Forgotten Legacy


The Reichgraf's wedding. Oberon answers to the Prima.

Pantos’ reply to Praenuntius letter was most useful, indeed the swamp provided an incident aetherial perdo flux. The description Pantos provided matched the theoreticals from Principia Hermetica. Praenuntius needed to know if other perdo sympathetic sources could provide the same background. Considereing the lack of a swamp in Treverorum some other source was needed, perhaps a huge fireplace. Praenuntius began writing his response to Pantos, perhaps he had some thoughts on a huge fireplace.

The Merchant’s Game
Tabanus callled a meeting with the Council of Magi, present was Oberon, Morrkul, Damianus Philocrates and Lucian Procellus additionally Istvan from Roznov was present. Tabanus told that he had been informed that Oberon had tried to spend 10 pounds of magically created gold to expand a merchant buisness. Citing the Peripheral Code of the Rhine Tribunal it was made clear from a ruling in 1130 that no more than 1 pound of magically created gold could be introduced to the market every year. Clearly violating this ruling Oberon was fined 2 pawns of vis, a punishment that he accepted. Also being a member og the Oak Gild, Tabanus informed the council that he would write to Murion and express his concerns over Oberons Un-Bonisagus like activities.
Istvan informed the council that Jan would no tbe accepting Oberon’s gold and would no longer cooporate with his cousin Vlad. On behalf of Valdorius Lucius Prominentus Istvan challenged Oberon to Certamen, if Istvan won Treverorum would not be allowed to interfere with any of Jan’s buisness dealings and if Oberon won Treverorum could do any buisness they wanted without interference from Istvan or Jan. Oberon convinced Lucian to champion Treverorum and he soundly defeated his rival Istvan.
Following this the Council of Treverorum met and discussed the results. It was agreed to not pursue any expansion of the trade network other than the already planned expansion northwards from Prague to Hamburg.

Reluctantly Oberon agreed to the councils decision, and consulted with Vlad. Together they settled with Jan and Treverorum gained control of Vlad’s house, Xantippes’ mansion, a warehouse by the docks and the good ship Magdalene. The marriage between Vlad’s oldest sister and Oberon would still take place.

Oberon’s Wedding
Oberon’s marriage was an ostentatious affair. Soon after Oberon was recalled to Durenmar to answer to his Prima. His new wife took over the daily running of the manor, assisted by Elena.

The Reichgraf’s Wedding
Reichgraff Helmuth von Leitmeritz was married. A great party was thrown. Freiherr Jürgen Schönburg von Wartenerg attended and presented the magic items he had been given by Treverorum. This secured his betrothal to the Reichgraff’s daughter. In return Treverorum was granted toll rights at Pfalz Island.


Deadline: 5. december
Damianus Philocrates study Ars Flambonis
Morrkul Tiranul works on Greater Expansion
Praenuntius studies Principia Hermetica, correspondance bonus.
Lucian Procellus reads Foundations of the Principles(6 xp + 3 xp booklearner = 9xp ialt)
Oberon Valdarus Learns Pillum of Fire, 3 xp in Magic Theory gained.



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