Forgotten Legacy

1220.3 Autumn


Morrkul Tiranul, den første der ankom tilbage til Durenmar kiggede sig lidt omkring efter nogen der kunne have lyst til et spil skak.
Efter et par spil mod Anna og hvem der nu havde lyst, så var det tid til at undersøge disse mælkebøtte-frø nærmerer. Morkull begave sig runt forskellige steder i Durenmar for at undersøge hvordan vinden påvirkede disse frø, og endnu mere kritisk… hvordan frøene påvirkede vinden!
Imens trænede Natália og Borbak kampteknik. Anna, der ikke kunne fordrage kamp, og sin søsters mærkelige fasination af våben tullede lidt rundt alene på Duenmar for at lede efter venlige spøgelser der måske havde en god historie at fortælle.
Lucian Procellus skriver breve til Gerhart Falken og Maximillian Scheiber for at finde ud af om de er på plads og hvad deres respektive arbejdsgivere ved om Order of Hermes og om det gamle covenant i byen.
Praenuntius spildte ingen unødig tid for overflødige sociale forpligtelser da han ankom til Durenmar. Hele efteråret blev brugt i biblioteket på at studerer grundlæggende principper om Parma Magica. Uanset hvem der havde dræbt hans parens ville han være forberedt på det uundåelige.


Senest 30.11.2013

Morrkul studies Auram Vis
Praenuntius studies Parma Magica in the Great Library; 18 xp gained.
Lucian Procellus studies Finesse in the Great Library.
Damianus Philocrates studies Creo in the Great Library
Sigismund keeps to himself.
Oberon Valdarus is being taugt by Concientia; 12 xp in Durenmar Lore

1220.2 - Summer (part two)

Praenuntius entered The Blue Boar Inn. It seemed nice and cozy with a pleasent atmosphere. A few regulars looked up but paid little notice to him and Ana. “I think I see someone we know” Praenuntius said to Ana, pointing to a table with two out-of-place characters. He walked up to them, grabbed a chair and sat down, “Mind if we join you?” he asked. Oberon Valdarus looked up, “Weren´t you at Durenmar?” he asked quizically. ‘’Yes, during spring. We talked breifly in the library. So who is your friend’’ Praenuntius nodded at the silent armoured figure who shared Oberon´s table. ‘’Forgive my manners, this is Sigismund ex Guernicus. He travelled with me from Durenmar’‘. ’’We have been looking for you’’ Sigismund interrupted, eyeing Ana suspicioulsy. Praenuntius responded to the Quesitors gaze: ‘’This is Ana, an Amici of Morrkul Tiranul, she is quit harmless…and under my protection. But please tell us, what have you learned of this place?’’ They ordered some beer and began to get more aquainted with each other.

The corpse rose suddenly and swiftly, much to Lucian´s surprise, quickly he began muttering an incantation in response. Morrkul suddenly collapsed in pain. “Unngh, this place, much pain” he gasped. Morrkul saw briefly how a black clad figure entered the library, a heavy hood covered his features. “No witnesses!” he hissed as pointed a bony finger towards a skinny librarian. The librarian collapsed in agony. The black-clad figure then proceeded to light the library on fire with a manic laugh.

Meanwhile Borbak was greatly enjoying himself in the nearby brothel, oblivious to the danger his master was in. He had not seen so many skimpily clad crumpets since Vienna. “Petra will do nicely” he told the mistress and handed her some coin. Prague is a nice place he thought to himself and smiled at Petra.

Lucian quickly summoned a gust of wind that pinned the corpse against the ceiling, Morrkul and Natalia stabbed it repeatedly until it stopped moaning. The magi dragged the corpse to the rack they had previously found in a ruined laboratory. Here Damianus used his necromantic powers to question the long dead Revenant. The young magi discovered that the revenant was once Castor the librarian of Treverorum and that he had been killed by a hooded figure wielding hermetic magic. Driven by hatred and a desire for revenge and perhaps something else Castor had become an unquiet dead. The magi finished investigating the Ruins of Treverorum discovering the ancient pagan shrine to Morena and a huge wall painting. In the temple the magi found the ghost of a long dead girl who was murdered by Selena Tibicena when defending herself against attack by the unknown assailants who killed her. Wisely the magi decided not to take the girls bones with her but did promise to give her a decent burial.

After a good nights rest the young magi and their retinue travlelled to Rudaria in order to investigate. They discovered the remains of a long since destroyed manor house and overgrown hops fields. After not being able to find anything but a lvl 2 dominion aura the party quickly left for Rheinstein.

At Rheinstein the magi found out that the covenant ruins were occupied by Lord Robert, the bastard son of Lord Schönburg who rules the surrounding lands. Lucian Procellus conducted a covert investigation and identified a lvl 3 magic aura covering Pfalz Island and several heavily armed bandits/toll-gatherers.

