Morrkul's Heavy Leather Armor


Owner: Morrkul Tiranul
Location: Worn by Morrkul Tiranul
Base Item: A full metal(15) reinforced leather(8) amor.
Opening Rite: 5 Vis
Enchantments: 5 Vis

Impenetrable Leather
Muto Animal (Te) Level 14
Effect: Grants +3 Soak as the armor is impenetrable.
(Base 4, +2 Sun, +1 Lvl twice per day, +3 Lvl Env. Trigger)

The Easy Armor
Rego Animal (Te, He) Level 9
R: Personal, D: Sun, T: Ind.
Effect: Little effort is needed to wear the armor or items strapped to it. The Armor and most weapons strung to it can be carried as if the user had a strength of 5.
(Base 3, +2 Sun, +1 Lvl twice per day, +3 Lvl Env. Trigger)

This well crafted leather armor has served Morrkul under his apprenticeship and saved his life several times when on field trips with his Parens. In particular when they encountered the Giant Hedgehog of Byensb├╝rgen.



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