Trebonius Sempiterne

A senior Tremere physician and skilled crafter of longevity rituals.


Having spent years at The Sinews of Knowledge in The Greater Alps, Trebonius was recalled to Coeris two decades ago to serve as senior physician at the Domus Magnus. Trebonius is considered one of House Tremeres greatest crafters of longevity potions, despite this, rumours have circulated about his less-than-wholesome interests in aging and decay.
He has taken an interest in Morrkul Tiranul and has recently convinced him to travel to Durenmar to take part in the founding of the first new covenant in the Rhine for over 4 decades.
Trebonius has sponsored Morkul with vis and promises of future supplies and each year sends him two pawns of corpus vis in the form of two eyeballs.


Trebonius Sempiterne

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