In 1220 AD the political situation in the Rhine Tribunal has stagnated. The ultra-conservative Oak gild dominates tribunal politics and oppose all challenges to the status quo and any attempts of change. No new covenants have been formed for over forty years and young magi are forced to accept the stifling hierarchy of the tribunal or leave. In an effort to oppose the increasing dissent among Oak gild opponents and counter the waning influence of the First Tribunal in the Hermetic political landscape the Oak Gild has decided that new covenants must be formed at the Tribunal of 1221.

These are the voyages of 5 young magi, charged by the Oak Gild to rebuild a long lost covenant, satisfy growing demands for renewal and obey their superiors. Will these young magi settle comfortably in their new home, guard the status quo and serve their superiors like obedient lapdogs or will they break out from the opressive yoke of elder magi not long for this world and forge their own destiny as masters of their own home.

And what of their new home? Who lived there long before and why where they murdered by unknown assailants? What secrets will the young magi uncover and can they claim the power of a FORGOTTEN LEGACY?

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Forgotten Legacy

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