A young handsome magus from House Flambeau and Head Librarian of Treverorum


Name: Praenuntius
House: Flambeau
Gender: Male
Age: 32 (32)
Birth year: 1195
Height: 1.82 m
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond
Handedness: Right
Weight: 86 kg
Sanctum: Praenuntius’ Sanctum
Gauntlet: Praenuntius’ Gauntlet
Development: Praenuntius’ Development
Size: 0
Decrepitude: 0
Longevity Ritual: none
Warping Score: 0 (3)
Confidence Score: 1
Confidence Points: 5
Personality Traits: Brave +3, Temperate +1, Curious +1, Loyal to Citus +3
Major Virtues: Hyperborean Descent
Minor Virtues: Affinity with Perdo, Book Learner, Fast Caster, Good Teacher, Improved Characteristics, Premonitions, Puissant Finesse
Free Virtues: The Gift, Journeyman, Minor Magical Focus (Cold), Puissant Perdo, True Friend (Citus)
Major Flaws: Enemies (His Parens’ murderer), Driven (To avenge his Parens)
Minor Flaws: Exciting Experimentation, Magic Animal Companion, Temperate, Weird Magic
Free Flaws: Dutybound
Powers: Praenuntius can transform into a crow at will, as per Cloak of Black Feathers. This ability can be fast cast in the same manner as a mastered spell.
Sigil All Praenuntius’ spells contain some aspect of a cold wind.
Equipment: Woodsmans clothes, Praenuntius’ Cloak, Dagger, Several knives, Hickory shortbow, Quiver with arrows, Praenuntius’ Backpack, Praenuntius’ Ring, Water flask


Praenuntius is rarely far from his good friend, the young golden eagle Citus. In 1224 Praenuntius bound Citus as his familiar.

Bronze cord: +1 (applies to soak, aging, recovery, depravation)
Silver Cord: +1 (applies to personality rolls and resistance against mental influence)
Gold Cord: +3 (reduces botch dice when using magic)


Ability Description Score Ability Description Score
Intelligence Foresightful +3 Perception Observant +2
Stamina Enduring +1 Strength Scholarly -1
Presence Humorless -3 Communication Forceful Speaker +2
Quickness Quick Reflexes +2 Dexterity Nimble +1


Longbow XX XX XX XX Punch XX XX XX XX


Ability Specialty Score Xp Ability Specialty Score Xp
Rhine Lore Magical sites 2 0 Artes Liberales Horoscopes 1 0
Athletics jumping 1 0 Awareness alertness 2 0
Brawl dodging 2 0 Bows shortbow 1 0
Code of Hermes wizard’s marches 1 0 Concentration spell concentration 1 0
Etiquette the Church 1 0 Finesse magic missiles 1 0
Folk Ken clergy 1 0 Guile lying to authority 1 0
Hunt Tracking 1 0 Magic Lore creatures 1 0
Magic Theory spells 6 0 Order of Hermes Lore history 1 0
Parma Magica Mentem 5 3 Penetration Perdo 1 0
Philosophiae ritual magic 1 0 stealth hide 2 0
Survival forest 1 0 Swim underwater 1 0
Latin Hermetic usage 4 2 High German Franconian 5 0
West Slavonic Czech 2 0 Hyperborean talking to spirits 1 0
Provencál Lore Pyrénées 1 0 Transylvanian Lore pagan sites 1 0
Durenmar Lore The Great Library 3 0 Profession – Scribe copying 1 4
Teaching One to one 2 7 Premonitions imminent danger 1 0


Tech Score Vis Xp Tech Score Vis Xp Tech Score Vis Xp
Creo 2 0 Animal 0 0 Ignem 9 6
Intellego 0 0 Aquam 3 0 Imaginem 0 0
Muto 2 0 Auram 0 0 Mentem 0 0
Perdo 17 16 Corpus 5 3 Terram 4 2
Rego 4 0 Herbam 0 0 Vim 6 3

Spells Known:

