A large and beautiful golden eagle and Praenuntius' familiar


Magic Might: 10 (Ignem)
Size: -2
Season: Summer
Confidence Score: 2 (5)

Familiar powers

Character Development

Bronze cord: +1 (applies to soak, aging, recovery, depravation)
Silver Cord: +1 (applies to personality rolls and resistance against mental influence)
Gold Cord: +3 (reduces botch dice when using magic)


Ability Score Ability Score
Intelligence Int +2 Perception Per +1
Stamina Sta +1 Strength Str -4
Presence Pre 0 Communication Com 0
Quickness Qik +3 Dexterity Dex +1

Virtues and Flaws: Magic Animal; Magical Friend, Essential Virtue (keen senses), Proud, Weakness for Flattery, Keen Vision, Tragic Communication (unintentionally insulting), Lightning Reflexes, Second Sight, True Friend (Praenuntius)
Magic Qualities and Inferiorities: Unaffected by the Gift, Voice of the Forest, Voice of the Fields, Voice of The Mountains, Improved Soak, Focus Power(Master of Ignem), Gift of Speech, Improved Abilities, Ritual Power (Grant Inoffensive to Animals), Reduced Might x2, Inability to comprehend human society.
Personality Traits: Eagle* +3, Attentive* +3, Friendly +2, Proud +2, Talkative +2, Loyal to Praenuntius +3
Reputations: Arrogant (Magical animals of the Rhine) 2
Beak: Init +3, Attack +7, Defense +7, Damage -3
Talon: Init +2, Attack +7, Defense +10, Damage -2
Soak: 3
Fatigue Levels:
Wound Penalties:*


Ability Specialty Score Xp Ability Specialty Score Xp
Athletics swift flight 4 0 Awareness Spot Prey 3 12
Brawl talon 3 0 Hunt Small furry animals 4 0
Second sight regios 5 0 Survival fields 3 0
Latin prose 4 0 High German Franconian 5 0
Folk ken magi 1 4 Charm females 3 0
Stealth hide 2 0 Guile fast talk 2 0
Bohemia Lore hunting grounds 1 0 Intrigue Counter plotting 0 4
West Slavonic Czech 2 0 Magic Theory Lab Assistant 2 8
Concentration Guarding 0 0 Magic Lore 0 0

Grant minor virtue: Inoffensive to Animals. 5 points, Init: -7, Vim. R: Touch, D: Mom. T: Ind., Ritual
Master of Ignem: Can cast spontaneous Muto or Perdo Ignem spells at a cost of 1 might per magnitude. Level of effect may not exceed 10. Init: +1
Natural Weapons:
Vis: 2 pawns Ignem in claws
A noble and virtuous eagle.



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