Morrkul Tiranul

Tremere Magus


Name: Morrkul Tiranul
House: Tremere
Gender: Male
Location: Morrkul’s Sanctum
Gauntlet: Morrkul’s Gauntlet
Development: Morrkul’s Development

File: Morrkul’s Character Sheet


Natália Dimir
Anna Dimir


Morrkul was raised at a small village in Transylvania. His family engaged in leatherworking to supply leather and sometimes bind books for the mysterious Scholomance. A visiting school mistress Zhenya sensed the gift in Morrkul and took him in under her tutelage.

Early Life
Morrkul was admitted to the Scholomance at the age of five, and was taught and tested for several years before Zhenya was truly convinced of his true potential.

Morrkul was taught by Mistress Zhenya of Tremere, at the Scholomance, and did as such receive a very structured training. Her methodic approach perfecting his approach to both study and spellcasting. Mistress Zhenya also granted him Dragonhide for protection on their many trips.

His gauntlet a trial of Certamen was passed without flaws besting a rival student Dakarai of Tytalus, gauntleting from Polyaigos in the Theban Tribunal.
As a parting gift Mistress Zhenya presented Morrkul with a leap of homecoming labtext, and an arcane connection to Scholomance to attend the Alumni ball, when his powers has matured.

In Search of a Home
After his successful gauntlet, Morrkul was without direction and wasted time in Certamen duels against other upstarts. It would not be long though before he was approached by a senior Tremere Magus Trebonius Sempiterne, offering him passage to Durenmar and some resources to found a covenant in the Rhine Tribunal. Morrkul was thrilled with his obvious success and set off immediately.

Morrkul Tiranul

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