Librarian at the Great Library and Bonisagus labrat


Teaching skills: Com +1, Teaching 3 (The arts)


A typical Bonisagus labrat, Conscientia is one of the librarians working in The Great Library. Conscientia is in her mid thirtees and 15 years out of her gauntlet.
Discovered at an early age in a rural village outside Carcassone, Conscientia of Bonisagus was a Hermetic prodigy. Snatched up by a Tytalus at an early age, Conscientia was able to grasp the Hermetic Arts with an amazing speed. Complex formulas were child’s play, yet even the most basic of spells fizzled at her fingertips. With her parens infuriated by her inability to reliably harness the Hermetic forces, Conscientia’s studies were hard and grueling.
Eventually she was spotted by Udulvus ex Bonisagus who saw her true potential, and Conscientia was taken back to Durenmar, where her talents could be put to better use. During her training, Conscientia would spend her minute amount of free time in the lab, exploring Hermetic theory in her own ways. She assisted her new master in many high level experiments, the last of which saw a terrible disaster that left the lab destroyed and her parens in Twilight. Although she completed her gauntlet, Conscientia has kept working in that same lab, waiting for her master to return. Conscientia spends her spare time working on requests, developing Lab Texts and casting tablets for barter with other magi for the superior equipment and supplies that she needs to continue her own work.


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