talking. The bandit revealed that they had been hired by someone matching the description of Vlad’s cousin Jan, who had been the one thrown overboard. The purpose had been to steal the Magdalena and take her to Franconia. Oberon the left, abandoning his promise to the poor bandit and handing him over to Morrkuls morbid studies.

Aggresive Expansion
A small counsel was held between the three magi and Vlad. It was determined that another magi, possibly Hermetic had been present. His purpose unknown. It was also decided that Oberon and Vlad should approach Vlads oldest cousin and broker a deal. The were authorized to expand the trade network with 10 pounds of gold, a huge ammount of gold, not considereing that this might attract unwanted attention. At a dinner held the same evening Oberon was introduced to Vlad’s two sisters and a marriage with the oldest sister was arranged for the summer.

Vlad and Oberon met with Berhard and convinced him that by joining forces they could expand the regional trade extensively. Importing large ammounts of luxury goods through Vienna. Berhard seemed reluctant but was convinced of the merit of such a plan. He was promised 10 pounds of gold as an investment by Oberon. Convinced that everything was working out perfectly Oberon left for his Sanctum.

Charges of Breaking the Code. An enemy revealed.
A well dressed figure entered the office of Berhard. “What did they promise you?” he asked. “You know I can offer more, and already have.” Berhard looked up, “Oberon wishes to expand his trade to the south. He has proposed to join our ventures and wishes to use our network to import huge ammounts of luxury goods into Bohemia. He has offered me 10 pounds of gold for my efforts.” The other merchant looked surprised, “10 pounds? Not a small ammount. His efforts must be in vain. My partners will not accept any competition. You will deny his request and cease your buisness with your cousin. Our arrangement will continue as before.” Berhard seemed unconcerned with the potential loss of the gold. " I will terminate my arrangements with my intolerable cousin. But what of my brother? His attempt to steal the Magdalena failed and I have not heard from him. And what of Oberon? Can you keep him from bothering me again? I find his presence somewhat disturbing, I can not get myself to trust him." The merchant considered Berhards words carefully, “Your brother is safe, he has left the city and is headed towards our base in Meizen. We will profit from this Oberon still. I will make sure he does not interfere, I have connections that will ensure this.” he paused making sure his message sank in. “And by the way, Oberons glass trade with Venice must not be disturbed in any way.” “As you wish.” was Berhards simpel reply. His instructions clear he set about ending his brothers partnership in the family buisness.

The black robed magus opened the door to his little chamber. “Did anyone see you enter?” he asked the well dressed merchant. “Off course not, you know full well that I keep my presence in the city secret. Your scheming is almost Tytalan in scope.” The black robed magus smiled “My scheming is superior to those of that lesser house. Now tell me of the Roman situation, is our motion written? Has it been distributed to appropriate people in the Tribunal?” The merchant sat down and began his account of the situation. After an hours discussion the subject was done with. He looked smilingly at the black robed magus. “Now I need you to do something for me. Oberon has been spending gold, lots of gold. In principle he is breaking a point in the peripheral code of the Rhine Tribunal.” “And that bothers you?” the black robed magus interrupted. “No not at all, I always enjoy when people spend lavish sums of money. My problem is that he wishes to expand into a market that I own. Luxury goods import into the Rhine from the south. I need you to approach this ”/characters/tabanus" class=“wiki-content-link”>Tabanus character and inform him of the situation. He will put an end to it, suggest that he writes to Murion. As a member of the Oak Gild you must all agree that the place of a Bonisagus is doing research, not playing merchant. Also I need Treverorum to not interfere with Berhards and my buisness. Challenge him to certamén over the issue. I am sure he cannot defeat you." The black robed magus considered the request of his ally. Perhaps he should comply, some goodwill was never bad. “I will do as you request.” I am heading to Treverorum tomorrow anyway. " The meeting ended as quitly as it had begun.

5 xp
1 confidence
4 pawns of Herbam vis found in the linden tree in Xantippes’ manor.
The source has been added.

