Forgotten Legacy

1223.1 Spring

Stolen assets. An Enemy Revealed


“Master master!” Pavel came running up to Vlad. “Someone is stealing the Magdalena! I went to check on Hans and found him bleeding on the ground and the boat was had left the harbour! Do something master!”
Oberon looked inquisitively, first at the young man and then at Vlad. It was only a week since he had seen the boat for the first time. Oberon had also delved deeper into the dispute between Vlad and his cousins. He had leaarned that Jan had never liked Vlad and had always been envious of him. When he had learned that Vlad would be returning from the the Holy land, Jan had hatched a plan to cut him of from the family buisness. It seemed that the older cousin Berhardt had been more or less indifferent to his younger brothers plots. Snapping from his daydreams Oberon realized that the stolen boat resembled a significant investment in both time and money.

Sitting in the Library Oberon pondered Bonisagus’ work. In a year he would begin construction of his laboratory if all went according to plan. A laboratory attuned towards his prefered art Perdo requires some thought. And although his friend Pantos in Trier doesn’t have any particular inclination towards the destruction he does live in a swamp. Slowly Praenuntius began writing a letter to Pantos. He needed to hear how the ariel flux from the swamp interferes with the balancing of allegorical humours. Perhaps this could be used together with Bonisagus’ thoughts on sympathetic drestructive energies.

Stolen Assets
Morrkul Tiranul and Lucian Procellus who had accompanied Oberon Valdarus were not slow to react. Together with Vlad they hurried towards the docks. Lucian and Morrkul arrived before the others and found the captain Hans lying on the ground clutching his head. The Magdalena was about fifty paces away on the river, eight people manned the oars while three others hurried to ready the sails. A fourth character commanded the others.
Lucian turned invisible and used his weather magic to focus the winds in his favour. The breeze and light rain picked up paced and focused into a stronger wind that began to blow the small ship towards the docks again. Meanwhile Morrkul teleported to the more remote and uninhabited opposite bank of the river. Using his Corpus magic he took control of one of the figures next to the person in charge. Under magical control the poor person grappled with his master and threw them both overboard. Both disapeared under the waves of the turbulent river.
Lucian found himself suddenly surrounded by a soft glowing purple light clearly marking out his position, he hurriedly hid among some crates and barrels, shortly after he noticed someone countering his wind magic attempting to prevent the ship from reaching the docks. After the person in charge of the Magdalena was thrown overboard the countermagic stopped. The ship was quickly guided to the docks and the remaining crew readied short bows. Oberon and Vlad ducked for cover together with the to shipcrew. Lucian diverted his winds to blow the arrows off course, while Morrkul teleported onto the ship magically sleeping one of the crew. The thieves were now clearly seen to be armed bandits and readied a charge onto the docks. Lucian sleeped one of them and dragged him away while Morrkul killed one, cutting his legs clear of with one clean stroke of his sword. Another was subdued by Vlad and Oberon but four managed to escape.
The commotion had attracted the attention of several citizens and the town watch. Some pursued the fleeing bandits while others took the captured bandits into custody for flogging and branding.
The sole captive bandit was smuggled back to Treverorum and bound in the temple of Morena. After some sadistic tourture overseen by Lucian and Morrkul, Oberon took over and got the poor bastard talking. The bandit revealed that they had been hired by someone matching the description of Vlad’s cousin Jan, who had been the one thrown overboard. The purpose had been to steal the Magdalena and take her to Franconia. Oberon the left, abandoning his promise to the poor bandit and handing him over to Morrkuls morbid studies.

Aggresive Expansion
A small counsel was held between the three magi and Vlad. It was determined that another magi, possibly Hermetic had been present. His purpose unknown. It was also decided that Oberon and Vlad should approach Vlads oldest cousin and broker a deal. The were authorized to expand the trade network with 10 pounds of gold, a huge ammount of gold, not considereing that this might attract unwanted attention. At a dinner held the same evening Oberon was introduced to Vlad’s two sisters and a marriage with the oldest sister was arranged for the summer.

Vlad and Oberon met with Berhard and convinced him that by joining forces they could expand the regional trade extensively. Importing large ammounts of luxury goods through Vienna. Berhard seemed reluctant but was convinced of the merit of such a plan. He was promised 10 pounds of gold as an investment by Oberon. Convinced that everything was working out perfectly Oberon left for his Sanctum.

Charges of Breaking the Code. An enemy revealed.
A well dressed figure entered the office of Berhard. “What did they promise you?” he asked. “You know I can offer more, and already have.” Berhard looked up, “Oberon wishes to expand his trade to the south. He has proposed to join our ventures and wishes to use our network to import huge ammounts of luxury goods into Bohemia. He has offered me 10 pounds of gold for my efforts.” The other merchant looked surprised, “10 pounds? Not a small ammount. His efforts must be in vain. My partners will not accept any competition. You will deny his request and cease your buisness with your cousin. Our arrangement will continue as before.” Berhard seemed unconcerned with the potential loss of the gold. " I will terminate my arrangements with my intolerable cousin. But what of my brother? His attempt to steal the Magdalena failed and I have not heard from him. And what of Oberon? Can you keep him from bothering me again? I find his presence somewhat disturbing, I can not get myself to trust him." The merchant considered Berhards words carefully, “Your brother is safe, he has left the city and is headed towards our base in Meizen. We will profit from this Oberon still. I will make sure he does not interfere, I have connections that will ensure this.” he paused making sure his message sank in. “And by the way, Oberons glass trade with Venice must not be disturbed in any way.” “As you wish.” was Berhards simpel reply. His instructions clear he set about ending his brothers partnership in the family buisness.

The black robed magus opened the door to his little chamber. “Did anyone see you enter?” he asked the well dressed merchant. “Off course not, you know full well that I keep my presence in the city secret. Your scheming is almost Tytalan in scope.” The black robed magus smiled “My scheming is superior to those of that lesser house. Now tell me of the Roman situation, is our motion written? Has it been distributed to appropriate people in the Tribunal?” The merchant sat down and began his account of the situation. After an hours discussion the subject was done with. He looked smilingly at the black robed magus. “Now I need you to do something for me. Oberon has been spending gold, lots of gold. In principle he is breaking a point in the peripheral code of the Rhine Tribunal.” “And that bothers you?” the black robed magus interrupted. “No not at all, I always enjoy when people spend lavish sums of money. My problem is that he wishes to expand into a market that I own. Luxury goods import into the Rhine from the south. I need you to approach this ”/characters/tabanus" class=“wiki-content-link”>Tabanus character and inform him of the situation. He will put an end to it, suggest that he writes to Murion. As a member of the Oak Gild you must all agree that the place of a Bonisagus is doing research, not playing merchant. Also I need Treverorum to not interfere with Berhards and my buisness. Challenge him to certamén over the issue. I am sure he cannot defeat you." The black robed magus considered the request of his ally. Perhaps he should comply, some goodwill was never bad. “I will do as you request.” I am heading to Treverorum tomorrow anyway. " The meeting ended as quitly as it had begun.

5 xp
1 confidence
4 pawns of Herbam vis found in the linden tree in Xantippes’ manor.
The source has been added.

Deadline: none
Damianus Philocrates studies The Forms In Theory and Practice
Morrkul Tiranul
Praenuntius studies Principia Hermetica
Lucian Procellus More Labfixing :)
Oberon Valdarus Learns two spells, Calm the motion of the Heart and Loss of but a Moment´s Memory, 3 xp in magic theory gained.



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