Exarch of House Tremere




Stentorius is one of the most politically powerful magi in the Rhine Tribunal. He is the authoritarian leader of the largest of the Tribunal’s covenants, an Archmage in his own right, and the Tremere exarch of the Rhine Tribunal. As such, he administers about three-fifths of the sigils of the Tremere magi in the Tribunal, including those of his filius and the two Tremere magi of Triamore (the rest are held by Severicus of Roznov). Stentorius is a large man, nearly a hundred years from his apprenticeship, but bearing his advanced age well. He has an impressive, bushy beard, iron-gray in color, which covers his chest, and a craggy nose. He is known, rather predictably, as a master of Rego magics, although he is equally adept with most Forms. He wears ostentatious robes of deep crimson red, covered in the Hermetic symbols for Rego and the Forms, and of House Tremere. His familiar of more than half a century is a supremely arrogant large gray cat by the name of Oswald. He wears a bejeweled golden pendant crafted for him by Stentorius (imbued with multiple uses of Aura of Rightful Authority, amongst other effects) and seriously considers himself the ruler of Fengheld and all its inhabitants, if not the whole Tribunal. When he deigns to visit Durenmar, he is much annoyed by the taunting of Kolkrabus, the raven familiar of Murion. Kolkrabus believes Stentorius has usurped his human’s rightful role as the leader of the Oak Gild.


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