The young magi decided to hold their first council meeting to discuss which site to choose. Praenuntius argued for resettling Oakdell or searching for other sites. Damianus Philocrates and Lucian Procellus voted for Rheinstein while Morrkul Tiranul, Sigismund and Oberon Valdarus voted for settling in Prague. After finally agreeing to resettling Treverorum the young magi split up to find sponsors from the Covenants of the Rhine.

Morrkul Tiranul travelled to Roznov where he met with Severicus who promised to sponsor the new covenant and supply money and other means to rebuild Treverorum. Morrkul then left for Irencillia. Here he experienced a wonderful faerie city in the treetops and met with several magi. Only the magus Iacob had any desire to speak with Morrkul and after a few days decided that a covenant in Prague was not a threat to the fey. After Morkull promised that the party of young magi would seek counsel at Irencillia before conducting buisness with faeries again, he agreed to act as sponsor. Morrkul left for Durenmar soon after.

Praenuntius took the form of a crow and together with Citus they flew towards Waddenzee. After returning to Durenmar they reported that Lucas von Beck, a follower of Flambeau and known Perdo specialist, would gladly sponsor the new covenant on the condition that the young magi support them in an expected case at the next Tribunal. Lucas insists that despite accusations of the contrary, Waddenzee has not broken the Code of Hermes.

Damianus Philocrates, Sigismund and Oberon Valdarus left together towards Magdeburg. Here Oberon left the others and headed towards Fengheld´s main site. Here he met with Dorana a Trianoma Magus and after giving all the right answers to her questions and agreeing to join the Linden Gild, she agreed to sponsor the new covenant.

Damianus Philocrates and Sigismund left Magdeburg and headed towards Lübeck and the covenant of Oculus Septentrionalis. Here they stayed at Das Goldenes Kalban inn and pleasure house run by Imanitos Mendax the only magus in Lübeck either of the two magi had heard about. Imanitos was freindly and forthcoming and quickly agreed to sponsor the new covenant. Damianus expressed concerns that this might be because he did not want him or Sigismund to ask any of the other members of Oculus Septentrionalis for sponsorship.

After a few days in luxury Damianus Philocrates and Sigismund sailed to Rügen in search for Crintera. Almost imediately after landing they were approached by the Archmage Urgen. He agreed to sponsor the new covenant if the magi in return would discover who had been stealing vis from a cave located near the top of Mount Blatnik. Happy the two magi headed back to Durenmar.

Meanwhile Lucian Procellus travelled to Trier in search of the winter covenant Sapientia Aetatum. After speaking with Benjamin and his father little was achieved. Lucian also gave up trying to comunicate with a senile Björnaer and his insane magus friend. Instead he found the newly gauntleted Pantos in a nearby swamp who was eager to sponsor the new covenant in return for nothing more than future friendship.

Lucian then headed to Triamore were the magi were unable to commit at this time and said they would be in touch after winter. Empty handed Lucian returned to Durenmar.

All the young magi met at Durenmar having secured sponsors from most covenants of the Rhine.
Triamore would reply after winter and Dankmar seems impossible to meet with before the Tribunal meeting itself as they are impossible to find and not even redcaps visit them unless in an emergency.


Activites and XP

All magi and companions gain 7 story XP for investigating four potential sites, choosing Prague and finding almost all sponsors.

Remember xp can be used on arts that were used in game and abilities that were used in game and could reasonably have been used “off-game”. Since Parma Magica is used off-game twice a day you can always put story xp in it. And remember no more than 5 xp in a single art or ability.

Praenuntius Uses adventure XP on Parma Magica and Latin
Morrkul Tiranul use Adventure XP on: West Slavonic + Area Lore Prague (Off stage usage) og OoH Lore + Vim (On stage usage)
Lucian Procellus Uses adventure XP on Czech area lore and Terram (2 xp)

1220.2 - Summer
Meeting the Praeco. Ulrike´s mishap. The Oakdell Ruins.

“There is a message for you.” Egbert strolled up to Morrkul Tiranul and handed him the note. “Seems you finally get to meet the Praeco. A bit of warning though, she can be very judgemental at times and expects people to jump at her every whim” with that last remark Egbert left Morrkul with the letter, which he promptly opened.

Salve Sodales
You are hereby summoned before Archmagus Murion, Prima of House Bonisagus, Preaco of the First Tribunal.
You are expected at the Forum of Hermes on the first day of summer at sunrise.

At last a meeting Morrkul thought! Feeling even more important than usual he hurried of to find the others.

