Forgotten Legacy

1222.4 Winter
Oberon the Merchant

Morrkul found himself walking behind two magi, one had a semblence not unlike that of Selena’s ghost only she seemed younger, he did not recognize the other. They walked through the Treverorum council hall heading towards the back and the council table. He seemed to float behind them unable to focus on their words. The other maga opened the secret door and they both entered the hidden passageway. Morrkul floated after them his vision different from the usual ones, more dreamy, more hazy. He followed the two maga who turned right and headed down a long lit passage. With a sudden lurch Morrkul awoke in his bed, dazed he struggled to remember what had been so strange ithad awoken him.

Xantippe’s Manor
At breakfast Morrkul spoke with Lucian and Oberon about his dream. The three magi quickly decided to investigate the tunnels and rightly so. They discovered that there was no tunnel were Morrkul had dreamt of one. And before Morrkul could intervene Lucian had knocked a huge hole with his enchanted pickaxe. A tunnel appeared before them, one that had clearly not been used in decades. They proceeded with caution and after several minutes following the twisting corridor they arrived at a door. After som deliberration they opened it, revealing a circular chamber beyond. Before they could enter strong thorny vines sprouted with tremendous speed from a pedestal in the center of the chamber, completely surrounding the magi. With liberal application of PeHe magics Lucian managed to free them all. The chamber was circular with a small carved wooden box on a pedestal in the center, four doors evenly spaced and a desecated corpse by one door. One side chamber proved to be a ransacked storeroom, while the other resembled a study of some kind. Paintings and drapes depicting the Founders and other famous magi decorated the chamber. The young magi sensed a strength 5 aura in the small chamber.
The mummified remains of the tall magi from Morrkuls vision occupied a chair to the right. The center wall held a writing desk where the ghostly apparation og the long dead magi stood writing, only Lucian Procellus could see him. Lucian talked at length with the dead magi identifying him as Xantippes. He learned that Xantippes had killed one of the uknown assailants but died shortly after from a mortal wound. While aware of his own death the ghost of Xantippes is obsessed with completing his work, writing a tractatus on prniciples lore and spreading its content. Lucian took an oath that he will indeed read Xantippes tome, a copy of which he recieved. The young magi also discovered that Xantippes lighted a candle that began ethereal but solidified after a while. Much to their amazement they discovered it to be a rare source of dedicated vis, being both Vim and Rego vis at the same time, the vis is bound in frankincense that seems to burn forever providing the form and effect bonuses of it’s form should anyone wish to enchant it. They also learned that the vine trap box was triggered by an iron horseshoe that monitored the room. The trigger could be avoided by hanging a token with the Treverorum Sigil on the door prior to opening it.
The young magi left the ghostly magus to his obsessions and conitnued their investigation of the tunnels. After a while they found a sealed entrance to a long abandoned cellar. Lucius promptly destroyed the wall to gain entrance. The abandoned cellar contained the remains of a pillaged laboratory that once belonged to Xantippes. The young magi searched the cellar and the manor above it. It is revealed that it is the same manor which Elena, Natália Dimir and Michael Hahn investigated the previous year during the events of [[1221.3 Autumn. | The night of the living dead]]. The young magi discovered that the cellar and manor house has a magic aura with a strength of 3 but they also found an old groundskeeper, the last person living in the dilapidated manor. Much to their puzzlement they found that the court yard had a magic aura of 4 centered both on an ancient Linden tree and the groundskeeper Wilbur.
After questioning Wilbur thouroughly the young magi discovered that the manor was owned by the heirs to the merchent killed by Brami Rektos. They quickly descided to move fast to secure the premises for Treverorum.

The King’s Court
Using their connections at the court, the young magi discover that Xantippes manor is owned by the heirs to the merchent killed by Brami Rektos. The also found that the dead merchant’s nephew Vlad was imprisoned in the castle dungeons accused of starting a fire in a rivals warehouse. After some investigation they found decided that he was falsely accussed of the crime and his cousins, Berhardt and Jan, had set him up so they could take over his part of the buisness.
Using much guile and subterfuge they gathered evidence and testimony for the coming trial. They also met with Vachlev Obchody whose warehouse had been burnt. Vachlev was invited to a dinner at Treverorum and attended with his family. The meeting was quite productive and they agreed that joint buisness ventures in the future was a possibility.
Oberon defended the accussed Vlad in the King’s court against an elderly and skilled prosecutor. The trial ended with Vlad being found innocent and released from the dungeon, while Jan was found guilty of several crimes and sentenced to exile.

The following months saw Oberon and Treveroums new merchant ally Vlad consolidate their buisness.

Council Meeting
- Damianus requests one pawn of vis from the covenant stores, to create the gift to the Reichsgraf. He needs either Intelligo or Mentem.
- Daminanus claims recompense for covenant work carried out (the Reichsgrafs ring), at the tune of two pawns of vis.
- Praenuntius claims recompose for covenant work carried out restoring Julia’s laboratory.
Praenuntius also anounces that a ward has been placed on the exit from the council chambers preventing anyone without magic resistance from carrying a book across it. This is to prevent theft from the library.
-Tabanus anounces that he has fully restored Julia’s laboratory.

Morrkul, Lucian and Oberon each gain 6 xp and 1 confidence point.
In addition Oberon gains 1 xp in his reputation as a merchant.

Deadline: none
Damianus Philocrates creates a magical ring for the Reichsgraf and gains 2 xp in Goldsmithing.
Morrkul Tiranul
Praenuntius studies Ars Flambonis.
Lucian Procellus reorganizes the lab he found and restores it to working order.
Oberon Valdarus

1222.3 Autumn.
Return to Pfalz Island

Tasked by Archmage Stentorius to investigate the ruins of Rheinstein and report back Morrkul Tiranul has convinced some of his fellow young magi to join him. Oberon Valdarus ever greedy for more power proposes that they take over the Island, declaring it a Chapter House and get rich on the tolls they can extort from desperat merchants. Uncertain of the sanity of this idea Damianus Philocrates instead suggests that they begin investigating the Island and first uncover the ownership relations and investigate who might object to this plan. The young magi agree to travel to Tetschen to investigate the nearby Pfalz island and the ruins of Rheinstein.



Oberon read the letter carefully, his “friend” in Fengheld had delivered once again. “Welcome to Treverorum Brianne, I am sure you will feel at home here.” Brianne looked down at the little man, her new master seemed all right albeit a bit weak. “I look forward to bringing discipline to this rabble, now please direct me to the barracks.” she intoned in heavy German. Oberon looked a bit awkward, “We don’t have any.” he replied. Brianne shook her head, “so much work to do.” Then she walked off looking for the autocrat.

New arrivals

The Covenant is joined by Hilda, a mighty warrior and turb captain from Fengheld and Tabanus ex Guernicus who is accepted as Peregrinator.

Pfalz Island

A party consisting of Oberon, Morrkul, Damianus, Hilda and Borbak head towards Tetschen by boat. Here they learn that Pfalz Island is under the ownership of Freiherr Jürgen Schönburg von Wartenberg. They learn that his bastard son Robert Schönburg collects tolls from riverboats on behalf of his father. The local nobility is also identified, chiefly Graf Dieter II, an expansionistic Graff whose territory borders that of Jürgen Schönburg.
After lengthy discussions the party decide to use magic to disguise themselves and rick Roberts bandit toll-gatherers to attack a merchent vessel ad raid a village on Graf Dieter’s lands. Next Oberon using his merchant persona meets with Jürgen Schönburg to discuss taking oer the toll at Pfalz Island. While the Freiherr consults his councillors the magi begin setting up a trade route and finding trading partners in town.
After a few days the Freiherr summons the young magi to inform them that he will accept their proposal under one condition. They must ensure his marriage with the neighboring Reichgraffs daughter. Oberon agrees to this and the young magi decide to craft two magic items. One for the Reichgraf as a gift from Jürgen and one to Jürgens soon to be fiancé.

