Forgotten Legacy

1222.4 Winter

Oberon the Merchant

Morrkul found himself walking behind two magi, one had a semblence not unlike that of Selena’s ghost only she seemed younger, he did not recognize the other. They walked through the Treverorum council hall heading towards the back and the council table. He seemed to float behind them unable to focus on their words. The other maga opened the secret door and they both entered the hidden passageway. Morrkul floated after them his vision different from the usual ones, more dreamy, more hazy. He followed the two maga who turned right and headed down a long lit passage. With a sudden lurch Morrkul awoke in his bed, dazed he struggled to remember what had been so strange ithad awoken him.

Xantippe’s Manor
At breakfast Morrkul spoke with Lucian and Oberon about his dream. The three magi quickly decided to investigate the tunnels and rightly so. They discovered that there was no tunnel were Morrkul had dreamt of one. And before Morrkul could intervene Lucian had knocked a huge hole with his enchanted pickaxe. A tunnel appeared before them, one that had clearly not been used in decades. They proceeded with caution and after several minutes following the twisting corridor they arrived at a door. After som deliberration they opened it, revealing a circular chamber beyond. Before they could enter strong thorny vines sprouted with tremendous speed from a pedestal in the center of the chamber, completely surrounding the magi. With liberal application of PeHe magics Lucian managed to free them all. The chamber was circular with a small carved wooden box on a pedestal in the center, four doors evenly spaced and a desecated corpse by one door. One side chamber proved to be a ransacked storeroom, while the other resembled a study of some kind. Paintings and drapes depicting the Founders and other famous magi decorated the chamber. The young magi sensed a strength 5 aura in the small chamber.
The mummified remains of the tall magi from Morrkuls vision occupied a chair to the right. The center wall held a writing desk where the ghostly apparation og the long dead magi stood writing, only Lucian Procellus could see him. Lucian talked at length with the dead magi identifying him as Xantippes. He learned that Xantippes had killed one of the uknown assailants but died shortly after from a mortal wound. While aware of his own death the ghost of Xantippes is obsessed with completing his work, writing a tractatus on prniciples lore and spreading its content. Lucian took an oath that he will indeed read Xantippes tome, a copy of which he recieved. The young magi also discovered that Xantippes lighted a candle that began ethereal but solidified after a while. Much to their amazement they discovered it to be a rare source of dedicated vis, being both Vim and Rego vis at the same time, the vis is bound in frankincense that seems to burn forever providing the form and effect bonuses of it’s form should anyone wish to enchant it. They also learned that the vine trap box was triggered by an iron horseshoe that monitored the room. The trigger could be avoided by hanging a token with the Treverorum Sigil on the door prior to opening it.
The young magi left the ghostly magus to his obsessions and conitnued their investigation of the tunnels. After a while they found a sealed entrance to a long abandoned cellar. Lucius promptly destroyed the wall to gain entrance. The abandoned cellar contained the remains of a pillaged laboratory that once belonged to Xantippes. The young magi searched the cellar and the manor above it. It is revealed that it is the same manor which Elena, Natália Dimir and Michael Hahn investigated the previous year during the events of [[1221.3 Autumn. | The night of the living dead]]. The young magi discovered that the cellar and manor house has a magic aura with a strength of 3 but they also found an old groundskeeper, the last person living in the dilapidated manor. Much to their puzzlement they found that the court yard had a magic aura of 4 centered both on an ancient Linden tree and the groundskeeper Wilbur.
After questioning Wilbur thouroughly the young magi discovered that the manor was owned by the heirs to the merchent killed by Brami Rektos. They quickly descided to move fast to secure the premises for Treverorum.

The King’s Court
Using their connections at the court, the young magi discover that Xantippes manor is owned by the heirs to the merchent killed by Brami Rektos. The also found that the dead merchant’s nephew Vlad was imprisoned in the castle dungeons accused of starting a fire in a rivals warehouse. After some investigation they found decided that he was falsely accussed of the crime and his cousins, Berhardt and Jan, had set him up so they could take over his part of the buisness.
Using much guile and subterfuge they gathered evidence and testimony for the coming trial. They also met with Vachlev Obchody whose warehouse had been burnt. Vachlev was invited to a dinner at Treverorum and attended with his family. The meeting was quite productive and they agreed that joint buisness ventures in the future was a possibility.
Oberon defended the accussed Vlad in the King’s court against an elderly and skilled prosecutor. The trial ended with Vlad being found innocent and released from the dungeon, while Jan was found guilty of several crimes and sentenced to exile.

The following months saw Oberon and Treveroums new merchant ally Vlad consolidate their buisness.

Council Meeting
- Damianus requests one pawn of vis from the covenant stores, to create the gift to the Reichsgraf. He needs either Intelligo or Mentem.
- Daminanus claims recompense for covenant work carried out (the Reichsgrafs ring), at the tune of two pawns of vis.
- Praenuntius claims recompose for covenant work carried out restoring Julia’s laboratory.
Praenuntius also anounces that a ward has been placed on the exit from the council chambers preventing anyone without magic resistance from carrying a book across it. This is to prevent theft from the library.
-Tabanus anounces that he has fully restored Julia’s laboratory.

Morrkul, Lucian and Oberon each gain 6 xp and 1 confidence point.
In addition Oberon gains 1 xp in his reputation as a merchant.

Deadline: none
Damianus Philocrates creates a magical ring for the Reichsgraf and gains 2 xp in Goldsmithing.
Morrkul Tiranul
Praenuntius studies Ars Flambonis.
Lucian Procellus reorganizes the lab he found and restores it to working order.
Oberon Valdarus



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