The four young magi met with Archmagus Murion in the Forum of Hermes.
She told them that the founding of a new covenant had been descided by the Tribunal,
and several sites of old abandoned covenants had been determined in Bohemia.
Lucian believed this to mean that Murion and a few close friends had descided it to be so. He could not be certain of their motives though.
The party was directed to the great library were tribunal recordings of suitable former covenants had been prepared for reading.
At the great library the young magi discovered that the prepared recordings required several days of sorting through.
Meanwhile some notes from House Mercere were supposed to have been delivered by Ulrike. She had not arrived on time and the librarian was a little worried.
Morrkul together with Praenuntius stayed at the library to sort through the recordings while Lucian, Damianus Philocrates, Borbak and Natália Dimir headed into The Black Forest in search of Ulrike.

After leaving Durenmarthe party travelled through the forest and after a long and hard day of walking the arrived at Gunhilde´s house.
Gunhilde.jpg Gunhilde_s_house.jpg
Gunhilde welcomed the party and offered a warm horribly smelling stew and good night´s rest. Early next morning the party (except Borbak) had more disgusting stew and went on their way.
After a second day of gruelling travel through the woods the party arrived at the stone circle, but one of the stones had slipped down the slope disrupting the magical protection at the campsite. After a brief investigation the party was attacked by a Bogman. The creature paralyzed Borbak and Natalia with fear and jumped on Lucius wounding him heavily. Damianus managed to restore Borbak to his senses and Borbak quickly assulted the Bogman placing his giant poleaxe deep in its chest.

Further investigation revelead som digging tools and Ulrike´s backpack, several small footsteps lead off into the dark.
After a nights rest the party headed off in pursuit.
Ulrike had been captured by goblins and was meant as a sacrifice to the Green Lady of the swamp. From the descriptions given by the goblin leader Ogdok Natalia identified the Green Lady as a type of Faerie vampire the feeds on the fear of the dark forest, and human flesh. The party prepared thouroughly and thanks to Natalia´s knowledge of Vampires The Green Lady was quickly killed off when she arrived to feast on Ulrike.
The party headed back to Durenmar in triumph.

At Durenmar the young magi hooked up in the guesthouse, Morkull and Praenuntius revelead their findings in the library while Lucian and Damianus showed the notes Ulrike had brough from Fengheld.
After a well deserved rest the party descided to head out in the direction of Bamberg to explore the lost covenants.

The party traveled by foot to the city of Rottweil and from there to the Nurenberg-Prague trade route. They quickly found a boat to take them to Bamberg for a small fee.
From Bamberg the party headed north towards Plauen and turned into the forest when they reached the town of Ems. From Ems they headed into the forest and after passing the Village of Herschbach they found the remains of Oakdell. They investigated the site, spoke to the locals, harvested 4 pawns of Auram vis and quickly headed towards Prague.

Arriving in Prague almost two weeks after leaving Durenmar the party quickly found The Blue Boar Inn and the remains of Treverorum. Borbak located an adjacent Brothel and went to investigate while Praenuntius went to the Inn together with Anna Dimir. Morrkul Tiranul and Natália Dimir found an adjacent overgrown and little used graveyard and located the supposed tomb of Selena Tibicena a House Bonisagus necromancer. Meanwhile Lucian Procellus investigated the area while invisible and Damianus Philocrates found a staircase leading down in an abandoned and overgrown garden behind the winestore and inn. Overcome by curiosity he headed down and discovered the underground part of Treverorum. Joined by Lucian Procellus, Morrkul Tiranul and Natália Dimir they proceeded to search the ruined covenant. The party quickly concluded that, whatever had happened the place had not been destroyed by clergy as the tribunal records hinted at but by someone skilled in the arts of destructive hermetic magic. In the library on the second level Lucian Procellus found a corpse and when he poked it, it came alive!
Battle commences!


Morrkul quickly glanced to his fellow magi as he prepared a spell. “Well well, undead creatures, this all seem terribly interesting. I think I could be persuaded to settle here, provided this thing does not tear you fellow sodales apart before I mange to put it down!”

Activites and XP

Praenuntius plans to teach someone or practice spell mastery on the road.
Morrkul Tiranul practice West Slavonic (Czech).
Lucian Procellus talks to people about Czech area lore.

For their ordeal in The Black Forest Lucian, Damianus and Natália each gain 1 confidence point.

1220.1 - Spring
Arriving at Durenmar

Smogg: This is the first season (Spring). I will also try to guide a bit on how we structure the seasons in the log here. I suggest we keep italics for the GM. So mainly Johan will be using that format. In general try focus descriptions on what your characters do and say. Let Johan use italics when he wish to elaborate on something specific. The journal is not meant to consume a lot of time for players who don’t have it, so don’t expect more out of it than what you write yourself. I will make sure to generate the season pages, and I will also help generate and structure journal entries based on actual gaming sessions (which may span more sessions depending on the GM)


Smogg: Here we can get a bit of RP going for those who are up for it. Keep in mind that some players may have more time than others. It’s not mandatory to come up with stuff here, but it will add to the fun

Morrkul Tiranul passed between the two towers in Durenmar. The old covenant was all that he expected, but it had been a long journey from Transylvania. He hoped to find likeminded young magi interested in establishing a solid covenant and with proper backing and contacts like himself. Confident in his mission, he starts to get to know the magi present and search for some fireplace where he can chat a bit while warming himself with some ale, and some bread and cheese.