Council Meeting

Tabanus the Quesitor arrives at Treverorum requesting a meeting with the Council. Here he ratifies The Covenant Charter. He also investigates the possibly tainted vis. Tabanus states that while no clear taint is visible care should be taken when claiming vis from possible Infernal sources as such can be dangerous. He also orders the witches tome burned imediately.
Afterwards Tabanus officially requests to join Treverorum as a Peregrinator. This is approved by a unanimous council.

Oberon Valdarus announces that he spends the season doing covenant work studying Arliandus’ labtexts.

The adventuring party gains 6 XP and 1 confidence point. Additionally Oberon gains a reputation as a German merchant of 1.

Deadline: 14 July
Damianus Philocrates studies Pricipia Hermetica for 27 xp in Magic Theory.
Morrkul Tiranul Invents Coerse Spirits of the Night from lab text and investigates Pflalz Island.
Praenuntius Travels to Mount Blanik where he spends the season studying 3 pawns Perdo vis and exploring the Regio.
Lucian Procellus reads Lexica Viscera and gains 17 xp in Corpus.
Oberon Valdarus studies a lvl 30 PeIm labtext; learning a Dispelling the Phantom Image and spends 6 story XP.

1222.2 Summer
Burn the Witch

Morrkul was busy in his sanctum when he got word that the rest of the adventuring party had returned. He had been back several days already, but the trek in the foothills south west of Prague had been taxing nonetheless, there was still able time left to do some meaningful work in lab though. He smiling to himself as he went to meet them…

Oberon and Preanuntius could relate that the black cat had proven to be some sort of magical beast, as it had started talking to them after a few days. It could relate a sorry tale of how it had been caught and tormented by the witch Atharaxa, and had been spared a fate worse than death by the magi’s timely intervention. Very grateful the cat was keen to come and live at the covenant.

Yet again more questions had been posed than answered…

What to do with the cat? Was the witch’s vis tainted and dangerous? Who should harvest the ignem vis from the Brimstone Font and how much was available? What was contained in the witch’s tome or should it be destroyed? And what of the encrypted letters?

Throughout the season Oberon was caught in a flurry of mail correspondence regarding the stone idol, taking precious time from his other activities, but he refused to let his work suffer for it. One missive was of particular interest. It read:

“…the people of old worshipped the idol in several ways, but one of the main rituals was carried out a midnight at the Vernal equinox. The worshippers entered the glade with their heads bowed in supplication, and it was forbidden to raise ones eyes to meet the statue, and a gift was laid at the at the idols feet. The next full moon the worshippers would return to receive the idols blessings…”

Again more questions! Was there any requirement on the number of supplicants? What was supposed to be gifted to the idol? And what was meant by blessings?

So very frustrating!

Council Meeting
Damianus puts forth that it should be discussed and decided on what to do with the assorted items and animals that were recovered at the witch’s cabin.
Morrkul befriends the car, who is named sneak.
The possibly tainted vis is distributed.
It is descided that Morrkul writes to Tabanus to ratify our Charter and seek legal counsel on the witch’s vis and tomes.

Damianus puts forth a proposal that something should be done about the Dandilion vis source, before it is claimed by someone else, either for a reward or in some other way.
It is decided to write to Horst ex Mercere in Fengheld to request a list of vis sources in the Thuringian forest and lay claim to our own sources.

Damianus announces that he gained four pawns of auram vis from the Sowers Field. This being in relation to his request for payment for a season spent searching for vis for the covenant.

Praenuntius announces that he spends the seaon doing covenant work repairing Juliana’s laboratory.

Damianus Philocrates studies Principia Hermatica for 27 xp in magic theory.
Morrkul Tiranul study Rego Vis
Praenuntius repairs Julia’s laboratory and spends story XP.
Lucian Procellus reads The magas shield and gains 12 xp (9 for bog og 3 for booklearner) in Magic Theory.
Oberon Valdarus gets aquainted with his new laboratory; gaining 3 xp in magic theory.

1222.1 Spring

Investigating the countryside

Damianus had acted upon the legends discovered by Lucian in the library of Durenmar and the observations made by Praenuntius of shooting stars falling to ground somewhere south east of Prague. He has spent the spring season in search of these accompanied by his servant Vladislav and one of the more sturdier grogs. During his travels he had discovered that the legends were indeed true, but was unable to discover any of the fabled stones, maybe with a bit more luck or more time, the search would prove bountiful? In his travels he also happened upon a local tale of a Shaman who was struck by lightning while sowing seeds in his field, many many years ago, and since then the field had remained fallow and is hit by lightning during spring every year. In a scorched patch in the field, Damianus discovered what appeared to be a source of Auram vis, yielding 5 pawns each spring in the form of crystals dug from the ground.

A morbid gathering
Meanwhile, Morrkul’s first visitor had arrived. Clemens looked sternly at Morrkul, pondering his next move, he hadn’t faced an opponent of such skill in many decades. “I see your ability to carry out instructions from the House are far surpassed by your mastery of chess dear Morrkul.” He sipped the fine wine and sampled the fresh fruit. “I have been instructed to tell you that if the Exarch does not recieve your report on Pfalz Island before winter someone else will be tasked with the assignment.” The fact that Clemens had used Stentorius’ formal title did not go past Morrkul. It served to remind him of his place in the house heriarchy. “He will have his report in due time Clemens, no need to worry.” Morrkul recalled his conversation with Daria 6 months earlier and here comments on Stentorius stern hand. Satisfied with Morrkuls answer Clemens’ mood lightened, his recent chess defeat forgotten. “And now Morrkul on to something more cheerful, I have a most pecuilar corpse to show you.” Although happy with this news news Morrkul couldn’t help wonder how Elana’s preperations of the guest rooms were coming. Especially since they didn’t have any and at least 5 prominent necromancers were arriving any day.

_As the last of the guests left Morrkul couldn’t help think that they needed more room in the covenant. In the end Elena had taken over all available servents quarters and even Praenuntius had been convinved to temporarily move out of his quarters. Still the visit was not without it’s merits. The others had been quit intrigued by Morrkuls taimed revenant and Garrinchuess had even offered to buy him for 20 pawns of vis.

Not certain of the contents of Selenas book Foundations of the Principles, Morrkul descided not to mention it at all. When asked if anything had been recovered from the old covenant Morrkul only mentioned some of Arliandus possesions. He claimed that mostly books on Herbam and faeries had been recovered. He couldn’t escape the feeling that the recovered tekst might hold some secret that was yet to be grasped._

Evening discussions
Praenutius and Morkul was shearing a quiet meal, after hearing what Damianus had discovered during his travels, discussing what next to do. There were many things that required their attention and much to consider. The finer points of the newly approved charter and how Oberon would acquit himself in the role as Disceptator, the mysterious idol in the glad and what the mysterious falling stars could be. Maybe some further investigations were in order? Research at Durenmar? A renewed effort in locating the stars? There were so many possibilities and so many questions that demanded answer, it was difficult to see how they could manage it all. These were indeed exciting times!

Morrkul then went about to check up on Elana’s preperations, instructing her on where to put up extra beds and ensuring that any Tremere guests would receive the best of the accomedations. With plenty of surplus this year in luxury goods, he instructed her in how to transform even small space to a quite satisfactory sleeping place. He then got hold of Anna and asked her to dust off everything in the sanctum as well, and do another round of cleaning. Except the lab of course.
Though he would be showing off some objects of necromantic interest, it should not be said that he was sloppy or had lost his mind in any kind of depraved research.
Soon Morrkul was more than ready to receive his guests.
Next morning Morrkul met with Clemens for a bit of luxury breakfast and a game of Tremere Chess. Natália would take him to see the surrounding area and Anná would no doubt tell him a thing or two more about her spirit encounters than he would care to know.

Spells copied from Fengheld
The scribe returns with many freshly copied lab texts for Treverorums library.
Deadline for spell requests Wednesday th 22nd.

