A tall man with broad shoulders, Tabanus is fit from all the travelling he does. He dresses so as not to arouse suspicion, usually wearing shabby clothing and a travel-stained cloak. He is rarely without his walking staff. He has straight black hair, a broken nose, and usually keeps himself clean shaven (except when he is traveling).


Known as the ‘Gadfly of the Rhine,’ Tabanus hails from the Roman Tribunal, and was trained at Magvillus, the domus magna of House Guernicus. His master Jart is the leading Traditionalist within the House, favoring a strict interpretation of the Code, and his filius is no different. House Guernicus, concerned about the weak presence of the Quaesitores in the Rhine, sent Tabanus here a decade ago, and he has already made himself unpopular. Even as an apprentice his perceptions helped his master solve several important cases, and his evidence was responsible for the Marching of a magus of the Hawthorn Gild on what was later perceived to be a technicality, which has not endeared him to the magi of the Tribunal, especially those of that gild. Tabanus is a peregrinator, travelling from covenant to covenant, staying at each one for a few years, then moving on to the next.


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