When Praenuntius arrived the servant was ready to meet him, “Greetings Harbinger, we have expected you.” he said. Praenuntius could never remember his name and didn’t really care. “Bring my things to my usual room” Praenuntius commanded. As the servant scurried to obey Praenuntius made way to the great library. His donation of tractati would grant him several seasons of access to study. If he was going to track down his quarry he needed to expand his capabilities.
“Citus” he called out, the large eagle swooped down and landed nearby. “Find out who the other newcomers are, we need to know if they can be of use to us” Citus flew off as Praenuntius headed towards the library.

“It seems we are being watched” Natália hissed. Borbak‘s hand reflectively moved to the shaft of his large axe. Morkull dismissed their caution with a slight wave of his hand. “The long journey has made you both paranoid. Join me for a game instead” He moved a pawn and awaited her move. ".. and don’t be so surprised there is interest in our arrival. That is what we count on after all"

As Lucian packed his bags with all his belongings in Roznov he was humming to himself as his plans were layed out before him. Sure that Gerhard was already in place where commanded, Lucian set out towards the one place he knew he could find more help, Durenmar. The book he got as a reward for completing his Gauntlet in a most satisfactory manor was first on his list to read, so it could be traded for more insight and access to the wealth of information that is the library of Durenmar. Upon arrival Lucian wastes no time finding out who has the best gossip to better aid his plans. With his head singing with plans and tidbits of information he sits, watches people pass by and sips the excellent beer.

“Good greetings traveler!”, Morrkul joining Lucian with a large mug of beer. “You should try some of this cheese. It is just not something you find to the East”, handing Lucian a sample. “But then after a long travel almost anything is a treat, eh? Well. I am Morrkul Tiranul of House Tremere, I have just arrived from Transylvania, have you heard the rumors of the lost covenants?”. Morrkul is also quick to share the gossip around the Owl and the magus who bought access to the Library already.

Praenuntius arrived at the common room in the guesthouse late that evening. His studies had been quite fruitful and now he needed to rest his head with som wine and cheese.
He quickly spotted the group Citus had talked about. Apparently Citus had been chased off by the pretty lady and was now roaming the forest in search of prey. “How was I to know she didn’t dress like a scamp on purpose?” he had remarked. Somehow Citus always ended up insulting people unkowingly.
Preanuntius headed towards the table. “Morkul and Lucian I presume?” he signalled for his usual order of german wine and some hard cheese. “Mind if I join you?” he asked, seating himself before they had a chance to respond. “I hear you have been asked to found a new covenant, I know because I got the same invite. I just heard Murion intends to send a formal invite to a meating one of these days. We have much to discuss.”
The arrival of the wine and cheese marked the beginning of a lengthy talk that lasted all through the night.

“By all means, do join us. You are expected”. Morrkul reply gesturing towards where Preanuntius is already sitting. “Yes, it is true, I have ventured here with the purpose of setting up a covenant. Your own agenda is most auspicious as it aligns well with mine. I hear there are several potential locations to found a new home.” Morrkul enjoyed the quality cheese and was playing casually with some kind of boardgame where marbles are moved around.
Meanwhile in the forest, Natália was stalking around for pray, whispering to herself “… if I could only get my hands on that bird…” as she readied for another shot.

Ulrike had enjoyed their company greatly these last couple of weeks. The Tremere always seemed so serious compared to the two others, and his morbid remarks were sometimes quit inappropriate. The others were more fun, both were charming and joyous types, although the Flambeau´s complete lack of any sense of humour and total temperence made him for dull company in the long run. If only the Tytalus had had the Tremeres good looks then perhaps…
She finished her eggs and sausage and began to rise. “Leaving already?” Lucian asked.
I am off to Fengheld, apparently I am to retreive some documents from the Mercere house there and bring them to some young magi here at Durenmar. It wouldn´t happen to be you would it?, she answered. “Tell me more of these documents” Morrkul answered immediately. “I have no idea what they are. You will have to wait and find out. See you in a couple of weeks.” Ulrike waved goodbye and left the guesthouse.


Smogg: Characters who wish to perform activities in a given season should log it here. If logged before end of season (last day of September), they may be updated on your character page after the season is over (so during October).

Morrkul plan to study 2 Pawns of Rego Vis during his stay.
Praenuntius plans to study in the The Great Library
Lucian plans to study a tractatus in Rego during the stay.


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