Forgotten Legacy


The Infernal Laboratory. Trebonius Visits

The Infernal Laboratory
The chained prisoner had eventually lost his mind. Awaiting his inevitable death in Morrkuls lab, he had begun pleading for his life. “Please master, let me live, I can tell you were to find a hidden place, much like this one. Filled with treasures and valuables.” Morrkul could almost taste the desparation in the air surrounding the shackled mercenary. “What makes you think I won’t just take the knowledgde from your mind and dissect you anyway?” “Please for thelove of God have mercy!” the unfortunate cried.The cat jumped up on the shackled subject, scratched him mischeviously on the chest and purred. “Why not listen to what he has to say? Investigate this hidden place if it exist and when you return his fate can be decided?” Morrkul considered the matter.

Provided with the location of what might be a laboratory in the Ore Mountain, Morrkul ponders his options. Apparently the mercenary had once worked for wizard who maintained a hidden laboratory. Only 4 days travel from Tetschen hidden in a small valley in the woods. It could only be found at night when the moonlight shone on a rocky formation. Having confirmed the mercenaries story with some mild torture Morrkul thought about who he should bring with him.

Morrkul took Borbak with him and for some reason Oberon insisted on joining them. They traveled by boat to Tetschen and left on foot on the trail heading west into the woods. They came upon a small village after a few hours travel. Here they met a young knight in the service of Freiherr Jürgen Schönburg von Wartenerg. The knight had been told to Garrison Pfalz Island when Oberon took over. The knight decided to travel with the young magi to ensure there safety in the forest.
After a few days travel they encountered a village deep in the forest. Oberon discovered a +4 Faerie aura surrounding the village centered around a huge oak. He also concluded that most if not all inhabitants were fae.
From the village they headed north finding the crevasse the mercenray had described. Here they waited for the moon to shine revealing an entrance into a regio. Oberon probe the aura and discovered a +4 infernal aura. The party snuck through a twisting cave corridor and discovered a laboratory with a single occupant. Being very sneaky the black robed magi did not here them before it was too late. Deciding the person must be evil, the knight charged. Despite being somewhat burned in the process he made short work of the magus.
The party searched the laboratory and found a living area and some coded texts. Soon after Tolides made his presence known. He claimed that he had hunted the marched magus and demanded that everything be destroyed. After some discussion the party left with the books intending to hand them over to Tabanus. Tolides stayed behind and collapsed the cave.

Claiming Pfalz Island
Morrkul teleported home after cleansing the infernal laboratory while Oberon, Borbak and the Knight headed towards Pfalz Island. Here they met with Robert Schönburg and politly through him off the Island. Oberon searched the place and found a makeshift dungeon with a sole occupant, Wolkan. Oberon questioned and then released him under the consition that he work for Treverorum. Should he fail in any way he would be flayed and quartered. Eager to not be imprisoned Wolkan agreed to Oberon’s terms. Oberon also discovered a collapsed part of the cellar and ordered it dug out. Meanwhile he investigated a copse of trees on the northern part of island. He determined that the aura was +3 magical among the ancient and beautiful oak trees. Oberon also found a vine growing in one of the trees. He is certain that it is identical albeit smaller than the obe growing in Durenmar. Possibly a plantlet was taken in secrecy. Oberon determined that sap could be carefully harvested in spring. He did so and claimed 3 pawns Intellego vis.
Returning to the excavation he found some dank cellars and a sanctum. Here he discovered 6 books that he took with him and an abandoned underwater laboratory.
Wolkan warned Oberon and the knight that the first toll collected every spring must be offered to the river spirit at the first new moon after collection. locating the collected tolls Oberon discovered that four coins contained Rego vis. He waited for the new moon and prepared to give the river spirit his due. To his surprise the river spirit turned out to be the long presumed dead magus Schwall. They talked for a while and Oberon discovered that Swchall did’nt use Pfalz Island anymore althought he claimed his Covenant still existed. Considering the ruins, Oberon thought the elder magus somewhat confused. Oberon promised the elder magus that his vis would be handed over every spring as it had been the last 25 years.
After making sure everthing was in order and the knight and Wolkan were set to collect tolls Oberon headed home.

Trebonius visits
During the summer season Trebonius Sempiterne paid a visit to Treverorum. He was on his way to Fengheld to craft a longevity ritual for Archmage Stentorius. Trebonius stayed for three days in the newly built luxurious guest quarters. He seamed quite pleased with the progress of the young magi.
During his stay Trebonius presented Morrkul with a gift. A summae on Animal written by Tremere himself. Trebonius told Morrkul that the book had once belonged to his dead father and that he had recovered it from the Library in Coeris. IT had been handed down for generations from master to apprentice ever since it had been given by Tremere to his third apprentice. Intrigued by news of a family he had never known Trebonius told Morrkul more. His father had been a Tremere magus and friend of Trebonius. He had died some 50 years ago and Morrkul’s mother had kept him hidden in Irencillia for many years before sending the infant boy away to Transylvania. Here Morrkul was raised by craftsmen working for the Scholomance and secretly watched over by Trebonius. When asked Trebonius told Morrkul that his mother might still be alive. She was a Merinita maga in Irencillia.

Oberons dreams
Oberon spent most of his nights dreaming about the mysterious magus that sometimes visited him in his dreams. Searching his own dream subconsciusnes for clues Oberon found him in a strange dream landscape. After some discussion Oberon was able to learn that the dream magus was looking for a way to reach Kadath, the city were dead gods dream. Perplexed by this Oberon returned to the real world.

During the late summer Oberon’s wife gave birth to two healthy sons. The were baptized in The Church of Mother of God before Týn.

Ulrike visits
Ulrike came by with a new book for the library and letters. Treverorum recieved a letter from Giovanni Ladardo Amalfi ex Jerbiton who informed that he would be willing to restore the The Murial of Conciatta for 5 pawns of vis. He could arrive in the summer of 1226. The young magi agreed and Oberon wrote a response letter.

Oberon recieved 5 xp for his adventures.

Damianus Philocrates
Morrkul Tiranul
Praenuntius learns teaching from Oberon
Lucian Procellus
Oberon Valdarus teaches Praenuntius teaching

Damianus Philocrates
Morrkul Tiranul
Praenuntius constructs a basic laboratory.
Lucian Procellus
Oberon Valdarus studies The Forms In Theory and Practice.

Damianus Philocrates
Morrkul Tiranul
Praenuntius finishes his laboratory.
Lucian Procellus
Oberon Valdarus studies Discerning the Transmundane.

Damianus Philocrates
Morrkul Tiranul
Praenuntius binds Citus as his familiar.
Lucian Procellus
Oberon Valdarus assist Morrkul in crafting Oberon’s longevity ritual.



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