Forgotten Legacy


Council Meeting

The young magi gathered once again for the annual Meeting of the Council. “Does anyone have any points?” Oberon asked looking around. "I intend to bind Citus as my familiar in the autumn season, according to our charter I will use vis from our stores for the process. Also I urge you all to contribute to our library with your spells. Additionally unless anyone objects I will purchase books with vis to supplement in the areas we are lacking. " Praenuntius looked around awaiting an answer.

Deadline: none
Damianus Philocrates study Auram vis in magic regio.
Morrkul Tiranul invents Leap of Homecoming from Text
Praenuntius studies Ars Flambonis.
Lucian Procellus Add Lesser Feature: Balance to lab(+1 Re) (2 xp magic theory)
Oberon Valdarus Studies Mentem in The Great Library, Summae level 18 Q 13, 16 xp gained.



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