Deadline: none
Damianus Philocrates studies The Forms In Theory and Practice
Morrkul Tiranul
Praenuntius studies Principia Hermetica
Lucian Procellus More Labfixing :)
Oberon Valdarus Learns two spells, Calm the motion of the Heart and Loss of but a Moment´s Memory, 3 xp in magic theory gained.

1222.4 Winter
Oberon the Merchant

Morrkul found himself walking behind two magi, one had a semblence not unlike that of Selena’s ghost only she seemed younger, he did not recognize the other. They walked through the Treverorum council hall heading towards the back and the council table. He seemed to float behind them unable to focus on their words. The other maga opened the secret door and they both entered the hidden passageway. Morrkul floated after them his vision different from the usual ones, more dreamy, more hazy. He followed the two maga who turned right and headed down a long lit passage. With a sudden lurch Morrkul awoke in his bed, dazed he struggled to remember what had been so strange ithad awoken him.

Xantippe’s Manor
At breakfast Morrkul spoke with Lucian and Oberon about his dream. The three magi quickly decided to investigate the tunnels and rightly so. They discovered that there was no tunnel were Morrkul had dreamt of one. And before Morrkul could intervene Lucian had knocked a huge hole with his enchanted pickaxe. A tunnel appeared before them, one that had clearly not been used in decades. They proceeded with caution and after several minutes following the twisting corridor they arrived at a door. After som deliberration they opened it, revealing a circular chamber beyond. Before they could enter strong thorny vines sprouted with tremendous speed from a pedestal in the center of the chamber, completely surrounding the magi. With liberal application of PeHe magics Lucian managed to free them all. The chamber was circular with a small carved wooden box on a pedestal in the center, four doors evenly spaced and a desecated corpse by one door. One side chamber proved to be a ransacked storeroom, while the other resembled a study of some kind. Paintings and drapes depicting the Founders and other famous magi decorated the chamber. The young magi sensed a strength 5 aura in the small chamber.
The mummified remains of the tall magi from Morrkuls vision occupied a chair to the right. The center wall held a writing desk where the ghostly apparation og the long dead magi stood writing, only Lucian Procellus could see him. Lucian talked at length with the dead magi identifying him as Xantippes. He learned that Xantippes had killed one of the uknown assailants but died shortly after from a mortal wound. While aware of his own death the ghost of Xantippes is obsessed with completing his work, writing a tractatus on prniciples lore and spreading its content. Lucian took an oath that he will indeed read Xantippes tome, a copy of which he recieved. The young magi also discovered that Xantippes lighted a candle that began ethereal but solidified after a while. Much to their amazement they discovered it to be a rare source of dedicated vis, being both Vim and Rego vis at the same time, the vis is bound in frankincense that seems to burn forever providing the form and effect bonuses of it’s form should anyone wish to enchant it. They also learned that the vine trap box was triggered by an iron horseshoe that monitored the room. The trigger could be avoided by hanging a token with the Treverorum Sigil on the door prior to opening it.
The young magi left the ghostly magus to his obsessions and conitnued their investigation of the tunnels. After a while they found a sealed entrance to a long abandoned cellar. Lucius promptly destroyed the wall to gain entrance. The abandoned cellar contained the remains of a pillaged laboratory that once belonged to Xantippes. The young magi searched the cellar and the manor above it. It is revealed that it is the same manor which Elena, Natália Dimir and Michael Hahn investigated the previous year during the events of [[1221.3 Autumn. | The night of the living dead]]. The young magi discovered that the cellar and manor house has a magic aura with a strength of 3 but they also found an old groundskeeper, the last person living in the dilapidated manor. Much to their puzzlement they found that the court yard had a magic aura of 4 centered both on an ancient Linden tree and the groundskeeper Wilbur.
After questioning Wilbur thouroughly the young magi discovered that the manor was owned by the heirs to the merchent killed by Brami Rektos. They quickly descided to move fast to secure the premises for Treverorum.

