Forgotten Legacy


The Last Oister Shipment

“Make sure all the oysters are fresh this time.” Elena told the grizzled chef. The last serving to Morrkul’s quarters had had an unfortunate ending and Morrkul had not been pleased. The grizzled crusader cook looked indiffirently at Elena. “We didn’t eat them fancy foods in the Levant Madame. How the bleedin’ Christ am I supposed to know how they’re suppoed to smell? Just cause you ain’t a whore no more don’t give you the right to boss me around.” They starred at each other for a while. Ever since she had dumped him again he had been acting up when she tried to make the kitchen run smoothly. “And besides.” the cook told Elena coldly “We ate the last shipment of oysters two days ago. Apparently our supplier says the trade agreement ended with the last shipment. Guess I’ll go find some old donkey to serve at the feast on Saturday.” He turned his back on Elena and set his attention on the soup he was preparing.
Elena, somewhat disturbed by the news, left hastily to find a magus. Surely they must know something about the trade agreement.

Summary of the season
Oberon left for Durenmar. Here he was told by Murion to behave more like a Bonisagus and less like a Jerbiton. After a small talk he was assigned to help Concientia with her research. He assisted her for a season researching randomness in magic by inventing two spells.
Damianus left for Mount Blanik to study vis in the potent aura. During his stay he studied the ghosts of the dead pagan priest. He concluded that a season of dedicated study might reveal the nature of the ritual they are conducting for all eternity. Morrkul and Lucius both spent time expanding their laboratories.

Deadline: 5. december
Damianus Philocrates study Creo vis in regio
Morrkul Tiranul works on Greater Expansion
Praenuntius studies Principia Hermetica.
Lucian Procellus upgrades his laboratory
Oberon Valdarus spends time in Durenmar inventing two CrIm spells. Gains 3 xp in Magic Theory.



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