Lamp of a Thousand Lights

An enchanted chandelier


Lamp of a Thousand Lights,
CrIg 20, R: Per, Dur: Conc., T: Ind
(Base 4, + 0 Per, + 1 Concentration, + 0 Individual, + 5 Item mantains concentration, + 10 Unlimited uses, Final Level 20)

An iron chandelier with several crystals instead of candles. This enchanted device creates a steady light as bright as daylight on a cloudy day. The light has no apparent source, but illuminates an area about ten paces across, centered on the chandelier. The light can vary in color and intensity upon command.

(Grants the free supernatural virtue Magical Lighting: Superior Lighting)
(+ 1 Aesthetics, + 1 Texts, + 1 Imaginem)


This chandelier was enchanted by Arliandus for use in his laboratory in Treverorum.

Lamp of a Thousand Lights

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