Council Meeting
Seasonal council meetings will have deadlines for motions just like activities. Ideally most council meetings will take place online
Praenuntius suggests the appointment of a Librarius and the purchase of a young pagan slave to begin education as a scribe. He also suggest that teaching this new scribe latin, artes liberales, profession: scribe and magic theory should be a priority as well as teaching Elena Latin, artes liberales and profession: scribe. Perhaps some scholarly type should be recruited to teach covenfolk required skills.
Proposition passed, Praenuntius resumes reponsibilty as Librarius and a slave is purchased.

Damianus Philocrates requests that something is done about the loyalty of the covenfolk, as it might undermine the covenant as a whole.
Loyalty is deemed suffecient and meens are decided for long term increase.

Deadline: Friday the 17th of April
Damianus Philocrates Gains 7 xp in Area Lore: Bohemia through practice.
Morrkul Tiranul forgets to arrange living accomodations for his guests. Invented 7-League Stride.
Praenuntius studies Eating the Flesh for 15 xp in Corpus.
Lucian Procellus studies Principia Hermetica. Gains 18 xp in Magic Theory.
Oberon Valdarus Studies Practical Disintegration.

1221.4 Winter
Winter is coming, Vis sources are discovered

Winter is coming

Damianus looked at the silver ring. It’s powers seemed to have faded now but according to the reports a ritual effect had been activated from within the ring. Such a thing was not possible, he had believed. But clearly the ring had healed grevious wounds that Natália had recieved in combat. A charged item? If only he could discover it’s secrets. Then he would become famous, and rich. Long into the night Damianus sat by the fireplace, contemplating the possibilities.

The charter draft Damianus had written required heavy modification in Praenuntius’ opinion. The Pontifex was too powerful and the council as well. He did not like being ruled and refused a charter that gave someone else so much power over him. Praenuntius began the arderous task of revising the manuscript before him.

Oberon Valdarus casts a 4th magnitude Aegis of the Hearth around the covenenant grounds.

Lucius couldn’t believe his luck. He had recovered the Covenant scrolls of Treverorum, written by the various stewards since its founding in 1113 AD. The scrolls contain the collected wisdom of the three stewards who contributed and their notes on running Treverorum on a daily basis. Lucius couldn´t wait to share this find with his sodales. All he needed now was to somehow convince the Librarians at Durenmar to give him the scrolls before he needs to leave for winter council meeting and the signing of the new charter.

Meeting of the Members of The Council
Deadline for points to the Agenda: Wednesday the 22nd.
-Signing of the Covenant Charter
After some minor alterations the Charter was approved and signed by all members, who are henceforth recognized as full members of the council of Treverorum.
-Appointment of the Disceptator (Chairman of the Council of Members)
Oberon Valdarus was recognized as Disceptator of Treverorum
- Responsibility of harvesting of two Vis sources was appointed

Damianus Philocrates Refines lab and gain 2 xp in Magic Theory through exposure.
Morrkul Tiranul overtager Selenas Laboratorie. Exposure 2: Magic Theory
Praenuntius Studies The Currents of Magic for 21 xp in Vim.
Lucian Procellus Forsætter at lede i Durenmars bibliotek efter Vis sources. Practice Durenmar lore(Library) 5 XP gained.
Oberon Valdarus studies Principia Hermetica for 27 xp in Magic Theory.

1221.3 Autumn.
Night of the living dead

After the Meeting og the First Tribunal the young magi of Treverorum split up. Morrkul Tiranul was the first to leave. He travelled directly to Roznov together with Istvan, Rastvan Castellum, Sicero, Clemens, Daria La Gris, Hygwald Veritas, Eberhard Lehmann and Severicus. All except Severicus had been ordered to assist Rastvan in his laboratory during the autumn season. The exact nature of the work had been kept secret, but each magus had been given a text written by an ancient Tremere Magus with a specialty in fortifications.
Damianus Philocrates was the next to leave. He travelled together with Tim the Enchanter who was heading to Vienna to meet an old friend, and buissness partner.
Praenuntius and Lucian Procellus stayed at Durenmar to study magic and consult the records of House Mercere, hoping to gain clues to identifying vis sources once claimed by the former members of Treverorum.

“Perhaps you should consult the correspondences section on the first floor. I believe Valmongtha was an avid source of the latest trade information in that particual period of the last century” the librarian told Lucian Procellus. Three weeks had passed so far and little information had he gained. At least he was getting more familliar with the place Lucian told himself on the way to the correspondences section. Piles upon piles of personal letters that had somehow found their way to The Great Library awaited his scrutiny. So far he had confirmed that Arliandus harvested Muto vis in the form of newly formed ice in fresh water and this happened in late autumn in the coming of winter. He had also dicovered that The ghostly coins containing Mentem vis were harvested at some ancient pagan site named Bojovník Ùdolí and that Arliandus had bought a silver trumpet from a Verditius for use in gathering the vis. He was certain that more information would be revealed in time.

Meanwhile somewhere in the halls of Roznov Morrkul sat in the shadows contemplating the great project Rastvan had initiated. Apparently an old lab text written by Hermanus had been uncovered. It explained the construction of a powerful magical item, several examples of which were known to be placed at key points at Coeris. The exact nature of the device had been lost knowledge for decades, but at last, this piece of the Forgotten Legacy of Hermanus ex Tremere had been recovered. Morrkul was proud to be part of the team that would build a new device for the fist time since Hermanus himself had made one. The fact that so many magi were required to match the long dead magus´ power was a testament to his greatness and the power of House Tremere.

Morrkul was interrupted in his thoughts by Daria La Gris. “Here you are, I hope I am not interrupting your Solitude Morrkul?” “Not at all.” he replied politely, sensing that her disarming smile was more that of an accomplished politician than a good friend. “Glorious to behold isn’t it? The accomplishments of a unified House are vastly superior to those of ill-organized rabble. Odd though that one so young as Rastvan is the driving force behind this latest display of our superiority.” she looked at Morrkul, studied his body language for hints of emotiona response. She continued with a whisper “Have you noticed that all significant work the last three decades in this Tribunal, was conducted under the initiative of young magi lacking their Sigil? While our strict structure is vital for the strength of our House we must always be careful to to ensure that our leadership doens’t lack vision. One could almost think of the blind adherence to tradition the Oak Gild clings to as the very epitome of visionless leadersip.” She sipped some wine while letting her words sink in before she continued. “But don’t let my words affect your choice of Gild. You must choose from your heart and follow your own path. The path of blind obediance, adherence to tradition and lack of vision is a perfectly valid choice for many. If your path takes you elsewhere seek me out. Then we may have something to talk about.” As with perfect timing the lunch bell chimed then, “Perhaps we should get a bite to eat my dear Morrkul.” Daria inquired.

Night of the living dead

Michael Hahn sneaked quitly through the shadows. Bertram was in front of him, moving faster than Michael thought prudent. The graveyard was up ahead, its entry vaguely visible through the fog. They reached the ancient walls and stopped for a moment to make sure no one was watching. Bertram pried open the rusty iron gate and snuck in, Michael close behind. “His grave is on the left, against the wall, no name only a date 31. Oktober 1151” Bertram snapped back “I know the instructions, just keep watch, I will dig”
Michael listened carefully, a nearby construction site was the only cause of concern, several workers slept in the half finished manor and they needed time to dig. Soon the silver would be theirs, not to mention the reward for the skull their employer had offered.

Elana looked at the accident site again. She galled at the incompetence at some of the hired workers, three dead because of a poorly bound tackle. She had scolded that damned architect and he had only responded that it was not her place to question his work and that she should instead take care of the corpses and ensure a sleeping place for the replacements. Those poor bastards would be buried soon enough, perhaps in the neighboring cemetery if they could find a priest. Elana remembered the wandering Franciscan monk she spoke with a couple of days ago. Perhpas he could perform the rites in exchange for a donation. “Cover the corpses and put them by the cemetery.” she ordered. Two teamsters grudgingly obliged her. Elana walked off as she pondered her new life. Climbing to the top of the strangers new manor hierarchy was not a bad idea, soon she would finally get the respect she truly deserved.


