Forgotten Legacy

1226.4 Winter

Winter Council. Someone plots. The murials dream.

Lucian Procellus read the letter carefully. The agent he had placed in the other covenant had at last proved useful, vital even. Someone was plotting against Treverorum. A claim would be made at Tribunal. The Covenant of Pfalz is officially destroyed. Hence all it’s resources are up for grabs. Although his agent could not give names somone of master rank would claim he had harvested vis from PFalz Island for years on that the site therefore was rightfully his. Unless Treverorum gave up on the the Island he would put forward charges og deprivation of magical resources, They would have to act and come up with a plan to stop whoever it was. Lucian decided to bring this up at the oncoming Council meeting.
Having delivered the letters to the many magi Ulrike the Redcap headed towards the kitchens.
Treverorum always had such nice food.
Morrkul read the brief letter he had recieved.

Salve Morrkul
Tribunal approaches and as you are aware it is customary for magi of the Rhine to join one fo the Gilds. I am certain that Daria La Gris has attempted to recruit you to her movement and that Clemens has told you that you are expected to join the Oak Gild. In this regard I wish to inform you of my indifference to your choice of Gild. The only thing that matters is your service to our House. I expect you to put the collective good of House Tremere and by extension the Order above all other concerns. You will inform me of your choice before this becomes public knowledge.

Et omnia vincit
Quod optimum

Winter Council
A winter council was held and all magi attended. I was agreed to travel to Pfalz Island in the spring and negotiate with Schwall. The goal was to get a written agreement clarifying that Treverorum harvested Vis on behalf of Scwhall.
Damianos was recompensated for work. A total of 15 pawns of vis.
The council further agreed to give each magus 3 pawns Ignem, 2 pawns Rego, 4 pawns Auram, 2 pawns Vim, 3 pawns Terram and 2 pawns Herbam Vis. This was in anticipation that most magi would wish to buy stuff at the upcoming Tribunal and Grand Tribunal.

