Arliandus' Silver Trumpet

A small silver trumpet.

musical instrument

Found in the sanctum of Arliandus this silver trumpet is clearly an enchanted Hermetic item.
The trumpet was purchased by Arliandus from a member of House Bonisagus in Durenmar.
Accorrding to notes discovered by Lucian Procellus in The Great Library it was used to harvest vis at the site of Bojovník Ùdolí.

In 1226 Damianus Philocrates investigated the trumpet.
It is opened with 12 pawns of Vim vis and contains only a single effect.

Call Forth the Ghosts of Ancient Times
Casts Visions of the Haunting Spirits.
Two uses per day with a penetration of +26.
(Base 15, +1 touch, +2 Sun, +2 Room, +1 2 uses/day, +13 Penetration 26, Total level 54)


Arliandus' Silver Trumpet

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