Bertram started digging, the dirt was soft. Michael kept an eye out for trouble but stayed close, curious to what they would uncover. After about 10 minutes of digging the shovel hit something hard and they hastily sought to uncover the coffin beneath. They looked at each other, shortly Bertram greadily removed the rotting lid expecting to find the silver their employer had told them was there. “Do you see anything?” Michael asked?. They looked, The corpse resembled the mummified remains of a tall man. His once fine clothing long since rotted away, he still wore several tarnished silver braces and a silver medallion around his neck. But strangest of all was that into his mouth was jammed a large nugget of what looked like lead. “What do you think?” Bertram asked. “Dunno, lets split the silver now” was the gready reply. “I’m not lugging a large lump of lead around” Bertram countered while he handed Michael three silver wristbands. He proceeded to removed the lead lump. “Be careful you fool, he wants the head intact.” “It’s a dried century old head you ass, they don’t come intact.” Bertram retorted and plucked the lump from the mouth. A chill went through the air,and a wind picked up. “I got a bad feeling about this.” Michael whispered. Suddenly a low rumble sounded, gradually building up crescendo until it became a dark, low hollow chuckle. “I live” something said and without warning a hand stuck up and grabbed Bertram by the throat. “How ironic that you should be the one to release me Hansi, the reward for your betrayal shall be an eternity of suffering.” With those words the dried corpse opened it’s mouth and sucked the life out of Bertram. His scream was unhallow, that of a terrified sinner knowing repentence is too late. Michael watched petrified as the life was sucked out of his friend, it almost seemed that the corpse looked fresher now. Bertram was cast aside, he landed with a thump on the ground but quickly stirred, a soft moan escaped him. The corpse thing turned towards Michael, red glowing orbs in a sunken hollow of dried flesh stared at him. “Well hellow there, you must be dessert.” the thing uttered with a raasping sound. Michael ran, ran as he had never run before, he headed towards the building site, hoping someone could help him or at least delay the thing so he could escape.

Michael fled towards Treverorum pursued by walking dead, three guards were caught by surprise and killed by the newly raised victims of yesterdays acident. Elana and Natália Dimir were alerted to the undead intruders. Elana ordered som guard thugs to seal the entrance while Natália scouted the courtyard. Brami Rektos surprised the party killing a guard and forcing an unholy obsession with corpse defilement upon the others. He then entered Treverorum and forved his way to the temple to Morena. Here he riased more undead who fled with a strange white stone. The party tried setting the dead on fire resulting in a swarm of burning animated long dead corpses rampaging through the covenenant. Meanwhile Anna Dimir released Castor the undead librarian, fuelled by a mindless devotion to the inhabitants of Treverorum Castor crushed the walking dead in droves. The party was then attacked by two deathhounds who covered their masters escape. The party then investigated the temple of Morena and encountered the ghost of Selena Tibicena. Selena told them that Brami had been defeated some 70 years ago and his awakening was most horrible. His intention was to kill the descendents of the 5 people who betrayed and murdered him. The party recovered 8 rings from the corpse of Selena and used some of them to heal their wounds.

The next day the party identified Elana, a local priest and Bertram as three of the descendents and a murdered leather worker as the fourth. With the aid of Brother Marcus, the priest was convinced to go into hiding for a while. Michael and Elana found the grave of Hansi, Bertrams great grandfather and during the night Michael uncovered a magic sword from it. Also the merchant descendent was murdered. With only two descendents left the part set a trap for Brami in the local church. Armed with a recently crafted slayer weapon and Hansi’s enchanted sword the party confronts Brami. Thanks to the prayers of Brother Marcus Bramis’ lesser demonic allies cannot aid him. After a brutal battle Brami is finally weakened enough for the slayer sword to finish him off. He is beheaded and once again buried, surrounded by garlic and his head stuffed with lead.
The dead rest easily again anf thanks to our heroes a great evil was once again defeated in Prague.

Natália, Elena and Michael gain 6 xp each.
Natália gains 2 confidence points.

Deadline: 05.10.14 for hvornår i ikke længere kan notere Activities som kræver en gaming session.
Study halløj og lignende ting som eksempelvis :“Jeg læser en bog.” har ingen reel deadline men bør være klarlagt når næste session begynder.
Damianus Philocrates Hurries home and finishes constructing his lab “The Forge of Philocrates”, and gain 2 xp in Magic Theory in the process.
Morrkul Tiranul hjælper Tremere med lab activities.
Praenuntius stays at Durenmar studying Perdo in The Great Library, 30 xp gained.
Lucian Procellus forbliver og besøger Mercer house for at finde ud af vis sources som Treverorum havde den gang eller som magi derfra havde. Practice Durenmar Lore 5 xp gained.
Oberon Valdarus studies Principia Hermetica for 27 xp in MAgic Theory.

1221.2 The Meeting of the First Tribunal of the Rhein
The Founding of Treverorum and other schemes.

In early summer of 1221, the first visitors begin arriving at Durenmar for the upcoming Tribunal. The first arrivals get quarters in the Durenmar Guesthouse. The rest camp in the Tribunal Fields.


Praenuntius enjoyed the summer sun, sipping some chilled wine he watched the newcomers together with Egbert. “Any idea who that is?” he asked Egbert. “I believe it is Signum Irruptus, a seeker from house Criamon, I almost didn’t recognize hime without his arm.” Signum Irruptus headed for the great library, oblivious to his observers. Praenuntius had been able to stay in his current room at the guesthouse and had even reserved another room for some other member of Treverorum. Both rooms had required Certamén to keep, through sheer luck he had defeated two challengers and this had so far discouraged others. He had no doubt however, that soon more mature challengers would arive demanding the spare room.

A fight for the right to a room

Morrkul Tiranul, Lucian Procellus and Damianus Philocrates arrived at Durenmar three days before the opening of the Tribunal meeting. It was a sunny day, typical of this years excellent summer. They had travelled hastily from Prague, having been unexpectently delayed a month after stumbling upon a gateway to the magic realm itself.
Citus landed before them as soon as they had passed the Mill. “We are much concerned with your lack of effort.” Citus told the young magi. “Praenuntius requires your prescence in the guest house post haste! Don’t tally further”. Lucian´s response was quick, “I don’t take orders from poultry!”, with those words he left the others, heading in the opposite direction. Damianus shrugged, “Well I’m curious, let’s go”. He headed towards the guest house and Morrkul followed in short order. The two young magi arrived at The Durenmar Guesthouse to witness a heated debate between Praenuntius and two other magi. “You can´t possibly claim two rooms for yourself you arrogant twat!” exclaimed a young skinny looking fellow in fine black clothing. “But I’m not, one of the rooms is his.” responded Praenuntius and pointed towards Morrkul whom had just entered the room.
Morrkul was challanged to Certamen by Carolus Furax, a young Tytalus peregrinator. Carolus defeated Morrkul but was in turn defeated by Istvan. Istvan offered to share his new double room with Morrkul, stating that house Tremere looks after it’s own.
Praenuntius told Damianus that he had had an extra bed installed in his quarters if he needed a place to sleep. Damianus accepted and moved his stuff inside.
Having found lodgings for the duration of the Tribunal the three young magi headed out to explore the amazing hermetic fair that had sprung up on the usually empty Tribunal Fields of Durenmar.

Exploring the Tribunal fair and fields. The first three days.

While many magi stay in large tents as well as the Guesthouses, a few stick out. The young magi noticed the temporary magically constructed manor house of Igor Rastvan, the camping grounds of Crintera, chapter house of Fengheld and the enchanted tree of Irencillia.
Also a large feasting area with constant servings of deliciuos foods and drink is set up close to the guesthouse. This area is the social centre of the gathering and has the feel of a bavarian beerfest. There is also a large area with tents and stalls where magi can trade in arcane items.