The King’s Court
Using their connections at the court, the young magi discover that Xantippes manor is owned by the heirs to the merchent killed by Brami Rektos. The also found that the dead merchant’s nephew Vlad was imprisoned in the castle dungeons accused of starting a fire in a rivals warehouse. After some investigation they found decided that he was falsely accussed of the crime and his cousins, Berhardt and Jan, had set him up so they could take over his part of the buisness.
Using much guile and subterfuge they gathered evidence and testimony for the coming trial. They also met with Vachlev Obchody whose warehouse had been burnt. Vachlev was invited to a dinner at Treverorum and attended with his family. The meeting was quite productive and they agreed that joint buisness ventures in the future was a possibility.
Oberon defended the accussed Vlad in the King’s court against an elderly and skilled prosecutor. The trial ended with Vlad being found innocent and released from the dungeon, while Jan was found guilty of several crimes and sentenced to exile.

The following months saw Oberon and Treveroums new merchant ally Vlad consolidate their buisness.

Council Meeting
- Damianus requests one pawn of vis from the covenant stores, to create the gift to the Reichsgraf. He needs either Intelligo or Mentem.
- Daminanus claims recompense for covenant work carried out (the Reichsgrafs ring), at the tune of two pawns of vis.
- Praenuntius claims recompose for covenant work carried out restoring Julia’s laboratory.
Praenuntius also anounces that a ward has been placed on the exit from the council chambers preventing anyone without magic resistance from carrying a book across it. This is to prevent theft from the library.
-Tabanus anounces that he has fully restored Julia’s laboratory.

Morrkul, Lucian and Oberon each gain 6 xp and 1 confidence point.
In addition Oberon gains 1 xp in his reputation as a merchant.

Deadline: none
Damianus Philocrates creates a magical ring for the Reichsgraf and gains 2 xp in Goldsmithing.
Morrkul Tiranul
Praenuntius studies Ars Flambonis.
Lucian Procellus reorganizes the lab he found and restores it to working order.
Oberon Valdarus

1222.3 Autumn.
Return to Pfalz Island

Tasked by Archmage Stentorius to investigate the ruins of Rheinstein and report back Morrkul Tiranul has convinced some of his fellow young magi to join him. Oberon Valdarus ever greedy for more power proposes that they take over the Island, declaring it a Chapter House and get rich on the tolls they can extort from desperat merchants. Uncertain of the sanity of this idea Damianus Philocrates instead suggests that they begin investigating the Island and first uncover the ownership relations and investigate who might object to this plan. The young magi agree to travel to Tetschen to investigate the nearby Pfalz island and the ruins of Rheinstein.



Oberon read the letter carefully, his “friend” in Fengheld had delivered once again. “Welcome to Treverorum Brianne, I am sure you will feel at home here.” Brianne looked down at the little man, her new master seemed all right albeit a bit weak. “I look forward to bringing discipline to this rabble, now please direct me to the barracks.” she intoned in heavy German. Oberon looked a bit awkward, “We don’t have any.” he replied. Brianne shook her head, “so much work to do.” Then she walked off looking for the autocrat.

New arrivals

The Covenant is joined by Hilda, a mighty warrior and turb captain from Fengheld and Tabanus ex Guernicus who is accepted as Peregrinator.

Pfalz Island

A party consisting of Oberon, Morrkul, Damianus, Hilda and Borbak head towards Tetschen by boat. Here they learn that Pfalz Island is under the ownership of Freiherr Jürgen Schönburg von Wartenberg. They learn that his bastard son Robert Schönburg collects tolls from riverboats on behalf of his father. The local nobility is also identified, chiefly Graf Dieter II, an expansionistic Graff whose territory borders that of Jürgen Schönburg.
After lengthy discussions the party decide to use magic to disguise themselves and rick Roberts bandit toll-gatherers to attack a merchent vessel ad raid a village on Graf Dieter’s lands. Next Oberon using his merchant persona meets with Jürgen Schönburg to discuss taking oer the toll at Pfalz Island. While the Freiherr consults his councillors the magi begin setting up a trade route and finding trading partners in town.
After a few days the Freiherr summons the young magi to inform them that he will accept their proposal under one condition. They must ensure his marriage with the neighboring Reichgraffs daughter. Oberon agrees to this and the young magi decide to craft two magic items. One for the Reichgraf as a gift from Jürgen and one to Jürgens soon to be fiancé.

