Defacto daily leader of Treverorum


A lithe and very beautiful woman, with flowing red hair and mesmerizing green eyes. She has a charming and enthralling personality, and is especially popular with the opposite sex. Even though she is small of stature, she is remarkably headstrong and ambitious.

Name: Elena
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Size: -1
Decrepitude: 0
Warping Score: 0
Reputations: Gossip 1, Prostitute 2 (bad reputation)
Personality Traits: Ambitious +2, Fascinating +3

Virtues: Gossip, Venus Blessing, Satyr Blood

Flaws: Ambitious, Outcast, Small Frame


Ability Description Score Ability Description Score
Intelligence Int Keen Wit 2 Perception Per Sharp Eye 1
Stamina Sta Tire Quickly -1 Strength Str Small Frame -3
Presence Pre Fascinating 3 Communication Com Honey Voice 2
Quickness Qik - 0 Dexterity Dex Lithe 1


Ability Specialty Score Xp Ability Specialty Score Xp
Area Lore: Prague Personalities 3 0 Awareness Alertness 2 0
Bargain Hard Sell 2 0 Carouse Staying Sober 2 0
Charm First Impressions 3 0 Folk Ken The Opposite Sex 3 0
German Slang 2 0 Guile Elaborate Lies 4 0
Intrigue Gossip 4 0 Leadership Servants 1 0
Profession: Prostitute - 3 0 Slavic Slang 5 0
Stealth Sneak 1 0

Born in 1200 in Prague. Her mother worked as a prostitute, and when she died Elena was destined to fill her place. Her mother often told her of her grandmother, who according to legend was instrumental in defeating a terrible evil, which threatened Prague.

When the new masters moved in, Elena was quick to seized the opportunity to gain influence and escape her previous lot in life as a prostitute. She is not particularly skilled in administration, but have a knack for getting people (especially men) to work for her. And have established herself as the day to day leader of the mundane business of Treverorum.


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