Forgotten Legacy

1222.3 Autumn.

Return to Pfalz Island

Tasked by Archmage Stentorius to investigate the ruins of Rheinstein and report back Morrkul Tiranul has convinced some of his fellow young magi to join him. Oberon Valdarus ever greedy for more power proposes that they take over the Island, declaring it a Chapter House and get rich on the tolls they can extort from desperat merchants. Uncertain of the sanity of this idea Damianus Philocrates instead suggests that they begin investigating the Island and first uncover the ownership relations and investigate who might object to this plan. The young magi agree to travel to Tetschen to investigate the nearby Pfalz island and the ruins of Rheinstein.



Oberon read the letter carefully, his “friend” in Fengheld had delivered once again. “Welcome to Treverorum Brianne, I am sure you will feel at home here.” Brianne looked down at the little man, her new master seemed all right albeit a bit weak. “I look forward to bringing discipline to this rabble, now please direct me to the barracks.” she intoned in heavy German. Oberon looked a bit awkward, “We don’t have any.” he replied. Brianne shook her head, “so much work to do.” Then she walked off looking for the autocrat.

New arrivals

The Covenant is joined by Hilda, a mighty warrior and turb captain from Fengheld and Tabanus ex Guernicus who is accepted as Peregrinator.

Pfalz Island

A party consisting of Oberon, Morrkul, Damianus, Hilda and Borbak head towards Tetschen by boat. Here they learn that Pfalz Island is under the ownership of Freiherr Jürgen Schönburg von Wartenberg. They learn that his bastard son Robert Schönburg collects tolls from riverboats on behalf of his father. The local nobility is also identified, chiefly Graf Dieter II, an expansionistic Graff whose territory borders that of Jürgen Schönburg.
After lengthy discussions the party decide to use magic to disguise themselves and rick Roberts bandit toll-gatherers to attack a merchent vessel ad raid a village on Graf Dieter’s lands. Next Oberon using his merchant persona meets with Jürgen Schönburg to discuss taking oer the toll at Pfalz Island. While the Freiherr consults his councillors the magi begin setting up a trade route and finding trading partners in town.
After a few days the Freiherr summons the young magi to inform them that he will accept their proposal under one condition. They must ensure his marriage with the neighboring Reichgraffs daughter. Oberon agrees to this and the young magi decide to craft two magic items. One for the Reichgraf as a gift from Jürgen and one to Jürgens soon to be fiancé.

Council Meeting

Tabanus the Quesitor arrives at Treverorum requesting a meeting with the Council. Here he ratifies The Covenant Charter. He also investigates the possibly tainted vis. Tabanus states that while no clear taint is visible care should be taken when claiming vis from possible Infernal sources as such can be dangerous. He also orders the witches tome burned imediately.
Afterwards Tabanus officially requests to join Treverorum as a Peregrinator. This is approved by a unanimous council.

Oberon Valdarus announces that he spends the season doing covenant work studying Arliandus’ labtexts.

The adventuring party gains 6 XP and 1 confidence point. Additionally Oberon gains a reputation as a German merchant of 1.

Deadline: 14 July
Damianus Philocrates studies Pricipia Hermetica for 27 xp in Magic Theory.
Morrkul Tiranul Invents Coerse Spirits of the Night from lab text and investigates Pflalz Island.
Praenuntius Travels to Mount Blanik where he spends the season studying 3 pawns Perdo vis and exploring the Regio.
Lucian Procellus reads Lexica Viscera and gains 17 xp in Corpus.
Oberon Valdarus studies a lvl 30 PeIm labtext; learning a Dispelling the Phantom Image and spends 6 story XP.



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