Dorana's apprentice


Felicia is a sturdilybuilt woman, whose weather-beaten features are easily mistaken for those of a young man, which allows her to travel alone without complications. Her straggly blond hair is usually mostly hidden under a hat, although wisps invariably escape its confines.


Felicia is the filia of Dorana of Fengheld, the most prominent member of the lineage of Irmele, and a Hermetic descendent of Trianoma. As expected, Felicia has taken directly to the open road to familiarize herself with the Tribunal’s covenants. Her magic waxes and wanes with the seasons; during the winter she will find a covenant in which to overwinter, when her magic is strongest. During summer, when her magic is weakest, she will take to the road, seeking out natural phenomena which are necessary for her study. Fengheld has promised that she can use a spare laboratory in the winter if they have one, in return for favors as yet unspecified. Felecia passes her gauntlet at the Tribunal of 1227.


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