The young magi spent some time gathering hearsay and rumours. They discovered that Waddenzee and Occulus Septentrionalis are close to war as the former has plundered resources of the latter including a huge enchanted ship built by Marcus Navicularius. All under the guise of mundane piracy. The young magi decided that instead of choosing sides they would try to reconcile the two covenants and settle a peace treaty. Damianus Philocrates met with Marcus at the Forge of Verditius and heard his side of the story. Meanwhile Morrkul met with both Hygwald Veritas and Henri de Tours. Morrkul discovered that a possible solution could be to convince Oculus septentrionalis to pay Waddenze for escort services in return Waddenzee would return some stolen property. Morrkul unsuccesfully attempted to convince the Tribunal Senior Quesitor Archmage Caecilius to oversee the negotiations, but was dismissed outright. Instead he turned his attention to Tabanus a young Guernicus Quesitor.
Together the two called for a settlement meating between Henri de Tours and Hygwald Veritas. After several succesful Intrigue, Order of Hermes Lore, Guile and Code of Hermes skill checks Morrkul managed to get both covenants to agree on a peace treaty. The rumour of this deed quickly spread earning Morrkul a reputaion as a skilled negotiator.

The young magi also met with Pantos their sponsor from Sapientia Aetatum. He introduced them to his Mater Archmage Ambrosius. Ambrosius turned out to be a rather pleasent old fellow with a keen interest in magical regios and auras. The young magi decided to tell him about their journey to the magic realm. Ambrosius was very surpised and offered to help with further knowledge and aid if the young magi decide to return more prepared. Ambrosius also asked about any regios or auras in cities that the young Magi might have discovered and offered to help should they want to know more about Conciatta of Bonisagus and the The Murial of Conciatta.

The market

Meanwhile Damianus explored the market place where several characters had set up shop.

  • Tim the Enchanter has a stall where he sells all manor of explosive devices, traps, fireball wands, bombs, exploding cuttlery, fireball wands, exploding statues, fireball wands and so forth.
  • Concientia sells a huge assortment of different items and special lab texts. She also has a low level vim summae and creo summae for sale as well as some tractati.
  • Ludmilla from Roznov has a stall where she sells all sorts of books. The young magi bought Stones of the World for a few pawns of vis.
  • Gudrun Tigurina the keeper of the forge of Verditius has a stall. Items of all sorts can be bougth here.
  • Ricardus Caespuus sells plants, books on Herbam and lab texts.
  • Pantos sells lab texts and low level summae as well as trading Muto vis.
  • Oskar the Sword sells enchanted weapons and armour.
  • Hachim al’Khalejj is selling his old enchanted armillary sphere.
  • Peter von Würzburg has a stall selling enchanted wines.
  • Also there are stalls representing Fengheld, Irencillia and Triamore as well as Durenmar. These all sell and buy books, both arcane and mundane.
Socializing and a gathering of morbid fellows

The young magi encountered many fellow magi and somehow wound up dining with Petra, Beachleaf, Balastor and Larinda. All three were curious wilderness enthusiasts with a slight civilazation challenge. The most extreme being Balastor who wore no clothing and communicated mainly with grunts. The young magi talkedextensively with Larinda about possible sponsorship. She explained that only Schadrit could sponsor them and that she would arrive soon.

After some discreet questioning, Morrkul was invited to a gathering of necromancers held at night in the forest. Here he met with Inger, Clemens, Lucas von Beck, Mortimus, Garrinchuess and Theoderich of Augsburg. The meeting lasted for an hour and was surprisingly lighthearted and humouros. In the end they all agreed to meet in spring at Treverorum were Morrkul Tiranul would show them an interesting specimen he had found in the old ruins beneath Prague. At the meeting Morrkul also discovered that Treverorum could quite possibly have been the sanctum of Bellephon of Prague. He also noticed that several of the others discreetly inquired about any findings of necromantic interest, especially if any work of Julia or Selena Tibicena had been found.

The final sponsorships

The young magi also secured the sponsorship of Triamore as both Daria La Gris and Tim the Enchanter will sponsor in return for support in a vis stealing case that will be brought before tribunal.
Finally Morrkull managed to meet with Schadrit who questioned the young Tremere extensively. After succesful faerie lore and etiquette checks Schadrit agreed to sponsor Treverorum under the condition that no magi from Treverorum would vote in support of Durenmar during the Tribunal.
The young magi also met with Urgen and updated him on the stolen vis. He will uphold his sponsorship and confirmed that the newly discovered vis source had belonged to Arliandus.

Meeting of Tremeres

Exarch Stentorius called for a meeting of all members of house Tremere. Here several house plots and plans were discussed. The recon of Pfalz Island was brought up as well as the lab work of Rastvan Castellum. Morrkul Tiranul was once again introduced to Clemens, Stentorius right-hand man and several other Tremere Magi. Morrkul learned several things at the meeting. Stentorius rules with an iron hand and tolerates little deviance from his ultra conservative views on how the Tribunal should be run. Severicus may have established himself in the Rhein Tribunal under guidance from senior Tremere magi in Transylvania who are politically in disagreament with Stentorius. Morrkul also learned that Daria La Gris is disliked by both Stentorius and Severicus for having joined a gild other than the Oak Gild. Daria has voiced her opinion to Morrkul that the Tremere leadership in the Rhein is visionless, without a clear focus and sliding into winter. She also seemed completely indifferent to her alienation from the House leadership in the Rhein, her only open support coming from her filius Eberhard Lehmann.

An auction

An auction was held by Caprea on an enchanted sword recovered from the ruins of Lethra covenant. Among the bidders were Oskar the Sword, Eberhard Lehmann, Severicus, Boris of Novgorod, Tim the Enchanter and Elo. The auction winner was Oskar whith a final bid of 21 pawns of vis.
The young magi decided not to interfere or attempt to scare away bidding competitors with false rumours of a cursed sword.

The Tribunal

The tribunal meeting itself lasted 3 days.
On the first day the matter of new covenants was discussed, much to everyones surprise the Ash Gild announced the formation of a covenant led by Darius ex Flambeau located in a magic regio. Afterlengthy discussions it was agreed to acknowledge the three new covenants as the first point but give the traditional gifts an the final day.
Dorana suggested that the Praeco should be the oldest magus in the tribunal and not the leader of Durenamr, as is custom in all other tribunals. It was agread to select a commitee to determine who the oldest magus is and present their findings on the next tribunal meeting.
As the last point on the first day Oclus Septentrionalis was accused by the Ash Gild of ailing their duty to comabt the Order of Odin. They were found innocent as a majority egreed that their very presence in the region was a threat to the Order of Odin.

On the second day Crintera asked for help against the christian invasion of Rügen. The tribunal descided to wait and send some vis to replace loses due to christian raids of pagan temples.
Also a vis dispute between Triamore and Carolus Furax was settled. Later Furax sold knowledge about the vis source to Lucian Procellus who sold it to Triamore.

On the last day Tolides was accused of using magic to mine silver in Kutna Hora south east of Prague. He was narrowly aquitted with the support of Treverorum.
Dankmar was accused of violating the code by murdering priests. But since no evidence of direct involvement or any survivors were proved they were found innocent but warned to be more subtle in the future.
Lastly Persephone from Irenciliia was accused of endangering the Order by attracting
the attention of the church by converting many peasents to paganism. She was with the help of the young magi found innocent but warned to keep a low profile and forbidden from actively converting any more peasents for the next 7 years.

At the end of the meeting the gifts were presented to the three new covenants by the standing coenants of the Rhine Tribunal. And a large party was held.

Founding Gifts

Durenmar Prima Murion presented the Young Magi with a copy of Principia Hermetica by Bonisagus.
Crintera Archmage Urgen presented two tractati,

Morrkul Tiranul gained a reputaion score of 1 as a skilled negotiator (Order of Hermes). As well as 1 confidence point.
Damianus Philocrates gained 1 confidence point.
Lucian Procellus gained 1 confidence point.
1221.2 Summer

The summer of 1221 A.D. was especially warm in Bohemia. Combined with good rains this resulted in an excellent harvest prognosis and generally lifted spirits among the peasents.
Der er Tribunal om sommeren som bliver dækket af en seperat journal entry. I skal notere hvad i vil om sommeren, Tribunal deltagelse skal noteres og hvis i vil noget som kræver en session så noter det inden deadline.

