Forgotten Legacy

1226 Spring through to Winter

A year of work and preperation

House_band.jpg The spring of 1226 sees most magi minding their own buisness. Oberon finally invents a Wizard’s communion variant for use when casting Aegis of the Hearth.
In late Spring Giovanni Ladardo Amalfi ex Jerbiton arrives at Treverorum. With him is a small entourage, a scribe, a couple of musicians, a young pretty girl and several assistants. Several small banquets are held with musical entertainmet.
Giovanni spends the entire summer restoring The Murial of Conciatta.
After his work is completed Giovanni makes no preperations to leave. Instead he asks: “As you know the journey from Milano is not short. I would like to enjoy your hospitality over the winter and meet up with some old friends. While I am here might I study from your Lirary? In return I offer to contribute with two tractati.” Morrkul and Oberon consider his request, knowing they cannot deny his visit without breaking etiquette they have also been informed by Elena that Giovanni and his entourage cost the covenant 3 pounds of silver a season.
Giovanni awaits their reply.

Having saved money on Damianus Philocrates’ enchanted hearth the magi agree to let the Jerbiton stay.
Giovanni donates two texts to the Covenant Library Tales of the Lusty Maid and Images of Form.


Damianus Philocrates
Morrkul Tiranul
Praenuntius assists Oberon.
Lucian Procellus
Oberon Valdarus invents Wizard’s Ritual Communion, level 30 MuVi Spell; 3 xp in magic theory gained.


Damianus Philocrates
Morrkul Tiranul
Praenuntius reads The magas shield; gained 12 xp gained in Parma Magica.
Lucian Procellus
Oberon Valdarus writes 100 levels of spells for the library.

Damianus Philocrates
Morrkul Tiranul
Praenuntius Spends long hours in his laboratory, all meals are brought to his door and he is not seen for months.
Lucian Procellus
Oberon Valdarus studies the The Murial of Conciatta discovering that it can bu used as a one time sstudy for Quality 6 in Magic Theory. Oberon also gained insight into the creation of a Level 30 In Vi spell.



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