Council Meeting

Tabanus the Quesitor arrives at Treverorum requesting a meeting with the Council. Here he ratifies The Covenant Charter. He also investigates the possibly tainted vis. Tabanus states that while no clear taint is visible care should be taken when claiming vis from possible Infernal sources as such can be dangerous. He also orders the witches tome burned imediately.
Afterwards Tabanus officially requests to join Treverorum as a Peregrinator. This is approved by a unanimous council.

Oberon Valdarus announces that he spends the season doing covenant work studying Arliandus’ labtexts.

The adventuring party gains 6 XP and 1 confidence point. Additionally Oberon gains a reputation as a German merchant of 1.

Deadline: 14 July
Damianus Philocrates studies Pricipia Hermetica for 27 xp in Magic Theory.
Morrkul Tiranul Invents Coerse Spirits of the Night from lab text and investigates Pflalz Island.
Praenuntius Travels to Mount Blanik where he spends the season studying 3 pawns Perdo vis and exploring the Regio.
Lucian Procellus reads Lexica Viscera and gains 17 xp in Corpus.
Oberon Valdarus studies a lvl 30 PeIm labtext; learning a Dispelling the Phantom Image and spends 6 story XP.

1222.2 Summer
Burn the Witch

Morrkul was busy in his sanctum when he got word that the rest of the adventuring party had returned. He had been back several days already, but the trek in the foothills south west of Prague had been taxing nonetheless, there was still able time left to do some meaningful work in lab though. He smiling to himself as he went to meet them…

Oberon and Preanuntius could relate that the black cat had proven to be some sort of magical beast, as it had started talking to them after a few days. It could relate a sorry tale of how it had been caught and tormented by the witch Atharaxa, and had been spared a fate worse than death by the magi’s timely intervention. Very grateful the cat was keen to come and live at the covenant.

Yet again more questions had been posed than answered…

What to do with the cat? Was the witch’s vis tainted and dangerous? Who should harvest the ignem vis from the Brimstone Font and how much was available? What was contained in the witch’s tome or should it be destroyed? And what of the encrypted letters?

Throughout the season Oberon was caught in a flurry of mail correspondence regarding the stone idol, taking precious time from his other activities, but he refused to let his work suffer for it. One missive was of particular interest. It read:

“…the people of old worshipped the idol in several ways, but one of the main rituals was carried out a midnight at the Vernal equinox. The worshippers entered the glade with their heads bowed in supplication, and it was forbidden to raise ones eyes to meet the statue, and a gift was laid at the at the idols feet. The next full moon the worshippers would return to receive the idols blessings…”

Again more questions! Was there any requirement on the number of supplicants? What was supposed to be gifted to the idol? And what was meant by blessings?

So very frustrating!

Council Meeting
Damianus puts forth that it should be discussed and decided on what to do with the assorted items and animals that were recovered at the witch’s cabin.
Morrkul befriends the car, who is named sneak.
The possibly tainted vis is distributed.
It is descided that Morrkul writes to Tabanus to ratify our Charter and seek legal counsel on the witch’s vis and tomes.

Damianus puts forth a proposal that something should be done about the Dandilion vis source, before it is claimed by someone else, either for a reward or in some other way.
It is decided to write to Horst ex Mercere in Fengheld to request a list of vis sources in the Thuringian forest and lay claim to our own sources.

Damianus announces that he gained four pawns of auram vis from the Sowers Field. This being in relation to his request for payment for a season spent searching for vis for the covenant.