Urgen’s Vis
Archmage Urgen had told Damianus Philocrates that Crintera would only sponsor Treverorum if the young magi identified the person who had stolen vis from a cave on Mount Blanik som 50 miles south of Prague. Now it was about time the young magi kept their part of the bargain.
Borbak looked at the gathering expedition, himself he had no doubts about, but he knew that none of the three magi possesed the athletics required for the long journey up the mountain. Borbak knew that Morrkul Tiranul was not terribly used to travelling, and despite his obviously pathetic build Damianus Philocrates seemed to be quite enduring, apparently the long hours he had spent at the forges during his apprenticeship had left their mark. Borbak also knew, that while Lucian Procellus’ athletic capabilities left much to desire, the magus would never admit anything but supreme confidence in his own capabilities. Borbak hoped he wouldn’t have to carry any of them.

Morrkul Tiranul couldn’t shake the feeling of being watched, gathering his belongings and heading for the courtyard, he got the distinct feeling he was forgetting something.
His vision came suddenly and without warning, Borbak hurried to his master’s side. He caught Morrkul before he landed on the stone steps, guarding his master Borbak waited patiently.
- A small robed person emerged suddenly in the darkness of the cave. It was as if he suddenly popped into existence, stepping through a teer in reality. He scans his surroundings, a small irregular cave, two exits. In the centre a small plinth with a bowl on top, five similar plinths stood in a circle around the centre. He finds a lantern, seemingly burning without fire, paintings on the walls, primitive, ancient, pre-dating any source of writing. He removes his hood, revealing a series of tatoos covering his face. He visits each of the six bowels in turn and takes something. Examining the objects he smiles and leaves through one of the exits. –
Morrkul awoke, “Help me up Borbak”.

The party traveleld for two days to a large village at the foot of Mount Blanik. Here they spoke with the locals and convinced Father Luciano and Sir Hugo that they were pilgrims on their wat to the holy cave of Saint Dagobert I. Impressed with the visitors Sir Hugo invited the party to dine with him for the evening. After a hearty meal the party slept in the breweries hayloft.
Well-rested the party set off for the monestary on the slopes of the “mountain”. Hiking for hours in the baking summer heat had it’s toll on some but eventually they all arrived safely at the monestary of Saint Dagobert. Here Lucian cleverly avoided mass while the others prayed to the almighty God and recieved The Lords blessing. Guided by a sheperds boy the party arrived at the hole cave of Saints Dagobert I and Wenceslas. After the guide left, the party investigated the small cave. Here they found a wooden cross and a strong divine aura. Lucian felt very uneasy and began sensing the wrath of God, he left hurriedly before the visions of his impending Hell began. Meanwhile Morrkul knelt and prayed to God and the Saints, Feeling the love of God wash over him he left the caved refreshed and 1 confidence point richer.

The party decided to continue up the mountain. Here they were attacked by a giant black bear that chased them away. Lucian decided to attempt combating the bear but fled when he discovered thta he was completely unable to penetrate the beasts formidable magic resistance.
After an hours search the party found a way around the beast and arrived at the top of the mountain. Here they spent some time wondering what to do. Soon they were approached by Petra, a young beautiful Maga of House Björnär. She guided them through a Regio boundary and into a higher level. Here Mount Blanik was suddenly much taller and grander. Hiking further up the mountain the party were guided to a series of small caves, here the entered a deeper regio level and saw the bear cave were the Vis was stolen from. Exploring the area they found a strange cave matching the description Morrkul had given from his vision. They also found a ruined pagan site of worship to Stribog, god of wind and mountain tops. After much thought the bargained with Petra for Muto and Perdo vis. They placed one of each type of technique vis in the five pedestals and opened the way to a level 10 regio.
In this regio the pagan shrine was in fully functioning condition, as if never abandoned. After spending som time here Lucian felt he could see ghosts of pagan worshippers and unknowingly guided the party into the magic realm.
Finding themselves in a auram vestige the part ywas much confounded. The eventually discovered that they could step deeper into the magic realm and entered a boundary with strong connections to auram. The found themselves on a plateau surrounded by clouds and winds. In the distance they could see many other plateaus and mountain tops. They harvested 2 pawns of Auram vis and after much debate Morrkuls discipline won through and he convinced Damianus that exploration of the magic realm was wisest to do after more preparation.
Lucian discovered that finding the way back to the mundane realm was not as easy as entering the magic realm. He took the party into the twillight realm following an arcane connection back to the vestige. On the way the adventurous young magi began pondering the the twillight realm and attempted to understand the myriad of winds, clouds and gases they floated through. As a result all three magi had twillight episodes wich they fortunately managed to comprehend before being driven insane.
Back in the vestige Lucian guided the party back into the twillight realm following an arcane connection to the mundame realm. Only by supreme confidence in his own abilities (spending confidence points) did Lucian manage not to get lost forever and they eventually returned to Mount Blanik only to discover that a month had passed since they had entered the magic realm.

The also discovered that the strange gateway cave had yielded a pawn of Vim vis that appeared as small white crystal powder in the central bowel. This new vis source was estimated to produce 8 pawns of vis a year, provided the gateway to the magic realm is left open.

The young magi hurried back to Treverorum and headed for Durenmar and the upcoming Tribunal after a days rest.

7 story XP and 2 confidence points, in addition Lucian gained one confidence point for guiding the party into the realm of his gods and back again.
Accepting God and feeling his peace descend upon him gave Morrkul an additional confidence point.
All four travellers to the magic realm returned somewhat changed and one personality trait became part of their essential nature.
Borbak, not being aligned to the magic realm gained 5 warping points and emerged somewhat disturbed from his trip. His protective personality has now become part of his essential nature and he does not want to repeat the experience.
The party has also discovered and secretley claimed a Vim Vis source.

Deadline: 13.04.14 for hvornår i ikke længere kan notere Activities som kræver en gaming session.
Study halløj og lignende ting som eksempelvis :“Jeg læser en bog.” har ingen reel deadline men bør være klarlagt når næste session begynder.
Damianus Philocrates starts constructing basic laboratory and finishes furnishing his sanctum. He will also be attending tribunal.
Morrkul Tiranul tager til bear cave for at løse mysteriet. Han tager som minimum Borbak med.
Praenuntius forbliver i Durenmar og renskriver nogle af sine personlige Lab texts med henblik på at donere dem til Treverorum. Desuden deltager han i Tribunal.
Lucian Procellus leder efter vis sources i området og tager til Tribunal.
Oberon Valdarus seals himself within his sanctum declaring that he wishes not to be disturbed as he has important research to conduct.
Sigismund announces that he will not join in founding Treverorum, but will instead join the covenant of Triamore. He sets of imidiately.

1221.1 Spring

Morrkul approaches Damianus¨: “Ahh there you are. How is the wine merchant comming along. Did he leave us some good wine? In any case, you mentioned that you were to head of for Venice to pick up some glass ware. I would be most grateful if you could pick me up some as well… at your convenience of course. I made a list here you see of high quality Beakers, Florence Flasks, Funnels, Canulas, Y-tubes and a few other things. If you could use some company on the way, Anna has always dreamed of seeing the city… and she keeps getting lost here anyway. Just a suggestion. Anyway, be sure to have a word with Rastvan before you set off, he is really a master in his field”

With what little free time available Morrkul investigate the discovered vis (twigs and coins) further, he looks for a coin collector in Prague, do learn what he can about the coins and later try to find some local who is familiar with the forest to identify the type of twigs. Of course he tours the city with Borbak at his side just to minimize the chance of any boorish types trying anything.
Du har en månede freetime per sæson. Med 1 uges rejse fra Durenmar til Prague og 5 dages gaming giver det dig et par ugers fritid i foråret.
Der findes ikke numismatikerer men efter at have spurgt Praenuntius foræller han dig efter en hurtig spontan InTe og InHe at mønten er 800 år gammel og da der er et billede af en romersk kejser på er den nok romersk, grenene er fra en hasselbusk.

