Mirror of Dreams

Arliandus' enchanted mirror


This Mirror consists of a polished silver sheet covered in pure glass bound in gold covered silver.
It has been opened for enchantement using 20 pawns of Vim Vis. Only one effect has been instilled so far.

Depiction of the Waking Dream,
In(Cr)Me(Im) 35, R:Eye, D:Conc, T:Ind
(Base 25, +1 Eye, +1 Conc, +10 levels Unlimited uses. Final Level: 45)

The thoughts of the subject become visible as images surrounding his head in a mirror. The workings of Mentem spells can thus be analyzed quite precisely.


An ornate, gold-framed mirror is surrounded by a set of elaborate smaller
mirrots — a willing subject who stares into it will see his own thoughts visualized before his eyes. This assists greatly with certain types of lab work; +4 may be added to any Lab Total involving Mentem. However, use of the Mirror is unsettling and tends to disturb the user’s dreams; 1 Warping Point is gained for each season of use (this is due to it being a Powerful Mystical Effect). It also counts as a continuous effect for calculating yearly gain of Warping Points.

Mirror of Dreams

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