Praenuntius announces that he spends the seaon doing covenant work repairing Juliana’s laboratory.

Damianus Philocrates studies Principia Hermatica for 27 xp in magic theory.
Morrkul Tiranul study Rego Vis
Praenuntius repairs Julia’s laboratory and spends story XP.
Lucian Procellus reads The magas shield and gains 12 xp (9 for bog og 3 for booklearner) in Magic Theory.
Oberon Valdarus gets aquainted with his new laboratory; gaining 3 xp in magic theory.

1222.1 Spring

Investigating the countryside

Damianus had acted upon the legends discovered by Lucian in the library of Durenmar and the observations made by Praenuntius of shooting stars falling to ground somewhere south east of Prague. He has spent the spring season in search of these accompanied by his servant Vladislav and one of the more sturdier grogs. During his travels he had discovered that the legends were indeed true, but was unable to discover any of the fabled stones, maybe with a bit more luck or more time, the search would prove bountiful? In his travels he also happened upon a local tale of a Shaman who was struck by lightning while sowing seeds in his field, many many years ago, and since then the field had remained fallow and is hit by lightning during spring every year. In a scorched patch in the field, Damianus discovered what appeared to be a source of Auram vis, yielding 5 pawns each spring in the form of crystals dug from the ground.

A morbid gathering
Meanwhile, Morrkul’s first visitor had arrived. Clemens looked sternly at Morrkul, pondering his next move, he hadn’t faced an opponent of such skill in many decades. “I see your ability to carry out instructions from the House are far surpassed by your mastery of chess dear Morrkul.” He sipped the fine wine and sampled the fresh fruit. “I have been instructed to tell you that if the Exarch does not recieve your report on Pfalz Island before winter someone else will be tasked with the assignment.” The fact that Clemens had used Stentorius’ formal title did not go past Morrkul. It served to remind him of his place in the house heriarchy. “He will have his report in due time Clemens, no need to worry.” Morrkul recalled his conversation with Daria 6 months earlier and here comments on Stentorius stern hand. Satisfied with Morrkuls answer Clemens’ mood lightened, his recent chess defeat forgotten. “And now Morrkul on to something more cheerful, I have a most pecuilar corpse to show you.” Although happy with this news news Morrkul couldn’t help wonder how Elana’s preperations of the guest rooms were coming. Especially since they didn’t have any and at least 5 prominent necromancers were arriving any day.

_As the last of the guests left Morrkul couldn’t help think that they needed more room in the covenant. In the end Elena had taken over all available servents quarters and even Praenuntius had been convinved to temporarily move out of his quarters. Still the visit was not without it’s merits. The others had been quit intrigued by Morrkuls taimed revenant and Garrinchuess had even offered to buy him for 20 pawns of vis.

Not certain of the contents of Selenas book Foundations of the Principles, Morrkul descided not to mention it at all. When asked if anything had been recovered from the old covenant Morrkul only mentioned some of Arliandus possesions. He claimed that mostly books on Herbam and faeries had been recovered. He couldn’t escape the feeling that the recovered tekst might hold some secret that was yet to be grasped._

Evening discussions
Praenutius and Morkul was shearing a quiet meal, after hearing what Damianus had discovered during his travels, discussing what next to do. There were many things that required their attention and much to consider. The finer points of the newly approved charter and how Oberon would acquit himself in the role as Disceptator, the mysterious idol in the glad and what the mysterious falling stars could be. Maybe some further investigations were in order? Research at Durenmar? A renewed effort in locating the stars? There were so many possibilities and so many questions that demanded answer, it was difficult to see how they could manage it all. These were indeed exciting times!