Rastvan finished his survey of the site together with Reinhardt the master mason. “Expansion and strengthening of the underground can easily be accomlished…for a price. 12 pawns of vis, any type and the uppermost level is expanded and strengthened however you want it. Walls of bedrock several feet thick, well placed chimneys and ventilation shafts, anything goes. The second level I will not touch, I will not risk the artwork or the death temple. Bad luck messing with places like that, it is.” Reinhardt agreed, “Bad luck for sure. However any woodwork you require can easily be fixed. Your library seems to need some new tables and shelves it would seem.”

Reinhardt went over the wishes Praenuntius expressed for an opulent manor house. “Off course it can be done, that level of quality is only a matter of time and money. 3 years if we start now, it can be finished before winter 1223 for 75 pounds of silver.” “That much?” Praenuntius gasped. He hadn’t expected it to be so expensive. Luckily Damianus had the gold. “Do you accept payment in gold?” he asked. A sly smile crossed Reinhardt’s lips. “Off course I do.” He answered. “I will begin construction right away.”

In summary:
The party, represented by Oberon Valdarus who masqueraded as a rich German investor, spent huge sums of money bying property. The ruin was baught from the church for 20 pounds, the Brothel for 10, the butcher for another 10, while the glassblower Vachlev sold his buisness for 20 pounds of silver, agreeing to stay and work for Master Oberon. The most expensive buy was the wine merchant bought for 4 ounces of pure gold from the Jew David ben David. David also exchanged some of Damianus’ gold to silver, for the meager price of 5 percent.
With the arrival of Reinhardt and Rastvan from Roznov, the demolision of the brothel and clearing of the ruin began and plans for a new grand manor house are underway.

Venedig tur-retur
Damianus had finished packing his things for the journey to Venice, he stood waiting in the newly established courtyard of Treverorum. The place was bustling with activity, Reinhardt had wasted no time after the plans for the new manor house had been finalised with Praenuntius. Like most others Damianus had shown little interest in the interiior layout of the place. The library would be established somewhere on the first floor he believed. Lucian had apparently taken the old library as his sanctum.
Damianus admired the effeciency of the Tremere master mason as he waited for his two travelling companions, Natalia and her little sister Anna.

Construction begins
She had observed them for a while now. They seemed so young and innocent in a naive sort of way, their childish banter reminding her of a young Julia. Two of them at least she suspected of necromanctic interests. One had chained Castor to the rack while the other had questioned him with magic. The second one quickly lost interest in the wretched librarian, but the first one had kept him chained there for quite a while. He had also claimed the ruined laboratory for his new sanctum and had spent significant time examining both the many bodyparts as well as Castors twitching animated corpse.
Was he one of them? She could not tell yet, she waited patiently, observing, thinking, hating; oh how she hated them all, murderers, thieves and now grave robbers. She floated out of the laboratory heading for the stairs down, carefully she avoided the pretty young Transylvanian girl and her sister, luckily it seamed they would be leaving on some buisness for some time.

The coming of summer
Damianus returned from Venice to find the basic form of his sanctum completed.
Rienhardt and Rastvan had been busy. The underground levels of Treverorum were almost complete, with only minor details missing, and the foundations to the manor house had been laid.
Damianus carefully unloaded his antique greek statues from the cart and began looking for some of the other magi.
Oberon Valdarus spent most of spring overseeing the construction phase and acting the role of Prosperous German Immigrant.

Deadline: 31.01.14
Fra nu af vil seasons have deadlines. Dette er ikke nødvendigvis deadlines for hvornår sæsonen slutter, men deadlines for hvornår i ikke længere kan notere Activities som kræver en gaming session.
Study halløj og lignende ting som eksempelvis :“Jeg læser en bog.” har ingen reel deadline men bør være klartlagt når næste session begynder.
Damianus Philocrates Goes to Prague, purchase plots and start the construction of buildings in relation to the covenant. When time permits, he will travel to Venice and other locations and acquire lab equipment and hire assistants and a Goldsmith. Will only gain exposure xp…
Morrkul Tiranul study The Magic of Defensive Constructs (Tractatus on Magic Theory)
Praenuntius heads back to Durenmar after the Manor house design is completed to study some Perdo vis in his comfortable guestroom.
Lucian Procellus Studerer Mentem Vis.

1220.4 Winter


Morrkul tries to gather information about Arliandus of Tremere who was part of Treverorum. He sends a letter to Trebonius Sempiterne in Transylvania to inquire, as well as to Covenant of Roznov.. maybe the Tremeres there has some information.
Severicus read the letter thoughtfully, trying to recall events all those years ago. His reply was a careful one.

Salve Morrkul
I knew Arliandus before his death as he held my sigil when I arrived at the Tribunal. He was an exceptional negotiater able to convince fire elementals to at least once try swimming and not dismissing it out of hand. I know he came from the Greater Alps Tribunal and when he settled in Prague he was the only prescence of our house in the entire southeastern part of the Rhine Tribunal. There were some rumours that he had associates who dabbled in necromancy, but I have no knowledge that he ever met with any outside his covenant. To my knowledge Treverorum had no enemies and besides the historic significance it had little of reel value.

You should know that Arliandus did indeed survive the initial attack and ambushed the attackers outside the city. He was killed in the ensuing battle but managed to kill two of the hostile magi. A third unknown magus is known to have survived and his identity was never determined. The identities of the two attackers killed by Arliandus are known to House Tremere but this should be discussed more privately.

Will conquers all

p.s. I have attached something for you to study as your assistance in the lab will be needed in the foreseeable future.
p.p.s. Our Exarch will be visiting Durenmar sometime during winter and will want to meet with you.

Morrkul Tiranul considered the letter and looked at the attached reading material. He was delighted to see it was a tractatus of sound quality (Q:12) on magic theory; The magic of defensive constructs, by Hermanus of Tremere.

Morrkul also talks a bit with his fellow covenant sodales to inquire their view on matters suchs as:
- Should we find a new name for the covenant or use Treverorum?
- Do you have any particular view on the covenant charter?
- Do you have anything you personally plan to donate to the covenant?

Praenuntius har nogle tanker som han gerne vil dele med Morrkul og hvem der ellers er tilstede i de hyggelige omgivelser
- Et alternativ kunne være Neo Treverorum, ellers har jeg det fint med Treverorum.
- For mig er det vigtige at vi har en Oath.
-Charterwise synes jeg det er vigtigt at covenantet ikke kan tvinge magi til noget. Da vi er et lige antal magi foreslår jeg en stilling som tiebreaker ved afstemninger, den skal gå på turnus efter hver winter council. Evt andre stillinger som librarian. Udfører man arbejde for covenantet kompenseres man med 2 pawns vis; alternativt kan vi i opstarts fasen indføre at 1 season om året skal dedikeres til covenant work som scribing, enchanting, useful spell research osv… . Jeg vil godt påtage mig rollen som librarian hvis ingen andre melder sig. I hvertfald indtil videre.
- Jeg vil måske donere to tractati til vores bibliotek og oversætte nogle af mine lab texts.

Morrkul nikker og drikker lidt vin: “Ja, jeg synes også vi kan beholde Treverorum some covenant navn. Det er et godt navn og har lidt historik. Vi kunne eventuelt hvert år udbydde en række covenant opgaver til 1-2 vis (I starten) som magi kunne påtage sig for covenant’et. På den måde er det nemt at skelne mellem faktisk covenant arbejde og personlige projekter der naturligvis også gavner Treverorum skulle man håbe.
Man kunne også forstille sig en slags formand for Treverorum, der sætter dagsorden på covenant meetings, men som afstår fra at stemme medmindre der er stemmelighed.”

