Freiherr Jürgen Schönburg von Wartenerg

Ruler of Tetschen




In his early thirtiees the Freiherr has recently married the daughter of…
The Freiherr is nominally the Vassal of the King of Bohemia, but being from a powerful familiy with strong influence at the Imperial Court and The Church, he is pretty much left to his own devices. He rules the town of Tetschen as well as the villages of Loosdorf and Heidenstein in The Area surrounding Tetschen and Pfalz Island. The lord of Malsovice is his vassal.
He is on good terms with the young magi of Treverorum who helped him gain the hand of the Reichsgraff’s daughter. As a reward he has granted them tool rights at Pfalz Island

Freiherr Jürgen Schönburg von Wartenerg

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