Morrkul then went about to check up on Elana’s preperations, instructing her on where to put up extra beds and ensuring that any Tremere guests would receive the best of the accomedations. With plenty of surplus this year in luxury goods, he instructed her in how to transform even small space to a quite satisfactory sleeping place. He then got hold of Anna and asked her to dust off everything in the sanctum as well, and do another round of cleaning. Except the lab of course.
Though he would be showing off some objects of necromantic interest, it should not be said that he was sloppy or had lost his mind in any kind of depraved research.
Soon Morrkul was more than ready to receive his guests.
Next morning Morrkul met with Clemens for a bit of luxury breakfast and a game of Tremere Chess. Natália would take him to see the surrounding area and Anná would no doubt tell him a thing or two more about her spirit encounters than he would care to know.

Spells copied from Fengheld
The scribe returns with many freshly copied lab texts for Treverorums library.
Deadline for spell requests Wednesday th 22nd.

Council Meeting
Seasonal council meetings will have deadlines for motions just like activities. Ideally most council meetings will take place online
Praenuntius suggests the appointment of a Librarius and the purchase of a young pagan slave to begin education as a scribe. He also suggest that teaching this new scribe latin, artes liberales, profession: scribe and magic theory should be a priority as well as teaching Elena Latin, artes liberales and profession: scribe. Perhaps some scholarly type should be recruited to teach covenfolk required skills.
Proposition passed, Praenuntius resumes reponsibilty as Librarius and a slave is purchased.

Damianus Philocrates requests that something is done about the loyalty of the covenfolk, as it might undermine the covenant as a whole.
Loyalty is deemed suffecient and meens are decided for long term increase.

Deadline: Friday the 17th of April
Damianus Philocrates Gains 7 xp in Area Lore: Bohemia through practice.
Morrkul Tiranul forgets to arrange living accomodations for his guests. Invented 7-League Stride.
Praenuntius studies Eating the Flesh for 15 xp in Corpus.
Lucian Procellus studies Principia Hermetica. Gains 18 xp in Magic Theory.
Oberon Valdarus Studies Practical Disintegration.

1221.4 Winter
Winter is coming, Vis sources are discovered

Winter is coming

Damianus looked at the silver ring. It’s powers seemed to have faded now but according to the reports a ritual effect had been activated from within the ring. Such a thing was not possible, he had believed. But clearly the ring had healed grevious wounds that Natália had recieved in combat. A charged item? If only he could discover it’s secrets. Then he would become famous, and rich. Long into the night Damianus sat by the fireplace, contemplating the possibilities.

The charter draft Damianus had written required heavy modification in Praenuntius’ opinion. The Pontifex was too powerful and the council as well. He did not like being ruled and refused a charter that gave someone else so much power over him. Praenuntius began the arderous task of revising the manuscript before him.

Oberon Valdarus casts a 4th magnitude Aegis of the Hearth around the covenenant grounds.

Lucius couldn’t believe his luck. He had recovered the Covenant scrolls of Treverorum, written by the various stewards since its founding in 1113 AD. The scrolls contain the collected wisdom of the three stewards who contributed and their notes on running Treverorum on a daily basis. Lucius couldn´t wait to share this find with his sodales. All he needed now was to somehow convince the Librarians at Durenmar to give him the scrolls before he needs to leave for winter council meeting and the signing of the new charter.

Meeting of the Members of The Council
Deadline for points to the Agenda: Wednesday the 22nd.
-Signing of the Covenant Charter
After some minor alterations the Charter was approved and signed by all members, who are henceforth recognized as full members of the council of Treverorum.
-Appointment of the Disceptator (Chairman of the Council of Members)
Oberon Valdarus was recognized as Disceptator of Treverorum
- Responsibility of harvesting of two Vis sources was appointed

Damianus Philocrates Refines lab and gain 2 xp in Magic Theory through exposure.
Morrkul Tiranul overtager Selenas Laboratorie. Exposure 2: Magic Theory
Praenuntius Studies The Currents of Magic for 21 xp in Vim.
Lucian Procellus Forsætter at lede i Durenmars bibliotek efter Vis sources. Practice Durenmar lore(Library) 5 XP gained.
Oberon Valdarus studies Principia Hermetica for 27 xp in Magic Theory.


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