Lucian Procellus indstemmer at vi beholder Treverorum som navn.
Jeg er enig i at vi ikke tvinger magi til at løse opgaver, men belønner dem der gør. Der er jo mange måder at hjælpe Treverorum uden at skulle bruge en season i laboratoriet.
Det hjælper at have et charter, så vi er enige om hvordan vi vil have tingene til at køre i Treverorum. For mig er det vigtigt at vi respekterer Moranas tempel.
Jeg beholder min pickaxe, men låner den gerne ud til covenantet, hvis jeg ikke selv skal bruge den.
Mine agents er mine, men jeg deler viden og deres evner med covenantet.
Stillingen som ordstyrer eller formand skal da gå på omgang med mindre vi finder en semipermanent løsning. Det medfører jo en del opgaver også. For eksempel så er det formanden der modtager gæster og redcaps.
Jeg synes det er en god ide at når vores covenant kommer op at køre at vi sørger for lokal området også, fx ved at uddele mad til de fattige og sørge for forældreløse. Det sørger for goodwill og at de måske ikke tænker så meget over at vi er mærkelige.

Lucian Procellus skriver igen til Gerhart Falken og Maximillian Schreiber for at forhøre sig hvad der er af metalforekomster i området især på sølvområdet. Og skulle der være noget, så bedes de inkludere detaljer om ejerne. Som altid er deres hjælp uvurderlig og Lucian glæder sig over at snart komme tættere på, så deres fælles planer kan udfolde sig og bære frugt.

Egbert always enjoyed talking to the young Tremere when they met, he always had so much gossip from outside Durenmar. “As I hear they have chosen Prague as the site of a new covenant.” Egbert told the Tremere. "They have joined with a newly arrived Guernicus from Sicily and Oberon, whom I believe you know. “Interesting” the Tremere replied, his curiosity peeked somewhat “Tell me what you know of their plans and I will share a little known fact about Oberon’s apprenticeship.” Unable to resist the urge to know more Egbert recalled all the rumors he had heard about the plans for Treverorum.

Ulrike found Lucian and Morrkul in the Durenmar guesthouse enjoying som wine and having a good time. “I thought I might find you here. I have some letters for both of you.” She handed two letters to Lucian and one to Morrkul. “Now I need to see if I can get one of the good rooms. Last time I was gone they gave my room to some arrogant Flambeau, cause they didn’t dare give him one af the bad ones. I meen come on…I’m a permanet resident of Durenmar I can’t live in some windy dump with a hole in the roof.” Ulrike rolled her eyes and headed towards the bar.

Lucian hid his eagerness from Morrkul when he opened and read the first letter from Gerhart Falken.

Dear Friend
I have infiltrated the court of King Otakar under the cover of representing a wealthy and prosperous German wishing to settle in the area around Prague. Although I have been unable to get an audience with the King himself I have met whith the Lord Chamberlain. He informs me that the King welcomes prosperous Germans to Bohemia together with the money and trade they bring. It is my impression that his ambitions are very high, possibly he aims for his descendents to have a shot at hte Imperial throne itself.
I have also discovered that king Otakar keeps a court wizard at court. He goes by the name Cagliostro and originates from Naples, apparentky the King invited him to stay somehow imlrpessed with his services. I have met with him and discreetly inquired about his knowledge of the Order of Hermes. He knows about the Order but considers them to be dangerous and arrogant powermongers to be avoided at all cost.
I have also looked into the property around the Treverorum as you asked. All the property above Treverorum, except the ruined house, was sold by a single individual in 1773 and the money donated to the church. The burned ruin was donated to [[The church of St. Bartholomeus | The church of St. Bartholomeus]] some 12 miles east of Prague.
Also I have done some inquiries into any silver production in the area. Some time ago the Cisternian monestary of Sedlec in Kutna south east of Prague found silver on its grounds. They have only done modest mining until the recent apponitment of Abbot Heidenreich, who has expanded the mining operation significantly. Also several investors and nobles have attempted to purchase land around Kutna from the monestary, so far very little land has been sold off. One particular buyer is of note; a very sinister and wholly unpleasent character named Tolides whom I met briefly at the Bishops court. He was tall and gaunt with a haunted look in his eyes. From his demeanor I suspect he may be a Hermetic magus.

If you require any further information please let me know.
Your loyal friend


The second letter to Lucian was from Maximillian Schreiber, it too was read carefully with a feigned disinterest.

Master L

I have gained employ under Jochen Stahn a German merchant in Prague. As far as I can tell he seems to be the most succesfull. Originating in Rotweill he came to Prague some 15 years ago and his buisness has expanded ever since. He own several warehouses along the river and half a dozen boats sailing as far as Hamburg. As far as I can tell he deals in all types of goods passing through Prague except slaves.
I estimate his assets to be worth several thousand pounds of silver.
As per your request I have investigated the people in the vicinity of The Blue Boar Inn. The Inn itself is remarkably pleasent and I always find all my troubles far away when visiting. I is run by a couple in their mid-forties whom seem very happy and in no way inclined to sell. Their three children help with running the inn. The brothel is quite run down and overpriced. The owner is an obnoxius fat woman with a sinful reputation. The glass blower, Vachlev is a sorry sight. His wife has recently run off with a knight errant who returned from the fourth crusade and promised her riches in the newly concoured city of Constantinople. Rumour has it Vachlev has been unable to provide her with a child. He spends most his time drinking in the inn and his buisness seems to be running into the ground. The wine merchant is run by Isaac,
a jew who knows nothing of magi, or of the former covenant. Isaac is taking advantage of recent changes in rabbinical law that now permit the selling of grape products to Gentiles. He manages the shop on behalf of its owner, his uncle, who is a prominent Jew called David ben David. The smith, tanner, butcher and toolmaker are all succesful craftsmen who can most likely be bought out for a reasonable price. The jew will likely be very expensive and I believe that the Inn keeper won’t sell for any price.

- M

Lucian Procellus læser begge breve og føler en iver begynde at tage form. Her er der en udfordring! Straks kontakter han Ulrike for at høre om hun kender noget til Cagliostro og Tolides. Lucian prøver også at snakke med de andre fra Treverorum om de to mænd. Caglistro er helt sikkert en vi skal være opmærksomme på og forsigtige omkring, da han har kongens øre og ikke er OoH venligstemt. Samtidig er han jo tydeligvis en hedgemage, så han skal vel have valget “join or die”. Tolides skal vel overtales til at give os sølvminerne og vi kan måske lave en aftale med klosteret om at købe sølv fra dem.

Ulrike har ikke hørt om Cagliostro men fortæller at der er en del court wizards rundt om ved de tyske hoffer. Navnet Tolides siger hende ikke noget men hun har set en magi der kunne passe beskrivelsen i Lübeck.
Praenuntius kan fortælle at han har mødt en Tolides i Castra Solis for nogle år siden. Han var Perdo specialist og vist nok udlært i Triamore.

Trebonius Sempiterne read the letter carefully before considering his answer. His new agent seemed promising, but then again so had the others. Still he had a good feeling about this one. If anyone could discover what had truly happened to Arliandus it would be Morrkul Tiranul. Trebonius sometimes missed Arliandus, his quick wits and dry remarks had lightened the mood on countless occasions in the Alps. Trebonius began penning his reply.

Praenuntius vil prøve at undersøge mulighederne for at købe to berømte Flambeau bøger som bla. findes i the great library. En Ignem lvl 14 summae og en penetration lvl 5 summae.
Begge er rimelig udbredte værker af Flambeaus første apprentice.

Oberon Valdarus woke suddenly, this dream had been different. The old magus had been aplauded in the Durenmar Guesthouse by several other mages. He had seemed quite happy and proud of himself. Oberon tried talking to him during the small party in the dream, but someone kept getting in his way no matter how hard he tried. Perhaps he could dream the same dream again and learn more of this moment in the mysterious magus’ life.

In summary:
Morrkul Tiranul met with Stentorius who required an update on this new Tremeres recent activities. Stentorius also promised to send some aid to rebuild Treverorum.

Damianus Philocrates convinced Murion to allow him to learn the spell Touch of Midas, so he could create enough gold to finance the rebirth of Treverorum.


Senest 31.12.2013

Morrkul studies Rego Vis during Winter.
Damianus Philocrates plans to learn a spell at Durenmar, and barter for some Vis.
Lucian Procellus vil læse Parma Magica i Durenmar
Praenuntius Studies Parma magica in the Great Library and asks about book prices.


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