The Murial
On the auspicious day of the 17th of February Morrkul, Damianos and Oberon were discussing how to reduce expenses using magic. Oberons two sons were playing in the cuncil hall when suddenly oine of them tugged on Oberon’s robes. “Father father! Brother walked into the painting!” Searching the area the magi concluded they better had investigate the murial. Using Intellego Vim magic they discovered that the aura had increased to 5 and found an entrance to a Regio in the Murial. The young magi decided to enter. They quickly found Oberon’s son playing in a beautiful forest. Investigating they discovered that the regio was small, had an aura of 10, and contained all they could see from the hall. In several places they could see Conciatta peforming the investigations depicted in the artwork.
After a while the magi found they could sense other places in the corner of there eyes. A room, a hall, some stairs. Oberon still using magic felt he could guide the others to these places, they agreed and Oberon pulled them all recklesly into the twillight void. After drifting for what felt like timeless eternity they emerged in a small room. Here they saw the moment of Conciatta’s death at the convent near Toledo. At the center of the room, an aged Conciatta lies in bed. A nun by her bedside holds her hand and prays. Another by her other side, leans in close so as to hear her last words. A third, more senior nun stands at the foot of the bed. The scene moves on and Conciatta takes her last few breaths. As Conciatta dies, the candles in the room extinguish and the room is plunged into a gloom. Characters may now see, in the four corners of the room, obscured by shadow, the four spirits of Conciatta. The images last long enough for the spirits to manifest…and then the scene replays from the beginning. This happens over and over: Conciatta’s neverending death. As the image plays out, the magi notice the effects of Conciatta’s uncontrolled magic. Small items are picked up by invisible forces, but the power appears tired and the items are soon dropped. Listening to Conciatta’s last words they hear her ask for the spirits to be reunited, “My soul is broken and cannot rest. I am here, I am in fire and damnation, I am deep in the lost city, and I am home at last. Find me and make me whole.” A triptych in the room shows the appearance of the Virgin Mary to Ildefonso’s mother during her pregnancy; just before her death; and her appearance to Ildefonso himself at the moment of his mother’s death. Oberon recognises the saint as Ildefonso. But the triptych also seems to have other images, mystically coexisting with Currito’s work. As the magi look closer they see reflections of other tempora. Convincing Oberon’s son to guide them to these locations the magi enter the twillight void again.
The magi enter the next tempus at the bottom of the winding stair of Conciatta’s tower. The steps behind them disappear into mists while Currito stands sorrowfully in front of them. His head is bowed and his shoulders sag. He is dressed as though for a journey and has a large bag slung over his shoulder. The tower here has no walls and the winding stair is alone in the eerie blank whiteness. Wisely nobody steps off the stairs. The steps behind Currito stop at Conciatta’s door. Oberon peers around Conciatta’s door only to see the other side of it. Morrkul looks through the keyhole and sees the darkened sanctum. Here Conciatta is surrounded by items floating around her, held up by some unseen force. Conciatta herself stands at her work table, fists clenched and tears welling from her tightly closed eyes. Oberon opens the door soon after and the party is once again sent into the twillight void.
The next tempus they arrive at shows Conciatta in her sanctum. She is with Currito and they both appear relaxed, though frozen as though mid-conversation. Currito sits in a sizeable chair, his hands aloft as though shaping something invisible and his eyes wide and enthusiastic. Conciatta stands behind a work table, like those that fill hundreds of Hermetic laboratories across the Order. Her finger rests on an open book, marking the very line that drew Currito’s reaction. The pages of the book cannot be turned but the subject matter is clear. It appears to be a journal. The unnamed author was apparently a magus who suffered a magical accident. This accident sent him into a regio that inhibited his magic. He became trapped inside for what seemed like weeks until he expended all the vis he carried in an attempt to force the same magical accident and reverse its initial effect. The point that drew Conciatta’s finger was the reveal that all of the vis the magus carried was of the Form of Vim. A tractatus on the Art of Vim also lies open on the table. It appears to use an archaic form of Hermetic Latin. The open pages show that the author considered it impossible to affect the four supernatural realms with anything other than new Arts. The magi immediately recognize this as outmoded and absurdly incorrect. The book harks back to the early days of the Order, and reminds the magi that it was Conciatta of Bonisagus who made the breakthrough that banished such outlandish ideas. In life, this moment fueled Conciatta and provided yet more evidence that the Art of Vim could manifestly affect all of the supernatural realms, that the grand theory of magic needed no other Arts. The walls of her sanctum are lined with laboratory texts, tractatus, scrolls, and devices. It is rich and colorful, vibrant and thriving. There is even a view from the windows, though it is peculiar and can only be seen as though from Conciatta’s vantage point, as though a window-shaped image hung against
a white drape some feet beyond the window frame. The Moorish city of Saraqusta can be seen outside the tower, with the Noor Mosque rising above the low streets.
Opening the door behind them the magi enter the twillight void once again. After drifting through the timeless void guided by Oberon’s son yet again the magi find themselves in a great lecture hall, recognizable to Oberon as one of the halls of Durenmar. The tempus here behaves oddly as the images shift, jumping from one to the next as the magi walk the hall. Rows of benches, filled with magi of several Houses, face forward and are bisected by a central aisle. At the front of the hall, on a raised dais, Conciatta stands at a lectern. On entering the hall, the tempus shows Conciatta as she begins her presentation. As the observer moves towards her, magi can be seen posing questions. Further still, and magi appear by turns dismissive and approving. Again further, and pockets of discussion can be seen breaking out among the assembled magi. Some quickly examine Conciatta’s new ideas while others voice their anger. Eventually, the magi stand and applaud, while a few of the more senior magi storm from the hall. The last image, seen only from Conciatta’s perspective, gives a hint to the loss of magical control to come. Her gaze suddenly becomes surprised and she looks to a silver stylus on her lectern. The stylus has bent, curled in on itself, and floats just above the lectern’s wooden surface. But there is one constant with each change in image: Currito sits at the back of the hall. He looks on proudly, lovingly. So content is he that he does not even stand when the other magi give Conciatta their applause; he knows her achievement and lets her soak in the acclaim.
At last the magi leave the vestige through the door at the rear of the hall. Fortunately Morrkul took two apples with him from the garden regio they first entered. The magi discovered that these were arcane connections to the regio. Using the apple Oberon’s son could guide them all back to the regio and out of the magic realm. From here they found their way back to the council hall in Treverorum.

Reflecting upon their experience the magi found that the aura had reverted back to 3. Studying the signs and astronomical portents Oberon and Damianus discerned that certain signs had activated the restored murial. They also determined that murial regio would possibly appear again in twelve years.

Giovanni later asked to investigate Oberon’s son. Together they concluded that he has the Gentle Gift as well as second sight. Oberon consequently set himself a new goal. To attain the rank of master as the youngest magus ever in order to take his son as en apprentice.

Winter Activities

Damianus Philocrates investigates Arliandus’ Silver Trumpet
Morrkul Tiranul studies Discerning the Transmundane.
Praenuntius invents two spells in his lab.
Lucian Procellus
Oberon Valdarus writes a tractatus on Vim quality 9.



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