Spell Art/Lvl Range Duration Target Mastery Xp Casting Total
Trust of Childlike Faith PeMe 10 eye Diam. Ind. n/a 0 +12
Obliteration of the Metallic Barrier PeTe 20 XXX XXX XXX XX 0 XX
Pit of the Gaping Earth PeTe 15 XXX XXX XXX Fast casting 5 XX
Wizard’s Leap ReCo 15 XXX XXX XXX XXX 0 XX
Undoing the Stone Masons Handiwork PeTe 15 XXX XXX XXX n/a 0 XX
Apprentice’s Icy Grip PeIg 15 Voice Mom. Ind n/a 0 +33
Wizard’s Icy Grip PeIg 30 Voice Mom. Ind n/a 0 XX
Winter’s Icy Touch PeIg 10 Touch Mom. Ind n/a 0 XX
Invisible Sling of Vilano ReTe 10 XXX XXX XXX n/a 0 XX
Parching Wind PeAq 20 XXX XXX XXX XXX 0 XX
Conjuration of the Indubitable Cold PeIg 25 Voice Mom. Part n/a 0 XX
Unravelling the Fabric of Mentem PeVi 25 Voice Mom. Ind n/a 0 +xx
Unravelling the Fabric of Corpus PeVi 25 Voice Mom. Ind n/a 0 +xx


Uwe grew up in the Franconian forest as the single child of a woodcutter.
Always a strange child he sometimes talked with the trees and animals of the woods.
One day when climbing a tall tree he fell, but instead of plummeting to his death magical winds lifted him gently to the ground. Seeing this as a miracle his parents took Uwe to the local priest. The priest took him in and promised Uwe’s parents that the child would be taken care of as he was assuredly destined for great things.

Early Life

Uwe spent 3 years with the kind and old Father Albert until he died one winter’s night.
The new priest was not kind and took an imediate dislike to Uwe. One night Uwe gathered som meager tools and took of eastwards. Eventually he arrived at the Bohemien forest.
Here he hooked up with some bandits and lived for 2 years until Fulchrum of Flambeau found him and discovered his gift. Fulchrum took Uwe as an apprentice and the two became good friends.


Fulchrum lived in Fengheld. A powerful covenant with great influnce in the Tribunal. The two formed a strong friendship that lasted for 14 years until the mysterious death of Fulchrum. Fulchrum was an avid explorer of old ruins and forgotten mystical sites , and the two travelled far and wide exploring much of the Holy Roman Empire and Transylvania. Uwe also spent many winters searching The Great Library in Durenmar for arcane lore. Fulchrum, who was an adherent of the school of Vilano taught Uwe all he knew about the principles of combat. Soon Uwe learned about his mystical heritage, and found strength in his Hyperborean decent. He atuned his innate connection to Appollo into an affinity with the cold associated with the north wind. He also mastered his ability to fly through the air, propelled by the the winds of Appollo. Much of his training focused on the use of magic as a weapon and he studied briefly under followers of other magical schools such as Boreas and Ramius. He has become convinced that while focusing on one school results in formidable power, all schools have shortcomings and can be withstood by those who are prepared. The greatest mystical pugilist will be one who masters several shools and can vary his attacks to meet all foes and mantain a constant edge of surprise.

During one expedition to an ancient pagan site somewhere in the Transylvanian Tribunal Uwe and his master encountered a magus from House Tremere who harrased them and drove them from the site after a Certamén duel. Uwe and Fulchrum had no legal choice other than leaving. Years later in 1219 Uwe was away studying Perdo in the library of Castra Solis when he recieved word that his master had been found dead at the doorsteps of a covenant in Transylvania. He had suffered grevious wounds from an unknown assailant and that he had made it so far was testemant to his indominatble will.


Uwe stayed at Castra Solis to finish his training and pass his gauntlet. Uwe’s gauntlet was to climb some of the highest peaks in the Pyreneas in search of a rare bread of hawk that is immune to extremes of heat and cold and befriend it. After becoming a full magus he took the name Preanuntius (Harbinger) and swore an oath to identify and hunt down his Pater’s murderer. While he openly believes that the Tremere mage they encountereed years ago is the culprit, a Quesitor investigation was unable to identify the unknown assasin.

Venturing into the world

Preanuntius has founded the new Treverorum on the ruins of the old Treverorum together with four other young magi. From here he intends to improve his martial capabilities and search for his master’s murderer.


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