Damianus Philocrates

Magus Verditius


Name: Damianus Philocrates (Ruprecht Fleischer)
House: Verditius
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Sanctum: The Forge of Philocrates
Gauntlet: The road to excellence
Development: Forging On
Size: 0
Decrepitude: 0
Warping Score: 0/3 xp
Confidence Score: 1
Confidence Points: 5
Reputations: NIL
Personality Traits:
Adventurous +1
Vindictive +1
Patient +2

Journeyman – Free, social status
The Gift – Special, minor hermetic
Verditius Magic – Free, minor hermetic
Affinity with Metal Working – Minor General
Affinity With Magic Theory – Minor General
Affinity With Verditius Cult Lore – Minor Hermetic
Affinity With Rego – Minor hermetic
Book Learner – Minor general
Free Study – Minor hermetic
Inventive Genius – Minor hermetic
Minor Magical Focus – Minor hermetic
Planetary Magic – Minor hermetic
Puissant Magic Theory – Minor general

Chaotic Magic – Major hermetic
Deficient Form – Minor hermetic
Missing Ear – Minor general
Poor Memory – Minor personality
Restriction – Major hermetic
Weird Magic – Minor hermetic

Sigil: WIP
Equipment: WIP


Ability Description Score Ability Description Score
Intelligence Int Keen wit 3 Perception Per Sharp eye 1
Stamina Sta Persistent 2 Strength Str Puny -3
Presence Pre Calming 1 Communication Com Well articulated 1
Quickness Qik Fast hands 1 Dexterity Dex - 0


Ability Specialty Score Xp Ability Specialty Score Xp
Artes Liberales Astronomy 1 0 Awareness Searching 3 0
Code of Hermes Mundane Interaction 1 0 Concentration Lab Work 1 0
Craft Goldsmith Jewelry 3 0 Folk Ken Magi 1 0
High German Swabian 5 0 Area Lore Bohemia Legends 1 2
Latin Hermetic Usage 5 0 Magic Theory Enchanting Items 5 0
Order Of Hermes Lore History 1 0 Parma Magica Mentem 2 0
Penetration Rego 1 0 Philosophiae Ritual Magic 2 0
Swim Diving 2 0 Verditius Cult Lore Mod. Init. Scripts 2 0
Bargain Magic Items 0 2 Finesse Precision 2 0
Magic Lore Magical Traditions 1 0 - - - 0


Tech Score Vis Xp Tech Score Vis Xp Tech Score Vis Xp
Creo 4 0 Animal 0 0 Ignem 0 0
Intellego 5 0 Aquam 0 0 Imaginem 0 0
Muto 0 0 Auram 0 0 Mentem 4 0
Perdo 0 0 Corpus 4 0 Terram 0 0
Rego 10 1 Herbam 0 0 Vim 4 0

Spells Known:

Spell Tech Form Level Mastery Ability Xp
Bind Wound Creo Corpus 15 0 n/a
Circular Ward Against Demons Rego Vim 15 0 n/a
Lifting The Dangeling Puppet Rego Corpus 15 0 n/a
Loss Of But A Moments Memory Perdo Mentem 15 0 n/a
Ring Of Warding Against Spirits Rego Mentem 15 0 n/a
Rise Of The Feathery Body Rego Corpus 10 0 n/a
Whisper Through The Black Gate Intellego Corpus 15 0 n/a
Wizards Communion Muto Vim 15 0 n/a
Wizards Sidestep Rego Imaginem 10 0 n/a
Jupiter’s Resounding Blow Creo Auram 10 0 n/a

Childhood & Early Life

Ruprecht was born in early 1198 as the second child, of what would eventually become five, of Gertrud and Wilhelm Fleischer living in a small village in the high Alps, the physically weak infant barely survived to the spring. Early on it was clear that Ruprecht was not like the other children. Quick to develop his mental capabilities, but weak of body, he was often the target of the other children’s scorn. Though of a relatively mild disposition, he possessed a vengeful streak, which was expressed in elaborate hoaxes and traps to get back at the other children pestering him.

His father was equally dismayed, when it was clear that the young Ruprecht wasn’t suited for the hard work as a butcherer. Instead he helped his mother and sisters in the household. It was first when it was noticed, that he had a knack for fashioning items and contraptions to aid in the household, he was offered to the local blacksmith as an apprentice at the age of six. What Ruprecht lacked in physique, he made up for in ingenuity and craftsmanship. So he was accepted and stayed on as an apprentice, until one day a stranger arrived.

Early in the summer of 1203, a stranger came to the small village, claiming to be a scholar studying the plants of the high Alps. He stayed for the better part of the summer, and became increasingly interested in the inventiveness of the blacksmith apprentice. As summer drew to a close, it happened that Ruprechts mother fell grievously ill. As it was a remote village little help was to be had and she stood little chance of surviving the malady. Wilhelm, in his desperation, turned to the stranger for help, who reluctantly agreed to help but on one condition; that he would let him take Ruprecht on as his apprentice. Agreeing to this the stranger set to work and soon Gertrud was recovering. So it came to pass that the stranger left the small village high in the Alps with the young Ruprecht.


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Venturing into the world

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Damianus Philocrates

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